War in Iraq, Third Temple, Metatron

March 21, 2003

Spring 2003 started off with a BANG that was heard around the world, as war broke out in Iraq. There were endless peace marches throughout the world, protesting a war that would result in many deaths.

Much of the Middle East is in chaos, Israel and Palestine, the US and Afghanistan, among other countries. The fate of the world, and the reasons for, the war are many, from ancient energies to economics to the leadership of two men who are unfit to run a country, Bush and Saddam.

In esoteric terms, this war is about coming full circle, at the end of this Cycle called Time.

As this scene plays out, we return to the place where the Tigris [Triggers] and Euphrates [You afraid] Rivers [collective unconscious] meet [reunion of your twin soul aspects], the Cradle of Civilization [birth], the cradle will now fall [rebirth], The Third Temple [Third Eye Chakra, temple=forehead, that allows you to see beyond the illusion and into truth] will be rebuilt.

The war with Iraq is rippling through the grids with such impact it is affecting everyone on the planet whether they are consciously aware of it or not. This is global confrontation on many levels, affecting our decisions, thinking processes, and causing many people to re-evaluate their lives.

Saddam is not dead or hurt. He is the Trickster laughing at us. We have the Trickster in dual roles in this game, Saddam and Bush.

Saddam has had 12 years to prepare for this war. We are playing on his 'court'. He has 'game advantage'. He will come up with schemes to make it appear that we are victorious, when all the while he gloats and lures us closer to something. In the end he will be defeated, captured in a hole, and killed before eyes of the world. For now I 'see' him in Iraq, in something that looks like a bunker, or 'safe house'. Few know where he is or who he is, but they will capture him in 2004. We are not 'taking him out' that easily.

I have always felt he had a hand in the planning the attack on the World Trade Center, as they are all part of the same program, played out over time, over and over again.

Those who create the program are watching from 'above', as if waiting to see how humanity will react at this time. It is a test, of this you can be certain. We all react according to our programming, but we have had years to awakening our spiritual aspects and hopefully see past the game. That is the true test. This war is more than a chapter in Earth's history. It is a turning point that shifts consciousness from one program to another.

War is inevitable on the time grid. These energies link to all other major wars, the old players reprising their roles. There / their remains, the same old themes, power and control, old world orders vs. new, Rebirth of the Third Temple Mount, the energies of the Middle East playing out and shifting across the planetary game board. The First and Second Temples in Jerusalem

Is there a third Temple Mount? That grid shifted long ago and is now in the NY area, which links to the energies of the Middle East to 9/11. Many of the quatrains of Nostradamus , the ancient prophecies of the Hebrew bloodline, were encoded and reflect this information, which is the reason they still call to us. Nostradamus speaks of NYC. His legacy is part of the Grand Design, Master Plan.

When the programs of physical reality and linear time began, 12 ethereal pyramids of energy created 12 programs that sprang up in 12 major grid points on a place called planet Earth. All of these ancient civilizations took 'root' on the 'Tree of Life' at the same time, if one is to measure reality in linear time, cycles, or loops. Some stories, civilizations, became a more powerful force in the akashic record of planetary history, the players who came and set the stone markers that remind us of our duality, the passage of time, our creation by blueprint or geometric design. That which we seek is above, not below. Never look for your answers in 3D, you will not find them and just create more chaos.

There are keys to find, quests to be had, healing to do, dramas to intact, soul experiences to be have and glean from, but don't forget it is all in the game, program, box. As with Jack in the Box, there will be a surprise ending that no one will foresee, not even the prophets of yesterday, today, or those who loop back here in time from the future. The game is about the Trickster , Jack in the box, the element of surprise.

Temple Mount, Knights Templar, all of that energy is stirring now, Temples and Priesthoods, mystery school teachings, hidden truths about creation and the soul being free, the secret societies and the players from all games reunited in 2003.

Humanity arose in the desert, the sands of time,
the hourglass, the pyramids

The Patterns of Things Above
Links with the New Temple in Jerusalem

Metatron, Metaphor, Metaphysics

Metatron's Cube - The Box
Geometry of Creation and the New Temple of the mind,
consciousness, forehead, the third eye chakra all connect.

Here sits one of my favorite characters in the game, Metatron, with his tablets [book] and his zigzag lightening bolt! Metatron was a messenger, as was Hermes, who is Thoth and Z. People who study Metatron are into light codes and geometry that allow consciousness to move in and out of 3D. Metatron was also Enoch which takes us to the Keys of Enoch, symbols of light encoded in time.

Metatron's Cube! View this as a hologram.
Never view anything as a flat 2D image!

Struggling to get out of the box!
The geometry creates the illusion. It is the box / cube.

It spirals and is in constant motion.

Sacred Geometry

The Crown Diamond And the Cube

In the world of Jewish mystics, came to hold the rank of the highest of the angels despite his not being mentioned in the Scriptures. The meaning of his name has never been satisfactorily explained although one interpretation of it is 'one who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne.' It could also be derived from the Latin 'metator', a guide or measurer.

Thoth aka Z is the Measurer, the architect of this program, and a bird headed being.

In a number of traditional sources, Metatron is said to have been the prophet Enoch, who was taken up to Heaven and transformed into an angel of fire, with thirty-six pairs of wings, to continue his days as a celestial scribe.

Metatron has also been identified as the Liberating Angel and the one who wrestled with Jacob; the one who stayed Abraham's hand from sacrificing his son Isaac; and the one who led the Hebrews through the forty years in the wilderness. In certain schools of mysticism, Metatron, said to be the tallest of all the heavenly beings (13 to 18 feet), became known as Lesser YHWH. In Hebrew, the letters 'YHWH' stand for the most sacred and unpronounceable name of God. [I am that I am]

As God has many names, so, too, Metatron was thought to have many names, the use of which was believed to offer the user protection and access to this great angel's powers. Yahoel, Yofiel, Surya, and Lad are just a few of his other names.

Sitting beside God, Metatron, the throne angel with 72 names, Israel's good and bad deeds.

This takes us to the 72 keys which is 12X6, geometry.

Metatron is charged with the sustenance of mankind. He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. The angel who wrestled with Jacob. (Genesis 32); as the watchman (Isaiah 20). The Watchers

Metatron, according to the Qabbalah, is the angel said to have lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin brother is Sandalphon. After arriving in heaven he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings as well as innumerable eyes. He resides in the 7th heaven and when evoked appears as a pillar of fire said to be more dazzling than the sun. He has also been credited with the authorship of Psalms 37:25. He is the supreme angel of death to whom God gives daily orders as to the souls to be taken. He then delegates these orders to his subordinates, Gabriel and Samuel. Metatron is considered by some to be mightier than Michael or Gabriel. Metatron is the teacher of prematurely deceased children who are in Paradise. This links to the spirit of Marcus, See Below

The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number 72

The Joash Inscription

In January 2003, an artifact, dubbed the Jehoash Inscription was rumored to have surfaced in a construction site or Muslim cemetery near the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. The inscription describes repairs made to the temple in Jerusalem by Jehoash, son of King Ahaziah of Judah, and corresponds to the account in 2 Kings chapter 12. While some scholars support the antiquity of the patina, which in turn, strengthens the contention that the inscription is authentic, the Israel Antiquities Authority has reported that the inscription is a modern-day forgery. Read more