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Monday June 17, 2024

June 17, 1898 - March 27, 1972

M. C. Escher Dutch graphic artist, tessellations, infinity - Videos - Website

Some say his work depicts an understanding of Sacred Geometry or the mathematical nature of our reality. Many of his projects seem to originate from subconscious guidance before their time.

Quote: It's pleasing to realize that quite a few people enjoy this sort of playfulness and are not afraid to look at the relative nature of rock-hard reality.

More Birthdays and News

Tony Awards 2024: Full list of winners

"The Outsiders", a musical co-produced by Angelina Jolie scored four wins including best musical.

Father's Day 2024 in Basking Ridge, NJ With Family

'Back to Nature' Nursery. Stopped to get a plant or two.

Picked a Plant for Father's Day. Love the way the sunlight hit my shirt.

Sun Goddess Totem if you're into totems and goddesses

Inside the Flower Bar - So much to see.

Arriving at my daughter Zsia's house

Fun silly selfie. Laughter is good for the soul. Hope you had a great day.

Another Bridge Quickie

Health in the News

Health Index

Mediterranean Diet Linked to 23% Lower Risk of Death in Women

Physics in the News


A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its solar power output

Dyson spheres were theorized as a way to detect alien life. Scientists say they've found potential evidence

Space in the News


The 1st 'major lunar standstill' in more than 18 years is about to occur

Technology in the News

AI took their jobs. Now people get paid to make it sound human

Marine Biology in the News

Marine Biology

Antarctic Peninsula: Footage of humpback whales captured by drones has revealed how the animals maneuver their whole bodies when they feed

Earth Changes in the News

Earth Changes

Residents and communities preparing for heat wave that will envelop Midwest and Northeast next week

A catastrophic earthquake and tsunami are inevitable for the coast of the Pacific Northwest, scientists say. Planning for that means imagining a disaster unlike anything that’s ever hit the modern United States

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

Study confirms the rotation of Earth's inner core has slowed

Archaeology in the News


Newly Discovered Papyrus Fragment Offers Insights Into Stories About Jesus' Childhood

Paleontology in the News


This Site Reveals 120 Million Years Of Earth's History - The banks of the Peel River in Canada, which further north joins the Mackenzie Delta into the Arctic Sea

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kabbalah talismans
Real Kabbalah Talismans

Sacred Jewelry and Talismans

Jewelry for the Consciously Minded

Land Rover Jaguar Fairfield

Whitley and Ellie "Taken"

Ellie and George Shared Dreams and Precognition

The Garden

Ancient Artifacts and Holy Relics

White Buffalo Prophecy in the News

White Buffalo Prophecies

Elephants in the News


About, Symbolism, White, Pink, Astronomy, Graveyard, Articles

Elephant in Thailand has given birth to a rare set of miracle twins

Lions in the News


About, Culture, Astronomy, White, Winged, News

Tigers in the News

NASA watching over this endangered species


About, News, White Tiger Symbolism, Healing, Mythology

Bears in the News

What are Grolar Bears?


Types, Symbolism, Mythology, Shamanism, Medicine, Constellation, Fat Bear Week

Horses in the News


About, Symbolism, Healing, Astronomy, News, Akhal-Teke, Fossils

Dolphins in the News

Pink dolphin spotted in Cambodia


About, Pink, Symbolism, Dreams, Aliens, Teleportation, Messages, Healing, Mythology

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