Workshop in Manhattan, Saturday, June 21, 2003

It was a great honor to teach a workshop to 13 other spiritual souls who were guided to the class on the summer solstice. We worked within the energies of sacred geometry, our meditation and initiation moving us from the timelines of Atlantis to Egypt to Europe and the ritual of Summer Solstice, to New York where we ignited the sacred flame within each of us and the planet. One could not help but be caught up in the energies as they increased throughout the day.

There was healing, cleansing and sharing of soul purpose. We worked in several spaces within the room. The energies were activated by three pyramids, many crystals, and the spirits who joined us. We had a morning meditation at 11:11, in the healing energies of the summer solstice. In the late afternoon we had an Initiation as guided by Thoth, who came to join us.

In the morning meditation several people saw rising of the Phoenix, Egyptian Bennu. I saw a huge sacred flame. Then I saw the Phoenix come forth. Her wings grew larger and larger until she wrapped them around the room and everyone in it embracing the moment for healing, transition, and rebirth. This does relate to me as Isis energies, as She is the Phoenix, the feminine archetype.

Phoenix, Egyptian Bennu

People saw me transform into several different characters, mostly male. Someone saw me as a magician in a long purple robe. The truth will out....

While updating Ezine on Monday morning, I realized that the new Harry Potter Book is about the Phoenix, The Order of the Phoenix. The book went on sale at the time we were doing our class. Synchronicity? I don't think so. This is a time of resurrection and we are being guided to that end, as in some way, is the rest of the world who read the book, and then go on to see the movie version. Note the blue and white cover of the Harry Potter book... Sarah and Alexander is a similar shade of blue+gold. We are all being initiated and getting information from the same grid program. The Initiates in our class were also given a book and a key by Thoth....


As for me, the day felt guided on all levels. I could see behind the scenes to those who united us for purposes we in this reality can only speculate about. I know that metaphysics has become about healing issues. For that matter, so has everything in our lives. As a race we have become aware that we have issues and abuse each other. We now seek to make sense of why we do what we do, and get answers that will create balance. As a planetary soul group, one soul having many experiences at the same time, all souls now in union and reunion, we wish to rise from the ashes and fly into the next level of expression. We dream about flying and being free.

We are students and teachers. We have issues and we help others. We are all initiates in this experience awaiting the sudden emergence of soul memory in which we will understand why we are here, our true purpose, the journey of humanity and our return to enlightenment.

- - -

Author Leon Uris died in New York on Saturday. He is remembered for his book, Exodus. '"Exodus' has been the Bible of the Jewish dissident movement in Russia," Uris told The Associated Press in a 1988 interview. "It's referred to as The Book."

Irene, from our Saturday workshop, migrated here from Russia with her family 14 years ago. We had 14 people in the room! In the creational myth about Isis and Osiris and Seth, Seth tore Osiris' body into 14 pieces. Seth scattered the pieces all over Egypt so no one could restore them. Isis was infuriated. With the help of Nephthys and her son Anubis they found the pieces and put Osiris back together. Isis turned into a kite, wheeling and screeching, and with the breeze from her wings, breathed life back into the body of Osiris." From the bird (Isis) Osiris was reborn. He became the god of the afterlife. Isis and Osiris had a son named Horus. When he was grown he caught up with Seth and did battle for 3 days and 3 nights until Thoth intervened. Seth was found guilty and sentenced to carrying the boat that held the sun across the sky. He had to overcome he serpent of darkness that tried to eat the sun. Horus took his father's place ruling the Earth as Osiris had once done. There is something about the energies of the class, rebirth and resurrection, that were strongly felt.

Exodus, - "A going out, a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment; particularly The Exodus, the going out or journey of the Israelites from Egypt under the conduct of Moses, any large migration from a place."

Back to Egypt...the Gods...Thoth, the Scribe who wrote THE BOOK....the Pharaohs...Ancient Mythology in cycles ...sacred knowledge bought forth into this timeline to be ignited.

We used 3 pyramids in a straight line
to embrace the energies of the Giza Plateau
and its counterpart above, Sirius


Irene and I traveled to Egypt together in December 2000. At the end of the class I gave an guided initiation as a Rites of Passages, the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient mystery school teachings brought forth from that timeline to this one. We were back in Egypt... No one sensed the energies of the goddess Isis.

On this day, there was no doubt, this was guided by Thoth as we experienced his presence. The music played, the crystals were in their proper places, the lights were dim, and 3 candles flickered.

After be guided in the initial aspects of the initiation, I slowly and quietly moved through the pyramids, where the initiates lay, I attuned each one with the symbol given to me in the Kings Chamber by Z (Thoth) on 12:12 at 12:12 am. Irene, who was with me through the experience in the Great Pyramid, felt guided to move with me around the room as we went from Initiate to Initiate I attuned everyone through their chakras as Irene danced to the tones of the music, as if an Priestess arising from ancient harmonics, gracefully and slowly sweeping her hands above each Initiate as they lay there. I realized then, why Irene had chanted with me on 12:12 in the Great Pyramid. We were merging our energies with that timeline and doing that which personifies who we are in our most natural state of being.

Energies...memories of... 'the way we were'....


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Julie is a Reiki Master who traveled here from Puerto Rico to share this journey with us. From Julie,

Gregory arranged the space at the American Conference Center. He contributed the 10-foot copper pyramid and many of the large crystals for the class. He showed me how easy it is to build a copper pyramid, the supplies available at a Home Depot, 8 copper pipes of equal length and copper elbow joints. This is well worth doing and easy to assemble and take apart. Gregory owns the large Atlantean Crystal. It is two crystals fused together then carved, never saw anything like it before.