Coney Island Adventures

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today I was compelled to return to Coney Island, the area I spent the first 11 years of my life culminating in 1954 after a UFO encounter in the Nevada Desert. In Coney Island one finds the famous parachute jump, built for the 1939 World's Fair. It is located on West 19th Street and the Boardwalk. I lived on West 22 Street on the beach block, just off the boardwalk.


Ellie, Age 3 - Photo taken July 2, 1946 - July 4th Energies - 'Independence Day'

The parachute is in the background, positioned between the couple.

This photo first appeared in a letter sent to me in 1989, by a woman named Deja, who is 4 years younger than I, is also Aquarian, and lives in Rhode Island. Deja had contacted me after reading something I had written in an Edgar Cayce A.R.E publication about pyramids.

This all began on July 4th weekend after I returned from a MUFON Conference in Las Vegas. This was before the days of email, when one corresponded by mail. It was then I discovered Deja's letter of introduction.

A powerful friendship quickly developed between Deja and I, filled with humor and mutual connections including a cable TV show called "The Metaphysical Experience" which aired in New York and New England.

Guided by Z, Deja drew the image of Ellie and Z, later used on the cover of my book, which includes the alchemy wheel. This goes to the wheel of time and karma and 2012 geometry. In the story of "2012 Sarah and Alexander", Sarah and her grandmother Rose plant the seed for the next Tree of Life in 1989, the year I wrote the first draft of my book. The story ends on July 4, 2012 as reality evolves.

After we met, Deja and I exchanged childhood photos, which we sent through priority mail. This all seemed uncomplicated, until the 4 photos of me, that she was returning, did not show up for two weeks. When they did, they had been repackage by the post office with a note saying that the original letter was torn in a machine and was now being returned. Inside were the 4 photos I had sent Deja but there was a twist ...

The package included the photo above - one that I had not only mailed to her - but had never seen before. On the back, written in my mother's hand, was the place and date. Deja and I often wondered if she had sent me the photo through time, as spirits find their ways to connect.

It is interesting that the date on the photo is one year before the Roswell UFO crash.

All things in and around July 4th have always had significance for me. That is a key date in my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time, the film version "2012 The Alchemy of Time."

In the 1990's, during a closing meditation, part of a workshop on Past Lives I was teaching, a friend named Anna saw the exact image of a little girl on a tricycle and told the class she did not understand what it meant. At first I could not bring meaning to her image, until, in a sudden moment of recognition, I produced the photo and Anna said, "That is what I saw!"

Things come into consciousness when it is time, though I often wonder why Z couldn't just tell me everything straight away! I guess it's all part of the game.

Deja and I never found out how the photo of me got into the mailer envelope. We spent years trying to figure out what the messages were ... until ... I visited that exact location with my friend Pat several years ago, as we also tried to solve the riddle of the photo. Pat and I drove to Coney Island. We went to the same place 3 year old Ellie once stood, and made an astute observation. The parachute jump in the photo was out of alignment with the location of the physical parachute. The parachute should be physically blocked by the buildings in the photo, that existed when I was a child, and remains today.

On Wednesday, (see blog below) after my experience with George, we returned to this location, on Surf Avenue between West 22nd and 23rd Streets, confirming that you cannot see the parachute from that location and angle.

It all began ...

Tuesday in Coney Island with Mike

Tuesday afternoon, I called my friend Mike to see if he wanted to drive to Coney Island. He also felt drawn to the area for some strange reason ... and we both agreed, it had to do with the parachute jump.

The day was sunny and spring-like as we drove towards Coney Island, about 10 minutes down the Belt Parkway from Bay Ridge. As with most metaphysical journeys one takes, the energies begin to stir your soul as you get closer to the location, as if a barometer that guides you, reaching a crescendo by the time you arrive at your destination. Along the way Mark and I were clearly 'told' that this trip was about Time Travel.

We were guided to KeySpan Park where we entered the parking lot and parked alongside the parachute ride. Several cars were nearby, but not close to us. Alongside the parking lot is a ramp that leads to the boardwalk and beach which runs along the Atlantic Ocean. KeySpan Park is home to the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team. The famous Astroland Amusement Park is a few blocks away and will be torn down, the run-down area to be renovated.

