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Wednesday February 21, 2024

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To me, bravery is to stand up for what you believe in.

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Space in the News


A Mysterious Wave-Like Structure in Our Galaxy Found to Be Slowly Slithering

JWST Caught a Hidden Galaxy Like Our Own Growing at The Dawn of Time

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Planet Nine

There's one last place Planet Nine (also called Planet X) could be hiding Planet Nine (Sitchen's Nibiru) - is a hypothetical planet that potentially orbits in the outer reaches of the solar system beyond Pluto

The Solar System's Missing Planet Has Only One Place Left to Hide

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Bubble-Like 'Stars Within Stars' Could Explain Black Hole Weirdness

Brightest black hole ever discovered devours a sun's-worth of matter every day

Brightest Object In The Known Universe Is A Black Hole On Sun-A-Day Diet

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Smallest Star Ever Discovered And It's Only A Tiny Bit Bigger Than Earth

NASA Reveals How It Would Warn World of Impending Asteroid Disaster

SpaceX launches 11th Space Coast mission of 2024

Commercial spaceship set for lunar touchdown, in test for US industry

Claims of Russian Space Nuke Hint at Signs of a New Arms Race

Earth's Orbit Mysteriously Altered by Chance Encounter Million of Years Ago

NASA Offers Dream Job For Space-Lovers! A Year-Long Mars Simulation

Physics in the News


Heat Sloshes About as Bizarre 'Second Sound' Waves in Superfluids

Physicists Discover Brand-New Isotopes of Heavy Rare-Earth Elements

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

The Atlantic Ocean Could Be Developing Its Own "Ring Of Fire"

Scientists Identify a Universal Optimal Temperature For Life on Earth

Arctic permafrost could crumble into rivers, unleashing devastating feedback loop

Death Valley's Strange New Lake Has Been Unexpectedly Filling Up

What does an iceless Lake Superior portend?

What does Lake Washington's warming mean for its future

Lack of rain leaves Italy gasping

What does an iceless Lake Superior portend?

Health in the News

Health Index

Scientists are investigating whether an oral drug sprinkled with gold nanoparticles could one day treat neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis

Little-known devices restore vision to people who can't be helped by regular glasses

1st frostbite drug approved by FDA after successful clinical trial

More than 275 million never-before-seen gene variants uncovered in US population

Breakthrough: New Drug Might Halt Rheumatoid Arthritis in Those Most at Risk

Gait speed is one of your vital signs, so make sure yours is OK

Zombie Deer Disease Is Spreading Through America. Here's Why It's a Concern.

Archaeology in the News


An amateur metal detectorist in Denmark has unearthed a rare gold ring that may have belonged to a previously unknown royal family with ties to the Kingdom of France

The Oldest Paved Road In The World Transported Volcanic Rock For Royal Sarcophagi

Rare Stone Box Dating Back 2,000 Years Found In Jerusalem

Mummies and Mysteries

Excavating the past to unravel the human journey ~ Mummies

The Mystery Of The Oldest Mummy In Africa. The Uan Muhuggiag Mummy predates Ancient Egyptian mummies by over a thousand years.

In 1958, an Italian archaeologist discovered the mummified remains of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy in a cave in southwestern Libya. But this was a mummy with a difference: it was far older than any comparable examples found in Egypt.

The culture that produced the mummy were cattle herders, and occupied much of North Africa, at a time when the Sahara was a savannah. Possible links with later Egyptian culture have also been found, including the representation in rock art of dog-headed human figures (resembling Anubis), and a type of pottery decoration later found in the southern Nile valley.

The mummy was destined for controversy. He was older than any comparable Egyptian mummy and his mere existence challenged the very idea that Egyptians were the first in the region to mummify their dead. Uan Muhuggiag was no one off.

The sophistication of his mummification suggested he was the result of a long tradition of mummification. The discovery raised some profound questions. Who were the ancient inhabitants of the Sahara Desert who put the mummy there? And what influence might those people have had on the glittering civilization that later emerged in the land of the pharaohs?

The simulation created all of the above. Ancient alien theorists would equate it with extraterrestrial intervention on planet Earth. It's all the same and all connected.

When did the ancient Egyptians first mummify their dead?

Chile's Ancient Mummies Are Thousands Of Years Older Than The Egyptians'

Paleontology in the News


40,000-Year-Old Multi-Compound Glue Suggests Neanderthals Were Smarter Than We Thought

What Was Life Like For Female Neanderthals?

Bronze And Iron Age Graves Of 5 Babies With Down Syndrome Revealed By Ancient DNA

Rock Art Featuring Ice Age Giants Proves Humans Settled The Amazon 12,600 Years Ago

Scientists try out Stone Age tools to understand how they were used

200 Years Ago, A Dinosaur Was Named For The First Time

Some of the best fossils in the world have been found along a 95-mile-long stretch of coastline in the UK. Known as the Jurassic Coast, it’s turned up the world’s first fossilized ammonite eggs, more belemnites than you can shake a stick at, and a giant sea monster that lived 150 million years ago

It's All Connected

Birthday Presents and Presidents - Ellie Turns 81

Presidents Day 2024 - Messages From George Washington

Pic of quarter a quarter I found on Presidents' Day.

This coin was minted in 2022 - so why does the pic say 2044?
(Pic inverted for a better look)

Bay Ridge Adventures

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