The Need To Heal ...

July 2009

The need to heal and help others is spreading like a global pandemic as the program reaches its end and souls want to be free in/of the physical. You can't understand that reality is all going to blip out of existence, unless you can let go of who you are here.

As all is harmonic frequency, perhaps this is linked to a higher harmonic reached when enough people are good-to-go, or so they believe. Somehow I doubt that is true. When it's time to evolve ... everything fades to black.

Healers (or whatever title they go by) offer to help you by using all kinds of tools, from those that are tangible to those that are not - the latter including a shift in your: grid matrix, archetypes, past life connections, DNA, whatever. If you believe it, it will work as you will shift your own consciousness grid. Remember, only you can change your experience, so don't go overboard with the healer and helper stuff.

Everyone tells me about consciousness and how it is evolving. The people who tell me we are going to a higher (lala land) Earth ... still need healing. The rest know we move back to light as this experiment ends. (How many times have I blogged that? Not so much in 2009. Good summer refresher!)

Here's the thing. Many people don't want ... or can't ... work anymore. Enter the mini breakdown - find a caretaker or any way out - you know the drill. All these souls want is to help and heal with energy work of one kind or another. Did you go through that phase? If you're still in the "I'm going to heal the planet" mode, get over it. Have you been keeping up with the earthquakes lately?

Through the years ... we went from spiritual counselors, to healers, to light workers, to Reiki Masters, to Life Coaches. What's a Life Coach? A glorified title for people who want to play shrink, feel a gift of healing, most not taking traditional courses in college, wanting to heal and help others to heal and help themselves.

Never forget that most healers are wounded souls, who may not even recognize they have issues. They do healing and energy work and eventually take in too much negativity and get sick or die. I have been saying that since I got into metaphysics 25 years ago and saw how people tend to exchange energies freely, then wash their hands and feel all is well. You can't 'wash your hands' of it that easily.

Healers tell me they channel the energy through them to the person with the affliction. How lame is that? When you exchange energies with anyone that energy moves both ways.

No one should heal unless they are healthy body, mind and soul ... and even then, they should do it discerningly.

Not along ago I had this conversation with someone who has been doing massage therapy and healing for years. I told her to cut back. She said she was fine. Last week she was diagnosed with cancer.

Trust me ... I know what I am talking about. When people are ready, they heal issues from their past and move on, no matter what any healer says or does. A healer supplies a temporary fix. The answer is to find the part of you that can heal and most of all recognize what is wrong. One session with a psychologist should tell you that ... or you have spoken to the wrong person. If there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, prescription drugs are needed - their dosage to be determined - not a camouflage of metaphysical pharmaceuticals.

Tomorrow is another day, she wrote .... and once again souls will burn out and drop out in their cry for help ... many being corporate types who lost their jobs as the consciousness frequency that once supported and sustained the corporate environment crashes along with everything else.

If you can't work, say so, and get help. If you can only work part time, understand why. If you are seeking a caretaker, or means of income without working, you may not find it.

If your partner is burned out and expects you to pick up the slack while they play metaphysics, start another unfinished book, and do arts and crafts, consider what this is doing to you internally.

End time challenges come hard and fast. Try to avoid the pitfalls. If you can take care of yourself and live alone, do so, having a partner for fun and sex. For those in functional relationships - and many are - enjoy the time.

As your frequency rises, so too does your need to have a lover on your level. Random sex can work for some, but the need to have a lover who connects and functions on all levels, is what souls seek now... which takes us to another concept coming out of the metaphysical code books .. the Life Partner. To be continued ... in the next lifetime ... after we return to consciousness and play elsewhere.