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Dinosaurs Become Birds

June 28, 2016    3:23 PM ET

As the theory goes ... dinosaurs were killed off and/or evolved into birds. Maybe ... With that thought in mind we have this story published today "Rare Dinosaur - Era Bird Wings Found Trapped in Amber". Bone, tissue, and feathers show the almost 100-million-year-old wings are remarkably similar to those on modern birds.

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Quantum Computer Could Simulate Beginnings of the Universe

June 27, 2016    6:24 PM ET

Quantum mechanics suggest that seemingly empty space is actually filled with ghostly particles that are fluctuating in and out of existence. And now, scientists have for the first time made an advanced machine known as a quantum computer simulate these so-called virtual particles. This research could help shed light on currently hidden aspects of the universe, from the hearts of neutron stars to the very first moments of the universe after the Big Bang. Read More ...

2016 BET Awards

June 27, 2016    10:10 AM ET

The BET Awards on Sunday night were the BEST. Performers got into many political and social issues of the day. I watched the show just after I finished the blog "Revolution" and was thrilled when Beyonce opened the show with a surprise performance of her song Freedom - performing with Kendrick Lamar as they danced in a pool of water. It was a brilliant performance about racial freedom - one of the many freedoms humanity is fighting for today. Read More ...

June 26, 2016    7:21 PM ET

Everybody, everywhere, is talking global politics, economics, natural disasters, and the fact that revolution is at hand everywhere. The old ways are going. People are so beaten down with living in this world, freedom and change are all that matters. What seemed to have started in the Middle East has gone viral/global. Down with the ruling classes. Down with the ridiculous concept of monarchies. I dreamed I was in the UK watching as citizens decided to overthrow the monarchy and give their wealth to the poor. This spread quickly to the rest of Europe where all were dethroned. The people of the planet are on a roll and yes there all be collateral damage but well worth it. Let's see what this week brings.

Green Screen is the Illusion

June 26, 2016    7:22 PM ET

I got new dining room chairs and decided to send pics to family and friends. I took three pics then wondered why the second pic came out green - using no filter used - don't know how to use it ...Ah ... I got the message ... It's all projected illusion like "Green Screen".

The Wisdom Keepers and the Holographic Universe

June 26, 2016    7:30 PM ET

At the end of the episode the discussion turned to the hologram universe. Read More ... Watch the Video

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