Time Loops

Philadelphia Experiment, 60 Years Later

July 4, 2003

What do we really know about Time and Time Looping? Some people are aware of the loops intuitively, while most are not able to see the loops in time nor sensitive enough to the changes in the inserts in our simulation.

It almost seems like yesterday that my family and I used to take summer vacations at Montauk, NY enjoying the beach and the energies. My, how time flies.... There was my little daughter, Nikki, the youngest of my 3 daughters playing in the sands of time. The water was clear in those days. The girls would run into the ocean, then back out again as a wave came up to the shore. We built castles in the sand and talked of magical things.

There were no thoughts of time travel and experiments by governments, as we stood on the tip of the Long Island sound and watched the movements of nature telling their stories to the children. Nikki liked to look east, her soul always connecting to something in Rhode Island. Later she would discover it was her husband, Ryan. The ocean called to her.

On July 4, 1989, I made a special friend in Rhode Island named, Deja, who was part of my journey and the experiments in time. We met through the A.R.E., Edgar Cayce studies. Meeting Deja

Years later...I met a man named Bill Knell a UFO researcher in Queens, NY with connections to the growing UFO community in Long Island, particularly Patchogue, where I would make another soul connection with Stewart Swerdlow. How odd it is that my mother's brother, David, and his family had left Brooklyn in the 1950's and settled in that Patchogue ... synchronicity?

Bill had a TV show, on which I appeared with Zecharia Sitchen for the first time. This was all part of my journey that led me to Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols who are linked to the Philadelphia Experiment. Bill is the researcher who sent me the original tape of Duncan and Preston, also from Patchogue, and Al Bielek, discussing the events of a time travel experiment created during WW II. Bill wanted my assessment as to the validity of the tape.

As my work here is about TIME, I was drawn to the men and the tape, later having them as guests on my TV talk show, "The Metaphysical Experience". I believed the information had some degree of credibility and would be taken seriously by many people. Something in my soul had attracted this information, about time and loops. A year later I would find out about sacred geometry and the nature of the illusion of reality.

The Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments , were about a loop in time from 1943 to 1983 back to 1943, or forward 40 years to 2013, or the end of 2012, Mayan calendar prophecy.

Fact or fiction, the story opened a door in our thinking about the possibility of moving through time and the Nazi Germany biogenetic and time travel experiments, truth or fiction. Books were written, films produced, and lots of discussion about the validity of the research. As long as events create conscious awareness, they have served the purpose for which they were created.

The true loops in time are the Spirals of Fibonacci - the slinky toy.

I have concluded that the experiment in time travel is a metaphor for our reality, which is an experiment in linear time and emotion. The Nazi link has to do with a grid program in which many of us are experiencing at this time. That grid is linked to ours. The Nazi grid program was also about bio-genetic manipulations of the human race, which is another metaphor for humanity created as a consciousness experiment in time and emotion.

Philadelphia Experiment - TimeTravel


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