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A Week of Holidays and Mercury Retrograde

October 1, 2014     8:00 AM ET

Holidays are based on myths that some people feel connect them to their gods or whatever.

This week we find ...

Durga Puja


Yom Kippur

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October 1, 2014     8:18 AM ET

The Human Experiment, Ebola, Enterovirus, Autoimmune, Mold, Seasonal Affective Disorder ...

In a sense we are all test tube babies. Humanity is a biogenetic experiment set in linear time to experience emotions and it's been rocky ride - still is for most people. The patterns are all there - just code. Are we trapped here? In ignorance for sure, and yes we are for now. Read More ...

2014 Hong Kong Protests - "Umbrella Revolution"

September 30, 2014     8:30 AM ET

We turn our attention this week to Hong Kong where the people seek freedom and change. Again we find the same energies of suppressed people who can no longer take it and will do anything to make change for themselves, their families, and those they know. This is not a revolution by country - this is a revolution by humanity - and it is growing. In the duality of our reality we will see positives and negatives combined with the chaos of our creation. Don't go to a metaphysical or a religious space as a solution to bring peace. Stay grounded in what is physically happening. Every sector of reality is being impacted. Consider this as part of end times and brace for impact. Read More ...

Ellie at the Third Avenue Festival - The Muslim Woman in Black and Terrorism

September 30, 2014     8:46 AM ET

At the Festival, my friend Josephine and I sat listening to the music, when suddenly she noticed a Muslim women dressed in black, her head covered with a black hajib. Her left arm was in a cast, as if broken, which was also covered in black fabric. Since New Yorkers worry about terrorists, we both thought ... could she be concealing a weapon? Read More ...

Self-Help Articles - September 2014

September 30, 2014     6:06 PM ET

Life is common sense but falls short as it is driven by emotions. Keep it simple. Everything must upgrade - from the way we think, to the way we do things, to every aspect of our lives. The best message you can give yourself is the practical one, even if you have to struggle to get it.

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Dolphins are attracted to magnets

September 29, 2014     11:15 AM ET

Dolphins are indeed sensitive to magnetic stimuli, as they behave differently when swimming near magnetized objects. Magnetoreception implies the ability to perceive a magnetic field. It is supposed to play an important role in how some land and aquatic species orientate and navigate themselves. Some observations of the migration routes of free-ranging cetaceans, such as whales, dolphins and porpoises, and their stranding sites suggested that they may also be sensitive to geomagnetic fields.
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The Life of An Egyptian Initiate

September 30, 2014     8:36 AM ET

There were many degrees of Initiation and many levels of Priesthoods as all things have hierarchies. Some priests were born into families of Priests or Priestesses and assumed the destiny of the family bloodline when their predecessors got close to death. A Priest or Priest could select their successor. As this would not be an easy journey one had to chose carefully. Read more. Try an Initiation