Everything's Super in New York

Most men have great stories to share about their favorite sports events from the past ... especially if they were at the game they are discussing. Actually I know many woman who also have great stories - including myself. I love most sports, with the exception of those I consider too boring or too violent.

Sunday - Super Bowl LXII - February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Wikipedia

What an exciting Giant win over the undefeated Patriots - especially here in Brooklyn. The streets were filled with revelers after the game ended. As I live across the street from 101 - a restaurant and sports bar - the excitement was exhilarating.

For two weeks, prior to Super Bowl, I posted about the Giants winning, with few of my friends, relatives, and neighbors agreeing. My faith was in quarterback Eli Manning, the MVP of the game, as his name goes to Sarah Manning and the Manning Dynasty which is the bloodline in my book Sarah and Alexander. In the last seconds of my story, as the clock ticks down, Sarah's race against time ends with her being triumphant over her opponent.

So far this week, friends and family have called to congratulate me. Relatives, and their coworkers, call with questions about other metaphysical subjects that have synchronistically surfaced in their lives in recent months ... awakening and questing. There is always that moment when something within your soul experience moves into physical consciousness - signaling change. Each time an epiphany happens, you let go of the old and realize something more about your soul purpose, until it is all that matters.

During the game, all of my inner circle of friends experienced grid shifts during the fourth quarter. Some saw them while others felt them. So who was really quarter backing the game? Was it as much a battle of physical skill, as it was that of focus and consciousness? Did you experience anything?

Reality is a virtual consciousness game. In the End Zone of our Zany little reality game, head coach Z promises the same climatic finish - one your soul came here to experience that goes down to the wire in the last 10 seconds. (wink)


In the morning, my friend Mike and I ran our errands together, the energetic high from the Giant Super Bowl win the night before felt everywhere. Mike has been a NY Giant fan since he was a kid and told me he cried when they won on Sunday.

Along the way, Mike stopped at Modell's to buy souvenirs of the 'game we will never forget'. He insisted on buying me a Giant's banner and tee shirt as well, though I am not a collector. Tuesday we returned for the baseball cap. We joked about how little time is left in the program and how the items should not seem important, but still there is a sentimentality attached to old patterns, especially those that are fun. Driving home, Mike placed a small flag through the sun roof of his SUV. Cars drove by and acknowledge their recognition and connection! ;)

In the afternoon I read Deborah, a flight attendant, who was here from Gilbert, Arizona, for a metaphysical event. In the endless synchronicities of life, Deborah's husband, Michael, was on the playing field at the Super Bowl on Sunday, working 'the chains' - the measurements for 'the downs'. He is part of a crew called 'the chain gang'.

Super Tuesday 2008

Tuesday, energies ran high here in the city as the Giants were feted with a ticket tape parade attended by throngs of jubilant fans. After the parade, the players were whisked away to Giant Stadium in NJ where they were met by a crowd of more than 20,000 fans who roared when the team walked onto the field. They saved their loudest cheers for Coach Tom Coughlin when he emerged from the tunnel holding aloft the Super Bowl trophy.

Super Tuesday 2008 further brought a continuous stream of high energy to the city, where Hillary was the winner. McCain moved out ahead in the Republican race. You know the deal with the Democrats - this is another cliff hangar till the primaries end. My bet is on Hillary. In the end, there can be only One ... a woman.