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Here Comes the Bride

Wednesday night on "Suits" Rachel married Mike, the man of her dreams for the past seven years, as millions watched at home and the season came to an end. Meghan beamed when she walked down the aisle as if a rehearsal for her wedding next month to Prince Harry, her real life Prince Charming.

Today's Birthdays

Jordana Brewster is an award winning
Panamanian - born American actress.

I like having a routine because
everything else is so unpredictable.

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April 26, 2018

National Richter Scale Day

Note how the Richter Scale and Donald Trump's signature
share a common thread ...

Earthquake Files on Crystalinks

Nuclear testing weakens the tectonic plates and creates earthquakes.

North Korea Nuclear Testing

North Korea test site could be unusable after partial collapse  
BBC - April 25, 2018

Nuclear testing has a negative effect on the
tectonic plates which further accelerates end times.
After the last test in September a series of aftershocks hit the site BR> which seismologists believe collapsed part of the mountain's interior.

Kim has a wild Trump card up his sleeve.

April 26, 1986

Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred
at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian SSR.

April 26, 2018

Take Our Children to Work Day

French Kisses and Other Connections

French Kisses with Style ... Sweet

Defensive Maneuvers or Hat Trick

Funny French Kisses

Bros or Foes - It's complicated

Bros and Hos - It's complicated

Dr. Jackson ... I presume

Daniel Jackson (Stargate) - - Ronny Jackson (Military)

Astronomy in the News ...

Astronomers witness galaxy megamerger

The biggest structure in the universe: Astronomers spot a massive collision 12.4 billion light years away that may have created a mega-galaxy

How the building blocks of life may form in space

Team aims to use new NASA telescope to capture light from the first stars to be born in the universe

Projectile cannon experiments show how asteroids can deliver water

What If Earth Started Spinning Backward?

The map of 1.7 billion stars: European space agency unveils the most detailed 3D atlas of the Milky Way ever created

Einstein's 'spooky action' goes massive


We are finally arriving at that time of the year many wait for - Spring which signal something new is on the horizon. April, May, and June bring changes in education, jobs, moves, and most of all romance - babies are born and conceived now.

It's a program or paradigm shift experienced internally and externally - the shedding of the old to bring in whatever is meant to happen in your life that connects to your soul, uplifts emotions and brings ... there's that word again ... hope. We are programmed to anticipate change, both planned or out of the blue. It's why people gravitate to seasonal climates.

Spring Relationships

This time of the year clients come with stories about broken relationships and what they have learned from them. It would seem that everyone has become a therapist for themselves and others but what they don't often get is ... these are emotional programmed adventures along the way in linear time. (Are you feeling less like you belong here lately? Ready to go beyond?)

Whether you're swiping an app or going places to meet someone romantically, are you fully understanding your intent and your psychological basis for getting there? Too many people claim to want a relationship and don't have time nor programming to do so. Others simple have had too many bad experiences.

Here's an age-old proverb that keeps us grounded ... When one door closes, another opens. But ... will the new person be about more learning lessons in relationships or show you that you have moved past programmed issues?


Do you live by the acronym YOLO? What if that is true ... you only do live once and what you believe is a past, parallel, or future life is not real at all. What if everything you've ever learned is not real, or perhaps only works in this reality of emotions and nowhere else?

The Journey of the Soul

As souls sometimes travel together, last week Barbara Bush died. We all know the path taken by those lucky enough to find a lifetime partner ... when one crosses over the other will not be far behind. In the news ... Former President George H.W. Bush in intensive care.

I've read people who tell me their partner better not die before they do because they don't know how they'll make it alone regardless of family or friends. The older you get the more you consider this, especially if the partner is all you have left in a world where everything is collapsing.

Do we return to light? to dark matter or energy? become deleted when reality closes? Do we instantly review the green screens of our experiences here as mentioned by those who have died and returned to this consciousness insert?

The Road Traveled and Unraveled

Life is never a straight line but more of a winding road
to some greater destiny we all sense just ahead ...

Earth Day 2018

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