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Thursday August 16, 2018

Born on this date

Angela Bassett is an award winning American actress currently
co-starring in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Filmography

The things we do to help ourselves and others are sacred.

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Aretha Franklin The Queen Has Died

March 25, 1942 - August 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died  
CNN - August 16, 2018

Many prayed for Aretha Franklin this week as her health deteriorated due to pancreatic cancer. In a world of multitalented performers - she was the best. We remember her with love and appreciation for all that she gave to the world. She died at 9:50 a.m. at her home in Detroit, surrounded by family and friends.

How Aretha Franklin energized two social movements with one hit song

Politics: Pull up a Chair if You Dare

Everything is Collapsing in the Gears of Time

True or False - The Family Man and Collateral Damage

Children in the News ...

National birth cohort study finds DDT metabolites in the blood of pregnant women are associated with elevated odds of autism in offspring

Autism linked to egg cells' difficulty creating large proteins

The simple optical illusion that could help to diagnose autism in seconds

US approves first generic competitor to Mylan's EpiPen

Cardiovascular disease related to type 2 diabetes can be reduced significantly

Phantom odors: One American in 15 smells odors that aren't there, study finds

Expecting to learn: Language acquisition in toddlers improved by predictable situations

Young kids who regularly engage in conversations with adults have a better grasp of language

Genetic tools uncover cause of childhood seizure disorder missed by other methods

Children Index

Health in the News ...

How sheds can help men stave off loneliness after retirement according to our new research

New CRISPR technique skips over portions of genes that can cause disease

Yes, Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women. Here's Why

Healthy fat cells uncouple obesity from diabetes

Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection

How we explain the behavior of others depends on our beliefs about their 'true selves'

The simple optical illusion that could help to diagnose autism in seconds

Vienna topples Melbourne in 'most livable city' ranking

Glacier latest US National Park to be scorched by Western wildfires

Toxins turning up in dozens of public water systems

Scientists identify why some kidney transplants don't work

Depressed teens, depressed parents

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Space in the News ...

Astronomers identify some of the oldest galaxies in the universe

Donald Trump's Space Force plans analyzed by a sci-fi expert

Hubble paints picture of the evolving universe

Sprawling galaxy cluster found hiding in plain sight

Scientists discover organic acid in a protoplanetary disk

Study of material surrounding distant stars shows Earth's ingredients 'pretty normal'

Strange Nebula Looks Inside Out and Born-Again

Parker Solar Probe: Nasa launches mission to touch the Sun

Astronomy Index

Archaeology and Related in the News ...

Prehistoric mummy reveals ancient Egyptian embalming 'recipe' was around for millennia

Ancient Egyptian mummification 'recipe' revealed

Ancient Civilizations Index

Physical Sciences Index

Earth Changes in the News ...

California wildfire smoke is engulfing a storm in the Atlantic

Highway bridge collapses in Italy after violent storm

Vienna topples Melbourne in 'most livable city' ranking

Glacier latest US National Park to be scorched by Western wildfires

Jakarta, the fastest-sinking city in the world

How Neolithic people adapted to climate change

Alaska Earthquakes and Beyond

Planet Earth Index

Physical Sciences Index

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