Valentine's Day 2008

Matthew ~ Candy Kisses ~ Fairy Tales ~ Sand Castles

Hi! I'm Ellie's Grandson, Matthew, 4, here at Disney World, the Magic Kingdom.
Last month I created a story about Grandma.

I like Valentine's Day. Guess I'm a Romantic at Heart ... Are you?

This is my girlfriend, Maisy. She's a model who does commercials for Gap Children.
We go to school together ... It's how we met.

Either your relationship works, or it doesn't.
It has to be fun and make you feel like a kid!

Love should be sweet.

Candy Kiss Effect

In our Multidimensional Projections/Projects

We Experience Love and Seek Soul Reunion.

Valentine's Day pushes buttons. It goes to issues of how one sees them self in a relationship, with fear of failure and intimacy often a key factor leading to sabotage. Most people, struggling to heal issues and find out who they are and now becoming, can no longer commit to relationships. If you can afford to be free and live on your own, partnerships should be about love, fun and sharing, not co-dependency and control. To live alone, to be comfortable in one's own energies without fear and guilt based on others' needs and expectations, can work if your soul brings the synchronicities that show you the path taken is correct. Of course much of this goes to money. You may think you are playing 'outside the box', but if issues rule your life and sabotage is the end result, you are mistaken, and you will crash to re-evaluate your mistakes once again.

It is getting more and more difficult to turn away from your soul's purpose as we reach the end of the program. Nothing will work until you update your grid programming.

On the matter of love ... it's a frequency. It's energies are often about illusion and disillusion.

Sometimes we build sandcastles in the sky about finding The One - a Vision Quest the heart embraces to reunite body, mind and soul. In the flow of the collective unconsciousness, this frequency is as difficult to find as it is to maintain the electromagnetic bridge that unites the grids, often collapsing in the sands of time.

Matthew's brother, Noah, 2, Plays in the Sand at Disney World

Sandcastles and Metaphors in Time

Why sandcastles are so easy to build New Scientist - February 11, 2008

Every child knows that you don't have to follow an exact recipe to build a sandcastle. All you need is sand plus a splash of water - and now physicists understand why. Mario Scheel at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Gšttingen, Germany, and colleagues studied how a liquid squeezes between grains. Using a series of X-ray images to build up a three-dimensional picture of the sand pile, they found that with the driest sand-and-water recipe, the grains were linked by 'liquid bridge's' shaped like a double-ended trumpet. When enough of these bridges form, the mixture is able to hold its shape. From then on adding more liquid doesn't make much difference, unless so much is added that the mixture becomes saturated.

"The liquid goes into the crevices and fuses the bridges together. As long as the bridges retain something of their original shape their mechanical properties remain the same," explains Martin Brinkmann, one of Scheel's collaborators. The result could be applied to many different liquids and granular materials, and help us understand other mixing processes. It might even help to determine the 'critical point' at which mud and water become a landslide.

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, a local male friend called to me from the street, 6 stories below. No, he didn't use his cellphone ... he beckoned me to come down from my 'ivory tower by the bridge' to join him in the park for a concert.

As I stood on my terrace, looking out at the flurry of excitement in the park, he shouted, "Yo ... Ellie! How ya' doing? Ya need to get out more! Come down from your ivory tower and listen to the concert in the park."

Sometimes people think I never leave my apartment as I live and work here and every day sets the stage for another adventure, the time passing as quickly as reality. And so I agreed to join him.

No climbing down long tresses for this psychic ... besides I never wanted to be a princess/priestess - waiting for my Prince Charming to rescue me. Those ladies always have issues and god forbid they should have sex! Oy vey! No .. I don't want to be a Jewish Princess either.

I didn't take the stairs (too lazy) ... but chose the elevator as off I went to explore 50's Rock and Roll! Met some famous oldies groups ... and had lots of fun.

When I started doing readings I was the same age, or younger, than most clients. Now I am older ... turning 65 on Sunday ... and perhaps wiser ... as many clients are guided here to talk about their journey through this fairy tale and if we all live happily ever after when it's over! (wink)

    Young at Heart Music File

Sometimes I feel like the TV character Eli Stone - whose destiny is guided by music. Is Eli Stone a take on Ellie Crystal? I keep hearing a song in my head that relates to the situation I'm experiencing in the moment. When I was with friends the other day, twice I burst out in song for a few seconds.

Reality is a consciousness computer. Computer code is like a song in your head - at some point it has to come out. Listen for your songs when you are out and about, as a reflection of your emotional code. You could learn a lot about yourself.

Reality programs are myth, math, and metaphor, so why not look to The Science of Fairy Tales for clues and moral allegories, as I make analogies about just about everything else. It's all about magic.

From Live Science - February 11, 2008