"Six" on Broadway - SAG Strike

July 2023

The second decade of the 21st-century opened with "Covid" - a never-ending drama which affected everybody in the cast of our simulation. Reality - already in great flux - would never be the same.

Art imitates life

Screenplays and other scripts follow specific formulas. The Story of Humanity follows a formula. Both formulas are the same presenting a bipolar version of people's experiences on the stage of life.

What is the film industry about? Emotions. Making people laugh. Making people cry. Making people feel. Helping people heal.

What is physical reality about? Emotions. Making people laugh. Making people cry. Making people feel. Helping people heal.

Our reality is a media production in progress wherein we experience through a field of holographic imagery.

To better understand the bigger picture - technology had to be released at the beginning of ACT III - featuring AI because in the broad spectrum of sentient experiences we are a product of artificial intelligence.

ACT III - Scene 3 - Actors influence thinking

I loved what actress and activist Fran Drescher said when the SAG-AFTRA strike began July 14, 2023 - but remember - you never know with actors what is performance and what is real as more stars come out to speak their minds.

All and everything is theater.

People like to take center stage when given the opportunity to present their views on just about anything. It's just another way to make a difference which is the name of the game in reality.

With jobs in the entertainment industry limited - a smart actor will make money and invest it wisely for the times they are not working. The current strikes will force many to look at other job and business opportunities - not returning to entertainment when the strike ends.

By the time both strikes are over the entertainment industry will have reinvented itself with a new cast of characters and storylines. This hiatus allows writers and performers to share projects and ideas that they hope will come to fruition in the future.

No. 6

Luckily, the SAG strike doesn't affect Broadway allowing my family and I to celebrate my grandson Matthew's 20th birthday on Broadway yesterday. The musical Six - a modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII - has a brilliant cast.

The Palm Restaurant - Midtown Manhattan

Lena Horne Theatre

Announcing 6 Minutes to Showtime

Waiting for an Uber

Ellie the Copa Girl

West Side Highway - Reflections and Flowers

Freedom Tower - A Storm is Coming

No. 00

Friday, July 14, 2023

Yesterday in Hollywood a SAG-AFTRA strike was called in support of the screenwriters citing an existential threat to their professions.

Forever at the core of it all is money and recognition mingled with whatever is occurring in the scripts within scripts of a narrative.

There is an overlap between what is going on with the strike - and what we believe is our true reality - playing out against a field of dreams (green screen).

Yesterday I posted about the growing end-time feeling of 'disconnect' people are experiencing as the fibonacci spiral of reality reverses to "0" (Zero) and ACT III of "The Human Experiment in Emotions" draws to a close. Is this all a dream from which we are about to awaken?

"Raymond Reddington (No. 00)" was the title of the two-hour series finale of The Black List which aired Thursday night.

Award-winning performances by actors James Spader, Hisham Tawfiq (Dembe), Harry Lennix and Diego Klattenhoff brought the drama to a close after 10 years.

Dembe provided what amounted to the coda in a memorable performance - tears flowing as he described how Reddington was at peace with death - while a version of the Bob Dylan song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" - from the 1973 movie "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" about the death of a legendary outlaw - played in the background. Was there ever a question that Reddington was going to die? It was just a matter of where and when ... and definitely his way.

ACT III Faded to Black with Raymond Reddington tempting fate once again - in his game of cat and mouse to cheat death - and going out his way - alone in a field of dreams with his bizarre choice of executioner - a raging bull - as the song "My Way" played in the background. [Bull symbolism includes fertility, protection, sacrifice, and patience.]

In this version of reality - human consciousness awakens at the end of ACT III