Ellie and the Sopranos

How ya doin'?

September 23, 2002

In early September, I decided to update to cable modem for my computer - (which is not much faster than DSL) - and finally join the rest NY but getting cable TV.

As several of the cast members of the Sopranos hang out in the bar/restaurant across the street, I decided to watch the show. Surprise ... I didn't realize so much profanity is used, but then again, it is a clear depiction of reality.

I live in the Bay Ridge, the Brooklyn version of 'Sopranoland'... I've met and read some of da 'boys'. Sometimes they more colorfully refer to themselves as the 'Wise Guys'. Some are called 'Wannabes' as they want to be the 'real thing', but are not. I read them, their wives, girlfriends and other family members. There is great respect for my psychic abilities by all who come here. Most have someone in the family who is/was psychic. They tell me interesting stories from childhood about this person, usually a women who predicted things that happened in the family.

These souls are not without their own psychic abilities, which they discuss with few people, except perhaps me. They are glad the world of the esoteric is opening though it still remains an enigma to them. They sense and listen to their 'little voice' when in doubt. As with any other souls, from the many cultures I read, these 'connected' souls are playing their roles as evolving along with the rest of humanity. They are 'connected' in more ways than they know.

Most are challenged with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, all part of their genetic code. Many are forced to look at themselves, due to heal issues and work on themselves in ways past generations did not understand. This all goes to patterns of behavior, including infidelity, murder and mayhem, that have been part of their bloodline for decades, going back to their first 'off the boat' ancestors and beyond. Much of how we play the game is about bloodlines and DNA patterning that shape our perceptions molding us into whom we become. Problems arise when the patterns no longer work as all souls try to break free of souls group parameters that limit their freedom.

Sometimes the roles they play are humorous, other times they are filled with pain and confusion. In doing past life regressions with these clients, I often recognize them in days of ancient Rome, now moving those games through the spiral of consciousness, to the US and the Sopranos of our timeline.

Tonight I watched the Sopranos as a look at a subculture, that the world finds entertaining.

Tomorrow I will run errands and meet Tony and the boys along the way. We will say little to each other, as they are not suppose to know me.

Only once did I date a man from this pattern. He was very nice and interesting, a construction worker as most are. I suppose I did it for the experience. We went to dinner then he came back here. I suppose he was looking for a little romance. I wasn't interested. He noticed my Ouija Board and asked about it. I placed it on the table and showed him how it works. Intrigued, he asked if he could try it!

I could here Z laughing as the poor guy took the 'indicator' and started to it move across the board as I watched. It did seem odd that it was moving so quickly for him. Once could say the guy just moves quickly!

The message ....from Z ....was clear..... As we read the unfolding message it said: Woman is tired. The date is over. Time to leave!

It was all I could do to contain my laughter. The poor guy grabbed his coat and left, never to be heard from again.

Do I enjoy Tony and the Sopranos, TV style? I have clients who work on the show and find it entertaining.

Would I want to be part of that culture? Too many issues and fractured souls. Too much melodrama every day!

Later that day...

In the energies of autumn and the full moon, I sat on my terrace to listen to a live concert in the park across the street, lots of Rock and Roll oldies. I wasn't aware there were concerts in the park after Labor Day, so when I heard the music I went out on my terrace to investigate, leaving my computer work for a while.

As I watched, I saw my friend Tony waving to me from across the street. "Hey Ellie! Come on down from your ivory tower and join me!"

Ivory tower? Moi? Sure why not! Crystalinks could wait.

I giggled back at him, "I'll be right down!"

Tony and I were among 100 people or so sitting on chairs, blankets, or on the grass listening to the music, the energies seemingly in balance. This is not a concert where people smoke pot or anything. Gosh! The last time I was at that sort of concert was in Woodstock in 1969 - and no I have never smoked a joint - I have no need.

Tony, in his early 50's, lost his father to cancer a few months ago, and has never gotten over it, especially as he was a parental caretaker. His mother is still alive, giving him some meaning in life. He told me that he was traveling to Italy this week to connect with family and friends linked to his dad. I felt his father's energies around us. After the concert we walked along the esplanade, by the water, soothing his soul as his father brought messages through me.

Later in the evening I watched the Sopranos. Tony Soprano was talking to his therapist. This episode dealt with depression - which is running rampant - though I see it as always part of the experience it is just that now it is being recognized and treated so souls can function. Depression can come from many causes which is why a professional is needed to determine what is wrong.

And now it's Monday morning and I will soon be out running errands and meeting some of my more 'colorful friends' who might ask me to help them place a 'bet' on a sports event - or if I see their mother around them on the other side. It is all part of the game.