Tips For Women ... Reality Check 2009

July 10, 2009

This is not a metaphysical blog about being a priestess or some other topics like that. That doesn't get you very far in today's world as the demand for priestesses is minimal in a recession. You could post it online but don't expect a serious reply.

Ladies ... this is more down to Earth... where you still dwell in the realm of physical drama. Here we go ...

Try to not let anyone dictate your life and decisions. Many women buckle under family pressures, not to have to deal with

Money 1: Try a website called eHow. Besides learning how to do things the practical way, you can help others with tips from your daily life and make money at the same time as part of their affiliate program.

Money 2: Hate your job - most women do as they find it hard having a fixed schedule, working in the wrong environment, among other things that souls at this time in human evolution, can't deal with. You probably have to earn a living and in the recession perhaps you should be glad you have a job. You could try several part time jobs ... if you can afford to but where's the medical insurance in a reality focused on healing?

Men 1: Would you believe .... Burned out women are still in the head space that a man is coming along to take care of them. Hello ..... Men are just as tired as women, often more so, and many don't want to be tied down especially if they've already walked down the aisle ... divorced ... and have financial obligations. If you are looking for a man to take care of you for the rest of your life, think again ... it may come with a price tag that is more than your soul can afford, which is why it's not happening. It's 2009 and the name of the game is Freedom. If you meet a man who wants you to take care of him in exchange for whatever ... it won't work. You will grow to resent him. Don't go there.

Men 2: If you are emailing with someone you met online and making a plan to hook up and live happily ever after without ever having met him ... get a grip. It won't work.

Men 3: Believing that someone has a soul connection to you is not enough to make a long standing relationship.

Men 4: If you live with a man who is not on a spiritual journey with you ... that is the norm. One partner's frequency accelerates while the other lags behind as the two souls are programmed.

Men 5: Remember our motto: Either it works, or it doesn't.

Gay: You have the same relationship issues as straight women.

Empty Nest Syndrome: If your last - or only child is off to college next month - don't do the empty nest syndrome thing. You are not living in your mother's generation. Make plans.

College: Take a class. Teach something.

Going abroad: Many students and teachers are leaving for jobs in foreign countries next month. Have a great year. Part of me would love the opportunity.

Blogging: Go for it. There are blog communities out there for women such as Blogher or any old blog will do.

Projects: Many women feel a new project on the horizon as we come to the Virgo Window.

Community: There is a strong sense of people wanting to live in a place where they can contribute and have a strong sense of community - a place to finally find themselves after of lifetime of feeling disconnected. This is never in a large city ... but the countryside with grass and trees and a small house near a stream where all is serene. If you find it, let me know, so I can pass it along.

Menopause: It doesn't have to be the drama event of your lifetime, and don't do hormonal therapy unless you really need it. The average woman is moving through menopause without all the melodrama. This time of their lives shows women who they are emotionally. Women are having their periods much later in life than the old days ... well into their 50's. If you finish in your early 40's find out why ...

Eyelashes: The new eyeliner applications for longer eyelashes really work.

Hair: Long and sensual is in. Lots you can do to get your hair looking great. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Cosmetic surgery: Go for it if it will make you feel better. Look good at any age. Boobs are big! Wouldn't it be great if a man could make his penis as big as he wants it ... or fantasizes it already is. (giggle)

Want to heal and help: Go do it. I guess that means you want to be a Life Coach. Business Coach? Never be a cliche.

Stress and anxiety: Increasing at every age.

Laughter: Lightening up and have fun. It really is the best way to heal.

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