Wednesday November 1, 2023

A tunnel is defined as "an underground passageway, dug through surrounding soil, earth or rock, and enclosed except for the entrance and exit, commonly at each end."

The journey of humanity in physical time has always involved tunnels of one kind or another - from physical structures to portals and stargates - used for various purposes depending on a specific civilization and timeline. If you can read future timelines - travel is by what we call portals or wormholes - with or without technology.

Tunnels are often associated with clandestine behavior - no matter where - no matter when. Ancient hold secrets that lay dormant for centuries or millennia until discovered by archaeologists who sift through the rumble for answers about Earth's ancient past.

Hamas Tunnels

Currently tunnels are featured in the news due to the horrific war between Hamas and Israel - and its connection and effect on ancient and current civilizations.

The tunnels built by Hamas in Gaza are likely to be a key target of the Israeli offensive sparked by the October 7 terror attack on southern Israel. Hamas is believed to be housing underground a considerable number of fighters and weapons, along with an unspecified number of the estimated 239 hostages that the Israeli government says that Hamas has taken. Read more ...

Ancient Tunnels and Unplugged Buried Civilizations

This week 'Ancient Aliens' reviewed several archaeological sites in Turkey - including some of the oldest civilizations that allegedly went underground thousands of years ago - Gobekli Tepe and Derinkuyu. I created those two files years ago but discovered Karahan Tepe while watching the show - though I'm sure there are endless buried cities and tunnels throughout the planet - as well as hundreds of submerge cities. It leaves one to believe that the planet certainly has had a rocky past - and if one believes history repeats itself in the algorithms of time - a rocky future is on the horizon

I see all of history - past, present, and future - as inserts in the simulation of reality - busy work if you will for archaeologists and historians who like to piece things together. Included in this group are ancient alien theorists who connect everything to the stars especially as the algorithms of reality align with them in time. Here we find patterns that create enigmatic giant stone monoliths and figures with similar iconic motives - that could not have possibly been created by civilizations in their timeline - begging the question ... where did they come from? On the surface the answer appears to be ancient aliens or giants incorporated in mythology who came to Earth for various reasons long ago ... leaving behind reminders of what is to come.

I looked at the pictures of these giants, gods, or whatever - and I absolutely know with certainty that they were not sentient lifeforms as we understand life - but programmed artificial intelligence with powers beyond human design. They used various forms of implementation - including telekinesis - to erect monuments and create all of the things archaeologist discover and puzzle about today.

The best part of our experience here will be the observation of closure and remembering the totality of everything before it fades to black.

Tunnels ~ Buried for all Time


Theia Impact: Giant-impact Hypothesis

Scientists Detect Traces of an Ancient Alien World Beneath Earth's Mantle - Theia  
Science Alert - November 1, 2023

Some 4.5 billion years or so ago, scientists believe, something big smacked into Earth and knocked it off balance. The result was a bunch of debris, hurled into space, swirling around until it formed the Moon. Of the big object, thought to be the size of Mars, and named Theia, nothing much was left or so they thought.

Researchers from China, the US, and the UK have uncovered evidence that chunks of Theia ended up inside the Moon. And evidence also now suggests that chunks of Theia ended up inside Earth, too. If that's the case, the giant impact hypothesis could solve a mystery that has bothered scientists for more than a decade: the presence of dense, continent-sized blobs of material, buried deep under Earth's mantle some 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) down, curved around its core.

Findings challenge the traditional notion that the giant impact led to the homogenization of the early Earth. Instead, the Moon-forming giant impact appears to be the origin of the early mantle's heterogeneity and marks the starting point for the Earth's geological evolution over the course of 4.5 billion years.

NASA Just Released Haunting Recordings From The Solar System

Milky Way's Black Hole Is Spinning at Near Maximum, Scientists Say

Three Doomed Worlds Around a Nearby Star Shed Light on Earth's Own Destiny

Scientists acknowledge they got their solar cycle predictions wrong.
We are fast approaching the sun's explosive peak

15 signs the sun is gearing up for solar maximum

Hundreds Of Stars Have Vanished Without A Trace. Where Did They Go?

My take is - different versions of the simulation wherein stars were deleted. I believe much of what we see far off in space is green screen or something equivalent to it that we do not understand. In truth our whole reality is green screen or an illusion or whatever you choose to call it.

Wake-up Dream: War, Tunnels, and the Matrix

Tuesday October 24, 2023

Today's wake-up presented rapidly projecting screenshots of the evolving war in the Middle East. Something similar to this happened to me at the onset of the war between Ukraine and Russia when I found myself observing that grid.

I saw myself flying through a tunnel following Israeli military drones that were both surveying and destroying everything ahead of them as well as the tunnel - which I sensed was one of many.

It was a lucid dream as I realized I was dreaming and had entered a grid to view an Israeli mission destroying Hamas strongholds - though not sure if it was present or future as time is an illusion that may or may not have direction outside of physical reality.

I woke up thinking how sad it is that humanity is programmed for destruction from beginning to end - and to experience all of the suffering in between. I have yet to turn on the TV to see what's going on in the Middle East, but I fear for the lives of the innocent people as this will become part of their destinies.

Highlighting reality is the war between Israel and Hamas, the plight of everyone involved, and where it is all going as our broken political system puts another cog in the alchemy wheel of destiny.

But of course that's the way it was supposed to happen as there are no coincidences.

When I look at the total picture - everything is broken and those affected will never get past the emotions of this moment.

How are people who were challenged before - supposed to heal and move forward? Everyone involved in the current situation will have some amount of emotional and/or physical damage.

As always college students, conspiracy theorists, and others will take to the streets and social media with their radical views (or manifestos) on things which hopefully will not damage their futures as they realize they may have said or done something that will come back to haunt them. For better or worse they are programmed to be heard to make a difference one way or another.

The intensity of the Israel-Hamas war is going to encompass the world - directly or indirectly - with people taking sides due to indoctrination, general frustration with life, retaliation, or something else that plummets them into the chaos as an active player.

Optimists will conclude that this is just another cycle of events - the human journey rebooting in a better place after it is over.

At some point everyone will wake up and understand.