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Friday April 19, 2024

Kate Hudson - Videos - Filmography

Kate Hudson had a lifetime to make a record. The result is 'Glorious,' out in May

More Birthdays and News

Taylor Swift

'The Tortured Poets Department' In the News

Taylor Swift's surprise double album 'The Tortured Poets Department' is daggers wrapped in a lullaby

Remember Musician Dickey Betts

Forrest Richard Betts (December 12, 1943 - April 18, 2024) was an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer best known as a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band.

April 19, 2024

Sun in Taurus

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Taurus.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus.

The Apis Bull is associated with ancient Egyptian mythology.

Planet Earth Files

The Great Pyramid's Latitude Is The Same As The Speed Of Light
  Live Science - April 19, 2024

Everything about the measurements, design and purpose of the Great Pyramid appears to be more than meets the "eye" - none of which is a coincidence. Visiting the Great Pyramid on the GiZa plateau has both physical, emotional, and subliminal effects on those drawn to its mysteries. Many associate it with extraterrestrials and mythology.

Image Capture April 15, 2024 - 12:00 pm ET

This is a combination of the sun mixed with lens flare and contrails in perfect harmony to bring messages.

Forget last week's total solar eclipse. Look what I just captured over my apartment.

Something appears to Zip by above the obelisk's Pyramidion.

Blue triangle and white object outside my bedroom window

Found: Gaia BH3 the most massive stellar-mass black hole ever spotted in the Milky Way
  Science Alert - April 17, 2024

Black Holes and Simulation Theory

Sierpinski Triangle (Fractals, Creation)

Masonic Memories, Constitution, Ancient Civilizations, The End

Space in the News


Jupiter's violent moon Io has been the solar system's most volcanic body for around 4.5 billion years

Record-Breaking Stellar Black Hole Found Lurking Close to Earth 1,924 light-years from the Solar System, in the constellation of Aquila

First Supernova In Galaxy 22 Million Light-Years Away Snapped By Amateur Astronomers

Victus Haze: The US Space Force To Conduct Its First Ever Military Simulation In Space

Physics in the News


The Great Pyramid's Latitude Is The Same As The Speed Of Light

How logic alone may prove that time doesn't exist and may be an illusion

AI Detects Mysterious Detail Hidden in Famous Raphael Masterpiece - It wasn't actually painted by Raphael

Scientists are one step closer to knowing the mass of ghostly neutrinos - possibly paving the way to new physics

Never-Before-Seen Quantum Hybrid State Discovered on Arsenic Surface

Goldene: Strange New Form of Gold Exists as a Sheet That's Just One Atom Thick

The Strange Theory That There Is Only One Electron In The Universe

Evidence For A Subatomic Particle Predicted By Fermi

Technology in the News

Major First: Quantum Information Produced, Stored, And Retrieved

Star Trek's Holodeck Recreated As Virtual Training Ground For Next-Gen Robots

Student engineering team successfully builds and runs hydrogen-powered engine

The Second Zodiac Cipher Took 50 Years To Decipher. Now You Can Read How It Was Done

Scientists Invented a Bizarre New Material That Gets Tougher When You Hit It

Voynich Manuscript in the News

Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript Finally Decoded? Medieval Sex Secrets May Hide in Mysterious Text

Health in the News

Health Index

Vaccine Breakthrough Could Mean Future-Proof Shots With No Need For Boosters

Hope For Long COVID As Patients Show Immune System Improvements After 2 Years

Does using your brain more at work help ward off thinking, memory problems?

Science Confirms Hugs Can Ease Pain, Anxiety, And Depression

Advice to 'Play Tetris' After a Traumatic Event May Have Some Basis in Science

Writing Down Your Angry Feelings Is Only The First Step to Calming Your Rage

Tube-tying surgeries and vasectomies skyrocketed post-Roe

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

Antarctic Ice Shelf The Size of France Suddenly Jumps Once or Twice a Day

Indonesia issues tsunami alert after volcano erupts on remote island

Iceberg That Sank The Titanic May Be Shown In Unearthed Photo From 1912

Weather and climate extremes in 2023 impacting the globe with emerging features

Chaos in Dubai as UAE records heaviest rainfall in 75 years

Ol Doinyo Lengai Is The Weirdest Volcano On Earth, Maybe In The Solar System

Centralia, Pennsylvania: The Abandoned Mine That Has Blazed For Over Half A Century

Animals in the News


The world's oldest known wild bird is courting new mates on a remote island off Hawaii after potentially losing her lifelong sweetheart

Scientists Discover How Tardigrades Survive Blasts of Radiation, And It's Weird

Amazingly, Some Bumblebees Can Survive Underwater For a Week

This Seabird Makes The Longest Migration Each Year From Antarctica To The Arctic

Tiny Frog in the Brazilian Rainforest Emits a Powerful Ultrasonic Scream No Human Can

How Do You Know The Age An Octopus? Count Their "Rings" Like Trees

Archaeology in the News


'Unprecedented' discovery of mysterious circular monument near 2 necropolises found in France

Ancient artists high on hallucinogens carved dancer rock art in Peru. The research notes similarities between the carvings in southern Peru and the ayahuasca-induced art of the Amazon's Tucano people

1,700-year-old Roman ruins discovered atop much older Neolithic sacred spring

Modern Japanese people arose from 3 ancestral groups, 1 of them unknown, DNA study suggests

Paleontology in the News


A Gigantic Snake Prowled India's Jungles 47 Million Years Ago

Digging up new species of Australia and New Guinea's giant fossil kangaroos

Ancient Bones Hint at The Most Colossal Marine Reptile The World Has Ever Seen

Anyone For A Mini Titanosaur? New Species Is One Of The Smallest Ever Found

The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump

Judge Juan Merchan presiding

Nodding off again and again

Another reprimand by the Judge

Follow the trial wherever you trust the news or just wait for the verdict to be read.

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