Suicide - Getting Help

June 24, 2009

Many teenagers drink and do drugs of one kind or another. It's the cool think to do, they believe. They start at various times in their teens, usually joined by peers of like mind, and keep going into their twenties - when it's grow-up time they often self-destruct.

Most have mental illnesses that are undiagnosed and therefore untreated. The proper diagnosis is the key ... as even the person who self medicates needs to know who they are based on genetic profile, and that they have a personality disorder.

Many of these people go to rehab, believing they are cured, but then what happens when the mental illness goes untreated - they relapse - no question about it. Before they do, they may try to work, but in the end, will have problems with authority figures, and one way or another sabotage the job, no matter who gave it to them. They are part of the group of souls who can only work if someone gives them a job rather than seeking one out themselves - they simply don't have the skills.

In a nutshell, we are talking about the mentally ill who try to survive in the world and when they can't, they commit suicide. Sadly, this is the pattern of grief my clients have had to face in the past year. Most tell me that their children had tried suicide before, but failed ... only to try again and succeed.

Metaphysically speaking ... are these souls better off in the physical or in spirit? Most prefer the other side. Is the old tale about suicide victims having to come back with the same learning lessons true? No ... and I don't know who made that up. It must go with the theory that we all have contracts to come into the lives we wind up ....etc. Also ridiculous. It's all random.

Looking at reality as a virtual hologram - souls come here preprogrammed for the experiences they have. Can one change DNA programming? Healers would say yes, others might disagree.

Now let's get back to substance abusers. ALL need professional help ... perhaps along with something holistic ... (I threw that in because most of you are metaphysical.) ALL need to be properly evaluated to know what is wrong. The right Psychiatrist is most important as are the right medications.

Look at it this way ... if someone you know had a serious heart condition ... you would find out what's wrong and treat it with the proper medication. Perhaps this would be for the remainder of the person's life or perhaps for a period of time, reducing medication ... the point being ... when we speak of medical problems we get help and move on. So why not do the same thing with mental illness?

I can't tell you how many wounded souls I have met in metaphysics who do all sorts of weird things to heal, when they haven't a clue what is wrong. Of course this psychic points it out ... some listen and others disagree coming back years later after some great epiphany to tell me I was right all along.

Recently I read a male client in his fifties who has been a drinker all of his life and once again has quit... maybe. We talked about his depression ... and as he left ... he turned and sadly said, "You have no idea how dark it gets."

As the grids collapse, and people feels more and more helpless, suicide will come to mind for many.

Here's the downside ... if one doesn't get professional help ... they will have a tortured life filled with anxiety, fear, pain, and eventually self-destruct.

Here's the upside ... the program is almost over!