A Time To Remember

September 11, 2002

The first anniversary of 9/11 has been called a Time to Remember. This is fitting as the years ahead will bring healing, awareness and awakening, as souls remember who they are and why they are here. Life will be about remembering the journey of humanity in the alchemy of time. Everything is about remembering.

A Strange Unexplained Wind Blew

Sunday Morning - September 8, 2002

The energies are powerful here in New York City and its surrounding areas as we reach the first anniversary of 9/11 and souls remember on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

As 9/11/02 nears, fighter jets resume patrols over the city I have been watching them for the past few days. They often fly over in groups of three - always passing over the Verrazano Bridge. Some fly at low altitude, allowing you to easily hear them as they pass overhead.

I used to wonder why it is that the universe brought me to this special place, its majesty of spirit and earth surrounding me, but now I understand. I live in triangular gateway that goes from Coney Island, along the Atlantic, over the bridge just outside, passing the Statue of Liberty, its final point of destination Ground Zero in Manhattan.

I moved here on 9/1/91, which also speaks of a closing pattern with 9's and 1's. It is here I sit and write, observing the world as my life and thoughts touch millions of readers each day. I know that in the years that follow 9/11, perhaps the 11 years until the 2012 prophecy of consciousness evolution are shown, I will do much to move reality into the next level.

Major changes often happen each year during the Virgo Window in September. September is the 9th month, 9 meaning closure which always translates into something new.

This takes me to the powerful energies of the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana - new beginnings. I have read several people lately who feel a need to become Jewish though they are not sure why. They have done a lot of reading, taken classes, soul searching, as something draws them to this religious faith that it is in truth part of all of our journeys not just those who are Jewish in this timeline.

It all goes back to the things I write about, the Hebrew bloodline is a frequency not a religion. It is called the Star of David frequency which is the Tree of Life or Kabbala - Merkaba which goes to the principles behind sacred geometry that creates realities in which we consciously experience. Creation is myth, math and metaphor brought forth for experience.

The Middle East is allegedly the seat of creation - the metaphors of Adam and Eve, (duality) in a Garden of Eden (flower of life) in the Middle East (Iraq, Sumer) from which humanity's creation supposedly arose.

This is about the Great Pyramid, pyramidal energies in that region and the geometry of the land, the Nile River that we travel as a metaphor for the journey of humanity back to Alexander(ia) to find our answers.

It is about a race of people, a frequency called the Star of David, souls who were there at the inception of this reality, doomed to walk the planet in search of their homeland - (metaphor for humanity searching for HOME or source) - forever challenged by those who would not allow them to find their way home. It would be these souls who would be part of the events of 9/11 played out as the villains in our little script the stories of our lives - but are they? Games and metaphors.

As a child growing up in a middle Class Jewish community of Brooklyn, I remember going to temple with friends and family. Just about everyone observed the holidays in those years. I attended Hebrew school from age 6-12 and remember enjoying it. Yet underneath it all, something about religious systems and the fact that people pretended to be spiritual during times of holidays, verses their every-day behavior, never felt right to me.

I enjoyed the social aspects of going to temple, but will never forget the hot weather. September meant dressing up in fancy clothing that was not designed for the heat. Yet, just about every year at the time of the Jewish holidays in September, NY has temperatures in the 90's .

There are those who have asked, "If there is a god, how could he allow this, and other negative events of this magnitude to occur? How could he allow wars that kill millions?"

The 'god feeling' is again a frequency, your connection to consciousness or the source of creation. It really is not a person per se, but an experience based on polarity - good, god vs. bad, evil, devil. God did not desert you. He is not a man making decisions for humanity. God is consciousness program that allows your soul to experience here, learn and return.

The Twin Towers represent the Twin Aspects of your Soul - 'one above' that guides and 'one below' who sits there now reading these words and trying to make sense of events rapidly unfolding.

The events of 9/11 have many Metaphors. Airplanes=symbols for planes - planes of reality and existence. They crashed = collapsing of the grids - planes of reality that created our old program of reality changes occurring on many planes.

I still connecting with many of the souls who crossed over in 9/11. They come to readings when their families and friends are here, and speak about their time of transition and remembering the nature of our reality. Their transition has allowed many of us to move forward in ways we could not have done without this experience.

The journey of the souls who crossed over on 9/11 is as varied as their time in the physical. Some are trapped projected illusion of that grid, replaying it over and over again, while most have found their way out. There are lots of lessons about the nature of reality, the laws of probability, and dimensional nature of our experiences - gleaned from the 9/11 experience.

