Megalithic monuments exist throughout the planet often forming a grid or matrix whose purpose may or may not be known. Though many of these stone structures have been destroyed through the millennia, those that remain tell stories of ancient civilizations and how they measured seasonal progressions and marked and Earth's magnetic energies and major grid points and ley lines.

The creation of many stone monuments, such as Stonehenge, remains an enigma drawing people to them as if some sort of activation tool that affects each person based on their grid matrix. What energetically connects for one person, my not for another. It all goes to one's personal grid matrix.

These patterns of many megalithic monuments belie the journey of groups such as the Freemasons - patterns set in stone that, when graphically examined with a computer reflect a far greater message about the journey of mankind. The grids points seem to align in specific patterns which may or may not be linked to extraterrestrial visitations.

Megalithic monuments served different purposes in ancient times. Ancient alien researchers connect them to Druids from Europe, well others say they were left there as markers by extraterrestrials. There are mundane uses for many of the structures know they do seem to be charged with what is called piesioelectric energy which could be used for different purposes back in the day. We know that many of them are astronomical observatories is marking the seasons and watching the skies.

As a child growing up in Brooklyn my family spend summers in the Catskill Mountains (Ulster County) which is part of the Hudson Valley a hotbed of UFO activity highlighted by legendary author, and my friend, Whitley Strieber's, alien abduction experiences during the mid-1980s near Middletown, New York, which he wrote about in his well-known book Communion. The wave also led to the establishment of the Pine Bush UFO Festival in Crawford Township, which straddles Ulster and Orange counties.

When my children were growing up, my husband Ralph and I often spent weekends in the Catskills as he was an entertainer in several of the major hotels in the Borscht Belt circuit. To me that area was so profound that I mentioned it as the main location in my book Sarah and Alexander at a family compound called Twin Crossings.

As I began my metaphysical journey I sometimes made trips upstate and to New England with friends to explore the energies and the monuments. I have several friends in Pine Bush New York who run a UFO group and always have paranormal stories to share.

Pine Bush, New York 1995 at my friend Mimi's House

Joe, Mimi, Ellie, Magdalena, Rene, and Steve

On October 19, 1995, I traveled upstate with friends, Magdalena, Rene, Steve, and Anthony to Pine Bush to experience the energies of the Catskill Mountains and visit Mimi and Joe. There was much to explore alone or in a group, as we discussed all things metaphysical.

In the 1990's, Pine Bush was a hotbed of UFO activity, mostly connected to Gray aliens, and featured in Ellen Crystall's 1992 bestseller Silent Invasion.

The Catskill Mountains are the main setting in my book and screenplay, 2012 Sarah and Alexander. On this day, we all experienced the energies of Alexander, as seen through the lens of my camcorder. This is a great metaphor of reality as a consciousness hologram projected in time for experience.

Mimi and I bonded from the moment we met. I taught her something called Gatekeeping, or releasing souls trapped in the program's grids. Mimi would remain a Gatekeeper until the end of the program - the interdimensional portals on her property conducive to this type of work.

In the fall of 1995, something else was happening that would change the destiny of the world. Something called the Internet was taking hold, along with the original draft of my website Crystalinks, which was posted on August 25, 1995. Both would create a unity of consciousness for souls as they move through their journey into awareness.

By the end of 1995, I would make an Alexander connection with a man named Marcus. The book was completed on 12/21/2002, 13 years after the first draft was written, the first 1,000 copies distributed on 03/03/03.

Through the years I made many journeys to megalithic sites in the United States and other areas. Most of my adventures were in the northeastern part of the United States, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire and upstate New York. I have always lived in New York City, so an upstate journey to the Catskill mountains was part of my life going back to childhood, when Jews made the trek up there to escape the heat of the summer in the city. In 1994 my journeys took on a new hue. That was the year I began my study of Megalithic Sites.

Along the way, I met the usual characters one meets in metaphysics, who are also triggered at a given time to explore these monuments for any number of reasons. As the Internet began to evolve in 1995, the pieces of the greater puzzle, the relationships of major monuments to each other and history, would gradually fall into place for the world to explore in person and/or virtually.

I continued my megalithic adventures with an Australian man named Marc who had explored megalithic sites in Europe and Australia and was also interested in extraterrestrial research. Together, we took two megalithic journeys in the fall of 1994 then put together the first files for Crystalinks.

Tripod Rock in New Jersey

Ellie exploring a balanced rock

Marc Sitting on a Balanced Rock

Marc Beneath the Balanced Rock

Piesioelectric Energies From Crystals in the Rocks

Stone Chambers Upstate New York off the Taconic Parkway

This one is marked with a single standing stone

Walking Inside

This was not meant for a tall person

Look outward

Theories and Simulations

There are various theories about the purposes of the chambers pictures below. When Mark and I visited the stone chambers we met a local man who said they were originally used as root sellers created by colonial farmers who settled in America in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. They built the chambers to store and preserve their root crops during New England's harsh winters. Eventually with westward expansion, New England was abandoned and reverted back to forest, leaving only the root cellars and stone walls as evidence of past human habitation.

At Mimi's house members of her UF group told me that the monuments were built by Native Americans whose spirits are often seen wondering near the stone megaliths and chambers on what is considered sacred land. As they are also familiar with indwells and out wells of energies they also associate megalithic monuments with extraterrestrials and high grid activity.

They described seeing balls of light flying through the sky entering some of the chambers and never coming out. They told me about people experiencing missing time, being abducted by aliens, the landscape of their properties altered as they watched, and other temporal anomalies that could only be explained by the fact that this is a simulation.

Some researchers believe that the ancient Celts, Druids, Phoenicians, Norsemen, Libyan sailors, Iberian adventurers, and Irish monks made their way to New England before Columbus and built the chambers with similar purpose as Stonehenge, New Grange and other well-known megalithic sites. They may have had ceremonial purposes back then. All of this comes with a very dark and negative energy for me.

The way the monuments are constructed leaves one to consider how ancient settlers - be they Native Americans or Europeans - could have assembled and aligned these megalithic stone structures with such precision. It is the same questions we wonder about when asking who built the pyramids around the world and for what purpose. These answers generally take us to extraterrestrials or the simulation for answers.

Since I believe reality is a simulation, I think the simulation itself has left stone markers and other forms of artifacts to allow us to know there is something greater going on. Figuring out the truth is among the quests and questions people undertake - in my opinion as busy work - until the truth is known about the human biogenetic experiment. We are not going to figure it out just go round and round in circles until the end of time which rapidly approaches.

Exploring Megaliths in Vermont October 1994

Following my upstate adventures in New York with Marc, I traveled with my friend Debbie to Vermont to visit my friend Gordon-Michael Scallion. The next day Gordon-Michael's friend Paul showed us some of the local megalithic sites. Other left to explore would include America's Stonehenge or Mystery Hill in Salem, New Hampshire and Gungywamp in Groton, Connecticut

Ellie and Steve Exploring Megalithic Monuments - October 3, 1995

Steve was performing in "Cats" on Broadway at the time posing with the North Salem Balanced rock that looks like a smiley face to me.

Looking at this from a profile perspective, it looks like the head of a lion

Stone Circles

Waterfall on the property of someone we met

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