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Tuesday May 21, 2024

May 21, 427-347 BC

Plato Greek Philosopher - Videos - Dialogues

Plato walking with his student Socrates

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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Plato believed in the existence of Atlantis - his version of the myth either passed down from descendants of his mother's family, others he met along the way, or something shown to him in a dream.

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How Will This Make a Difference?

In what seems like a turning point in the fate of the Middle East and beyond ...

BBC Live: Thousands line the streets for Iranian President's Funeral

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This week Trump's hush money trial marches towards closure - which should be next week. No matter what happens chaos will ensue as we further come to understand more about how the simulation plans to keep Trump in play. I still see huge spikes on the grids as this plays out.

Physics in the News


Physicists Finally Confirm Einstein's Stunning Prediction About Black Holes

A new theory of quantum gravity could explain the biggest puzzle in cosmology, study suggests

Space in the News


Does Cosmological Natural Selection Explain Why The Universe Seems Fine-Tuned For Life?

Gaze Into The Colossal Craters Of Mars And They Will Stare Icily Back

A bright comet fragment lit up the skies in a spectacular display visible over parts of Spain and Portugal late Saturday night

Bizarre "Lenticular" Galaxy Surrounded By Dark Matter Captured In New Hubble Image

Technology in the News

Pulsed Plasma Thruster Funded By NASA Could Enable One Of The Coolest Space Missions Imagined

Why Your Google Search Is About To Look Very Different (And Probably Worse)

An Algorithm To Detect Sarcasm? Like We Need That

AI computers could run in extreme environments like Venus thanks to heat-proof memory device

Brain Implant Helps Paralyzed Man To Speak Again – In Two Different Languages. He can switch between English and Spanish using the same speech decoder

Health in the News

Health Index

Yoga and meditation-induced altered states of consciousness are common in the general population, study says

This New Clue May Signal Alzheimer's Before You Have Symptoms - The Detection of microRNA

Researchers discover top-down signals in brain circuits regulating depression

Scientists Confirm Microplastics Now Detected in Human Testicles

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

La Niña is coming, raising the chances of a dangerous Atlantic hurricane season

Mysterious Holes on The Ocean Floor Have a New Explanation. Off the coast of Big Sur, California, deep beneath the waves, lies a mysterious landscape dotted by large holes in the clay, silt, and sand

Why the world's oceans are changing color to green as result of climate change

Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise

Floods in south Brazil have displaced 600,000 - here's why this region is likely to see ever more extreme rain in future

Craters in the News


Siberia's 'gateway to the underworld' is growing a staggering amount each year

Gaze Into The Colossal Craters Of Mars And They Will Stare Icily Back

Animals in the News


'Puppy eyes' didn't evolve just for humans, study of wild dogs finds

Archaeology in the News


Scientists recreate the face of Tutankhamun's grandfather, Amenhotep III, for the first time in 3,400 years Bloodline: Amenhotep III -> Akhenaten (Monotheism) -> Tutankhamun (King Tut)

Mysterious 'Anomaly' Buried Near Giza Pyramids Baffles Archaeologists

People Appear To (Incorrectly) Believe The Pyramids Were Eroded By A Great Flood

Mysterious Code in Ancient Assyrian Temples Can Finally Be Explained

Teotihuacan: Ancient city of pyramids. This 2,000-year-old complex in Mexico was one of the largest urban centers in the ancient world

6,800-year-old burial of Neolithic 'mayor' unearthed in Bavaria

Revolutionary War barracks burned by the British discovered in Colonial Williamsburg

Paleontology in the News


'Hidden Gem' Fossil Of Dinosaur Skin Preserved Like Glass Reveals It Had Scales And Feathers

70-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Is A New Species, And It's Got Ridiculously Tiny Arms

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