This will be a difficult week emotionally in New York City and in many places around the world. It has been a year I will not forget as I have made new friends on many planes of reality. Many will express their frustrations, anger, sorrow and rage at this time.

Security here is tight, but nothing like last September. I rather enjoy the feeling, as it makes one feel safe.Many have asked me if I see another terrorist attack in NYC. I don't.

Where were you on September 11, 2002? Please go back to that day and remember how you reacted - what you did and how you felt. How have you changed in the past year?

When it comes to those we love we never can understand why leave us as we cherish their connection and often cannot function without them. It is all part of the experience of third dimension - the emotions of pain, sorrow, love, separation or loss. One must honor each soul for the choices it has made and except their experiences without pain or judgment. We must view what they do as their experience not based on our personal needs or agendas.

9/11 Memorial Service Sunday Evening

I live down the block from Fort Hamilton with Cannonball Park as my backyard garden, replete with an obelisk.

Sunday evening, at 6:30 I decided to go out for a walk. It was still daylight and the energies felt powerful to me. It was another picture perfect day in NYC not unlike September 11, 2001.

As I was leaving my building I discovered that crowds had gathered along the street on 4th Avenue. My neighbor Carmine explained that a 9/11 Memorial Service was about to take place in the park, so off we went to see what was going on.

People from all walks of life passed by carrying signs with the names of those they had lost on 9/11. The parade of mourners went on and on for some time as Carmine and I decided to walk to the park and be part of the memorial.

There I met many souls that I know ... living and dead.

I met many of the Irish and Italian policemen and fireman who had become clients and friends in the past year.

Airplanes flew above us. It was a salute to NY. An airplane from every state flew over with flags on board from every capitol.

In the distant background one could hear the noises of trucks coming and going over the Verrazano Bridge. Crickets chirped. An occasional tugboat could be heard in the water, moving under the bridge.

The night sky was clear and filled with stars. This is the first time I have seen that many stars in years as the city lights don't allow for star gazing.

Except for an occasional breeze the energies were calm as people mulled around - some in silence others in low conversation.

Everyone at the service was given a candle, which were lit when it got dark, a short time later especially during a candle light vigil.

Speeches were short - several given by priests who spoke about the candle and how each spark represents something linked to our god essence. How much like metaphysics, this is!? I thought to myself. Okay, you are right...it is all the same...you read my blogs, so you understand.

Senator Vince Gentile spoke about the people lost on 9/11 who lived in my community, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Several songs had been created for this memorial sung by different people. One song spoke of loss of large groups of people, such as 9/11, or during World War II.

The energies of the people were not as I remembered them last spring when many were crying. I would say that most people have cried all the tears they can for now. They came tonight to be in the energies of the group - group connections to the souls.

People from many cultures were there, each with a heavy heart, and issues to clear. I sat next to a man from the Middle East, Afghanistan, dressed in the attire of his country, seemingly not afraid that someone would attack him. He came alone and was very quiet and respectful.

The spirits were there in abundance. I wanted so much for a least one spirit to manifest for the group - as I know these spirits do all sorts of things in the homes of loved ones left behind, yet once again nothing happened. Okay... I am going to give up on that idea once and for all.

There was a twenty-one-gun salute by Marines from Fort Hamilton. This was the first time I had witnessed this.

In all, memorials may be about unity of country, but is more about unity of self. They help us remember and honor of those who have crossed over, but it is more about those left behind in the physical who have issues to heal about so many things. Many lost souls don't know where to go for help, some don't even understand the nature of their problems.

As I left the park I stopped to chat with several of the people who had lost loved ones on 9/11. Most have moved on with their lives, as there is no choice in this reality. Money of course is a major factor - as many people were promised aid that has just not come yet. It will.

The events of 9/11 are a marker on the grid. They will forever remain with each of us as we experienced on September 11, 2001. Our unique stories about the events that changed the face of our reality, just as the individual stories of our experiences will be told and retold in the years ahead.

There are those in metaphysics who have always felt that the only reason they were born in this timeline was to be part of the global transition that is occurring now. They are here to be part of - and to experience - the paradigm shift of consciousness of humanity.

Many of these souls do not feel they belong here. They see themselves as walk-ins or wanderers, teachers with ancient knowledge here to enlighten, heal and help with this shift. They think 'out of the box' and allow humanity to continue its quest on its journey home through the spirals of consciousness.

