Photo Fun Under the Sun - 10/20/22

Sun Discs

This is not a UFO but it sent me 'looking' for the Watchers or any other alien life form connected to our experience here. The Watchers are still monitoring the Human Experiment but other extraterrestrials are gone. In ancient history and mythology - aliens visited the planet in various forms and had any number of experiences that may connect to your memories. All of those storylines are inserts in a simulation and often quite interesting. When in doubt focus on what's happening in physical reality today the place where truth lies.

The Return of 35mm Photography

Wednesday October 19, 2022

Do you remember analogue photography when cameras used 35mm film and pictures were called photos not pics. You bought a roll of film (usually Kodak) placed it into your camera - snapped the lid shut - progressed the film forward watching the counter - then took photos that were later sent out to be professionally developed .

In 1994 while on a trip to New England in search of megalithic sites - I stumbled upon an antique store where I became fascinated with a 19th century family photo album of Daguerreotype (sepia) photos - so I bought. I never found out what drew me to the album but after years of sitting in the storage room of my building and I finally gave it to someone studying photography.

In college I was drawn to the Art of Photography ... Photos that capture a moment in Time ... otherwise lost forever in the film strips of reality.

It was a passion I knew wouldn't "develop" into a career though I learned how to use different cameras (circa 1960s), develop film, and in so doing realized there was something more I was to discover about projected images and two-dimensional photography.

It wasn't until physicists and mathematicians put the pieces of the puzzle together for me in the 21st century explaining reality as two-dimensional "images" projected to create third dimensional images which is the home of our experiences or physical reality. They called it Simulation Theory which is a form of photography taken to our origin story.

Professor Brian Greene explains Simulation Theory

Cross-Over Cameras

I no longer have any of my 35mm cameras but today a friend took this pic of me holding my cross-over camera into the world of digital photography. After years of not using the camera - I turned it on and was surprised the battery was still charged.

The Return of the 35mm Experience

I decided to post about cameras after watching a segment this week about the Return of the 35mm lens Camera and Dark Room Experience which appears to be of great interest to Millennials and GenZ.

The owner of a camera store in the city said that the sudden interest started in 2020 with Covid and continues today into the classroom and other places where people are attracted to learn about the art of photography.

Like everything else we experience - photography has evolved - making it easy even for an amateur photographer to capture amazing images with their smart phone.

Ellie with a client named Gloria using the ouija board - 8/26/1989

We each took a picture of the other which developed like a collage.

From personal and client experiences - 35mm film appeared likely to capture what one might call "special effects" such as superimposed images, orbs that leave much to the imagination, ghosts in photos - and other things that actually can be explained physically but sometimes bring the imagination into play as we are inclined to decode messages hidden in plain sight relatable to where we are on our journeys of discovery. Even your basic every day ghost is nothing more than projected illusion in our simulation.

In the Reels of Time What is Luck?

Luck and Time Align in the Grids of Reality

Luck or Something Else?

Friday October 21, 2022

Luck means different things to each of us from something tangible to something emotional. We can be lucky at one aspect of our lives and unlucky in others - meaning right place right time or wrong place wrong time.

Luck seems to be based on the concept of time -> Simulation Theory and genetic programming.

Psychology: The way we see ourselves as we go through life can appear to be lucky or unlucky. Psychologists might say someone's luck is based on their emotional needs. Work out issues and luck will find you. That's not necessarily the case but it certainly is helpful to get through life understanding your emotional background and present day needs.

Metaphysics: Using oracles of divination psychics have tools to project lucky moments in a client's life. Astrologers and Numerologists use charts. Palmistry shows lines of success for money and career but not always for other things that are important such as relationships and love. Card readers projecting meaning onto each card - the Wheel of Fortune indicating good luck. Psychics look at the bigger picture of someone's life sometimes using their own psychic abilities to project the future by reading a person's timelines.

Sports is all about luck and timing. You notice it when you watch 'come-from-behind-moments' and realize it wasn't luck at all - it was timing.

Politics makes it easier to bring together luck, timing, and programmed destiny. It's the reason I knew the outcome of the 2016 would be Trump. He would go on to become a programmed diversion to split the country and create chaos in end times.

Trump understood his luck in this lifetime the same way I read it when he ran for office in 2016 saying, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters." I knew he had to win though not a politician but more of a man seeking celebrity and money. Luck has always followed him but in the duality of our experiences here - it would reach its end in the 'course of time'.

We are told to vote to make a difference in hopes that the good guys win and change reality for the better. It's in our programming to fight for a better outcome or we would have no reason to go on at all. As we know the good guys do not always win but this is more about the algorithm of reality to overcome never ending challenges and never give up hope that everything will work out in the future. Win or lose - the games and challenges continue until the end.