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7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself At The End Of Each Day

March 30, 2015     10:30 AM ET

Each day we have tons of inquiries - for our co-workers, our friends, our families. But do we ever ask ourselves any questions? If we don't, we may be framing our own mindsets through someone else's lens. Below are seven questions that will not only help you take a positive perspective on your day, but set up tomorrow for greater success.

I ask myself most of these questions every day. The woman in the photo is my oldest daughter Tracy who teaches gifted children in Arizona. Read More ...

Angelina Jolie in the News ...

March 30, 2015     10:25 AM ET

Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards:
"Different is good"

Diary of a Surgery

Read more ...

15 Ways Your Environment Makes You Eat More (Or Less)

March 28, 2015     4:22 PM ET

In a restaurant: Ask to be seated by a window. Diners who eat next to a window are 80 percent more likely to order salad. And if you're trying to avoid sweets, don't sit at a booth near the bar. People who sit in that location are 73 percent more likely to order dessert. Choose a brightly lit restaurant with soft background music and you'll enjoy your meal more - you'll also consume fewer calories. Read More ...

9 Ways to Sleep Better During Allergy Season

March 29, 2015     7:30 AM ET

It might not feel like spring quite yet in some parts of the country, but as warmer weather approaches, blooming flowers and endless loads of allergy-inducing pollen will be here in the blink of a (red, watery) eye. Of course, if you already suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that the itching, sneezing, stuffiness and general discomfort don't stop at bedtime. Like a cold or the flu, allergies can make quality shut-eye much harder to achieve. Read More ...

Depression and the Co-pilot

March 27, 2015     8:30 AM ET

You think you are the pilot of your destiny as you have been taught and reinforced by others. Not true. You are the co-pilot in this reality guided by your soul. Most people show the world one side of themselves but often have a shadow, dark, or hidden side based on mental illness and their DNA programming. If you've been following the tragic story of Germanwings Flight 9525 - you know the co-pilot - Andreas Lubitz - was guilty and was suffering from depression and mental illness finally "crashing" as many do. Read More ...

Veterinarians and Animal Energies

March 29, 2015     7:27 AM ET

When children are 13 years old, they often talk about being a veterinarian because of their love for animals. It's about the way pets and animals make them feel emotionally and spiritually - the unconditional love scenario. Then they grow up and real world issues set in - the dreams of veterinarian school giving way to other priorities. Sometimes they get into careers linked to animals - research, rescue, training, etc. Read More ...

6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul

March 23, 2015     3:00 PM ET

Drumming is as fundamental a form of human expression as speaking, and likely emerged long before humans even developed the capability of using the lips, tongue and vocal organs as instruments of communication. To understand the transformative power of drumming you really must experience it. Read More ...

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