To have global awakening, we must have a global 'shake-up' - WAKE UP! This will only occur with a global event that the entire world will connect with simultaneously. 9/11 was one such event on the grid.

Through it each soul will see whomever they connect with on the other side - from a savior o a family member who has crossed over - someone safe. That soul will beckon to them and they will move into this blue/white light thus removing their consciousness awareness from the loops of time consciousness into a place of understanding of all and everything. How long it seems that we have been here asleep our souls waiting for this moment in the time grid.

The souls who crossed over on or just before the events of 9/11 have found their truths. Many have moved back to source while others help and heal those struggling with the reality who cannot make sense of what occurs here.

This week will be a time of remembrance and prayer, especially on Wednesday, September 11th. It may not affect you at all - or it may touch your emotion body. You will see. It is your experience.

I returned home with the partially used white candle the energies of the memorial lingering. I will light it again when I channel souls from 9/11.

I do not plan to be in Manhattan on 9/11.

Tuesday September 10, 2002

The climate connected to the events of 9/11 in New York City varies from those who want to rehash the events of the day to those who don't want to relive the worst day of their lives. Everyone in the city was connected to the events, either by experiencing them first hand or because they knew someone involved.

Many businesses will be closed or give employees personal time.

Last night I watched a TV show in which they showed the planes hitting the towers. Again my body went back into that space of "This can't be happening, it must be a movie!"

Soul exist outside of linear time, with a small aspect here. To watch the events means the soul goes back one year and relives whatever I experienced at the time. I could only watch the program for about ten minutes then I switched to Comedy Central to cheer up! I like laughter - can't and won't involve with drama people.

It is a time to mourn and, as always, a time for people to deal with issues. Mourning is about the issues people have that they can't - or do not know how - to overcome more than the loss of someone they loved.

This goes back to abandonment issues when the soul separates from its twin half as it enters the physical. It is terrifying to the soul - separation - help me! - how do I reunite and get back? - am I stuck here? The answer is easy - bring balance to your reality here then went for closure.

September is a 9 month = endings. Just let go or the changes will be thrust upon you anyway and you will feel abandoned once again! The union you seek - the protector, savior, no matter who you see on the other side - from aliens to ascended masters to god himself - is really your other soul aspect. It is YOU. Creation is a consciousness thought that spirals into the physical for experience. That's it. All is simple. In the '9' - the more you fight with reality - the more you pursue - the more things pull away. Do not pursue that which must move out of your experience. Let your soul 'bring it'! It will do the 'synchronicity thing'!

Wednesday September 11, 2002

September 11, 2002 was a day to remember and a day to mourn, for those connected with the attack on the World Trade Center.

The energies were calm in the morning, but as memorial services began, the strangest thing happened. The wind began to blow - so strongly the gusts were up to sixty miles an hour. As we have had no storms, one has to wonder if the combined energy of Spirit was letting us know that they were present.

The Pick 3 Lottery Numbers today were 911.

I posted in the morning that there are those who have no connection to the events of 9/11 who will see this as just another day. We can only experience by association and for many people the events of 9/11 did not touch their lives directly. We mourn and remember as we are guided by our soul - embracing the energies that are part of our reality.

The voice of spirit was also reflected by 60 mile an hour winds that occurred at Ground Zero during the memorial ceremonies.

A Strange Unexplained Wind Blew

Spiraling wind represents the movement of consciousness or spirit.

Saturday September 14, 2002

I returned to Manhattan, passing Ground Zero, for the first time since 9/11. I left my home at 3:00 pm and decided to take a limo into the city so I could be a passenger and experience the energies without the stress of driving, especially as the driver and I came out of the 'tunnel', The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Once you exit the tunnel you are at the entrance to what once was the Twin Towers.

I remembered my last trip Ground Zero thinking about how much work had been done to renovate the area. The Twin Towers are just across from the water. The South Street Seaport is within walking distance going to the east side. I have always loved New York and in that respect it is so sad to see what has happened. There really is nothing like NY!

Back in the limo, as my mind wandered down memory lane, the driver an Egyptian men, was very chatty and friendly. We talked about the war in the Middle East and how he prayed things would be over by the time of Ramadan, November 17, 2001. I didn't tell him that I didn't see the war over by that date.