Mike is a Medium. No sooner did Mike and I exit the car, then he began to see the spirits of those who were part of the twentieth century Coney Island resort grid. He described their attire, hearing the sights and sounds of the old hey day of Coney Island and perhaps the 1932 World's Fair.

Over on the boardwalk, I walked along, looking at the ocean, the pier, and Astroland Amusement Park which houses the famous Cyclone Ride. Though it all seemed nostalgic, it was not the reason I had been called to this place on this day. I was guided to stand below the parachute ride with its 12 around 1 grid, who energies soared above me, lowering to form a vortex around me.

This would have made a great sci fi special effect, I thought.

Visiting a grid that aligns with your personal grid matrix is far more powerful as time and frequency accelerate, than in past years. You attract each other.

I have been to many energy vortexes, from the mountains to the oceans to the Great Pyramid, but this was far more powerful - almost staggering. I had to walk over to a bench and lean against its back to steady myself.

A man on the boardwalk, riding by on a bicycle, rode into my 'portal'. I giggled to myself when his bicycle began to wobble as he almost lost his balance, then recovered and rode on.

I had taken Mike's camera with me, but the energies drained the batteries after just a few seconds/pictures.

I stood there for about 10 minutes then walked to the edge of the ramp and called to Mike to check out the energies. We walked to the place where the beach meets the boardwalk, admiring the view of the ocean, excitement in our conversation as we talked about what we were experiencing.

I asked Mike if he could find the portal I was describing to him, as we walked toward the place in question and he spoke of endless soul passing by us in another grid of reality. By this time I could see the wavy energies of the portal.

Intuitively Mike found the portal which so encapsulated him he had to sit down on the bench. I can only assume his grid was altered, but that was his time and experience.

It was a place where time stood still and magic happened for us. You would think by now we would be used to this sort of thing ... but these experiences always bring out the wonder/child in all of us - epiphany moments.

It is reasonable to conclude that the portal was not a natural vortex but one created at that moment, by an interdimensional spacecraft, one that is connected to me, and not linked to gray aliens.

Suddenly the temperature began to drop and a wind began to stir, signaling it was time to leave. Mike and I walked back to the base of the parachute as Z said he had left something for me. There in the Earth, where the spring grass was beginning to grow, I found 2 yellow dandelions, no others to be found.

A dandelion clock

I told Mike what Z had said to me long ago. When Dandelions Are Free and I find 2 dandelions out of time and place, the program comes to closure in the Lion's tale. I picked the 2 dandelions as Mike and I prepared to leave.

In one final moment, Z showed the 36 white flowers from of my upstate NY June 29, 1998 experience with Anna and a man named Alexander, when we stumbled upon the only flowering tree for miles, that brought symbolism for us all. 36 Around 1. The number 36 is important.

Wednesday in Coney Island with George

To stand in the center is equivalent to being in the center of 12 Around 1

Wednesday afternoon, George and I returned to Coney Island, knowing we had to be there. This would be a different experience than I had with Mark, as George and I are here on a similar mission. There was no need to go to the boardwalk as I parked near the parachute, George took the photo above, and the energies began where they had left off. It was as if Tuesday's experience was a precursor for today.

Sitting in the car, the energies increased so quickly, we got dizzy. We instantly found ourselves in a place that seemed familiar. For those who have read my blogs over the years, you may remember my experiences with an entity named Dilmun, linked to the adventures of the Anunnaki who one might view as progenitors of this root race. Some perceive Dilmun as a very tall and powerful reptilian looking entity who I have known most of my life and share a connection. In recent years he has grown older and now presented himself to us as one who is dying. As George did not initially remember Dilmun, George's description of him was totally accurate, as Dilmun greeted us warmly as if awaiting this moment, then activating George's memories.

Our experience with Dilumn, and what he showed us, cannot be described, only experienced, but it was the next step for us. It was so powerful, we could not come down from the energies, leading to unusual dream experiences. Our DNA had altered. I am hoping to bring some of this to my workshop on the 26th - as all is about DNA codes. On some level, Dilumn, viewed as a reptilian, is symbolic of our DNA program coming to closure - linked to the Middle East and the bloodline that created it all. My relationship with creation and Dilmun may make sense to some readers, but not all. Perhaps following the links from the Anunnaki and the creation of our biogenetic program, will help clarify your experience.

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