He told me that he had been a witness to both planes hitting the towers on September 11th. He had been driving a man to work that morning. They were on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when the first plane hit. All traffic paused as people stopped their cars to watch the events unfold. Everyone was in shock.

The police stopped all traffic so he and his passenger sat in the limo when suddenly the second plane hit. Again they got out of the limo and watched. Soon after, traffic was diverted over the highway and onto the streets. His shocked passenger just keep shouting, "Take me home! Take me home!" The driver told me to this day when he drives to the city and sees an airplane over Manhattan he remembers what happened and experiences the same fear and shock!

As he and I drove along the BQE, I looked up, my mind expecting to see the towers, yet they were gone. It was a weird experience. I met with family in the city as it was a birthday celebration for two of my daughters. Someone at the party, in his 60's, mentioned that he felt that he was back 30 years ago, in a space-time that existed before the Twin Towers were built.

My emotional reaction, I felt attachment to the events, just a sense that we are getting close to the end of the time loop, and this event happened many times before in past loops. When I channel souls who crossed over that day, I experience emotions through them, but to me it is all surreal.

I see the event as a major hallmark on the time grids which is one of the reasons we all reacted to it the way we did. It signals something linked to the end of a cycle of time, the end of a time loop. My guess is this loop regenerates somewhere between 2003, 2005. I know the loop linked to the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel has a peek in 2003, yet I don't link to that work. It is strange that the people linked to the Philadelphia Experiment still keeping coming in and out of my life, which is supposed to tell me something. I don't believe they deal with time looping.

As the driver and I passed 'Ground Zero', the name given to the area of the attack, I could hear the cries of the souls. The return trip was at 8pm. It was dark and the city was quiet. As we drove along the FDR (highway that runs north-south) I looked out at the crescent moon which seemed to beckon to me.

Police cars and other patrols, still remain everywhere in NY, often stopping trucks and cars for inspection. As I was with a driver from the Middle East they looked us over, allowing us to pass.

We arrived at Ground Zero. The streets in the area are closed to traffic and still have emergency vehicles. It looking like a scene from a sci-fi movie. As we entered the tunnel on the way back to Brooklyn I glanced back to have one final look.

I tried to visualize what the city will do with the land in the future and see a very tall white glistening tower, as if a monolith to future beginnings and a new creation.

I didn't see Twin Towers being rebuilt as once they were. I saw a memorial of some kind, with gardens.

Earlier in the day, I had channeled another soul who had died in the attack. His cousin came to see me to speak with him and to know that he is okay. He was a business man in his late thirties who had gone to Tower One for a meeting. He didn't work there. He was on the 98th floor when the plane hit and had gone to the roof with the others. He left behind a wife and two gorgeous little girls. He was an evolved soul who showed me that after he 'crossed over' he helped others from the meeting find their way. It seems that many of the souls who are sending family members to me, are those that quickly went through the tunnel, into the light, then returned to help. There are still many souls just finding their way out of the tunnel at this time, some too afraid to move on.

When I returned home I decided to watch my video of Stargate SG1, that had been programmed. I got into bed, put on the TV and VCR, turned off the light, and relaxed. I could see the crescent moon through the window. Something was pulling me. But what?

I was drawn to look at area between my mantle and grandfather clock. A golden light appeared for about 5 seconds. My heart raced as I hoped someone might be connecting with me from, I wasn't sure where, yet the experience felt right. I thought of Pete and the experience he had last month with the portal opening and golden DNA spiraling through his house. The images faded so I decided to watch the tape.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The theme of the TV show was 'Time Looping'! The episode was called Window of Opportunity. Two members of the SG1 team, Jack and Teal'c, were the only people aware of a time loop. 'Stargate' is also my favorite movie having watched it over and over again. In the TV program a time travel machine had been built by the ancients. StarGate, SG, sacred geometry, Wheel of Time, Alchemy Wheel, 12 around 1 to create grid program of experience based on electromagnetic energies, polarities, duality, our bipolar experience that merges at Zero Point.

Regardless of any script, I know without a doubt that I am here to stop a time loop, or the loops of time. I have know that as far back as I remember, highlighted when I had pneumonia at age 5 when I had a near death experience and was told about the loop and my part in its creation and evolution. My experience in the Nevada desert in 1954, when I was eleven years old, was further verification.

As the days, months and years pass, more and more souls will sense this evolution of consciousness through our spiraling DNA, now activating to quest for answers.

This is the time we begin to remember the end.

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