Ellie and the Stigmata Priest

Ellie Goes To Church

our journey into awareness, guides us down many paths. Sometimes we stop and smell the roses, while other times we find ourselves too busy to pay attention. To grow and experience, many of us remain fixed in familiar patterns often stemming from childhood until one day we realize they no longer work in our changing world. The need to find our way back home, the source of our creation which seems part of our genetic encoding, takes many detours all of which are about growth and experience.

Part of the journey takes us to religions, some of which have survived, while others fell away through the millennia along with the (false) gods who created them as a means of control. The worship of ancient mythological gods or creational forces, has been part of our spiritual journey throughout time. Yet all the while we held the answers to our spirituality and destiny. My teacher, Z(oroaster) has always taught me that though reality seems complex, it is all simple, and in the end we will understand.

March 10, 2002 Brooklyn, New York

In a drizzling rain I stood on line outside a church to attend a special mass given by Zlatko Sudac, the Croatian healer known as the 'Stigmata Priest'. WABC news was there to cover the event. I arrived at 4 pm for the 7 pm service and got a seat on the left side of the main church, in the 12th row, on the aisle. I had attended weddings and funerals in church in the past, but never a mass, as I am Jewish, so this was a new experience. The church was filled with thousands of people, most needing to be healed spiritually, emotionally and/or physical. They were there to see the priest and hopefully have an epiphany, but one does not need a priest to do that. When the soul is ready, it happens naturally.

One of the Crystalinks readers, Stephanie, came to the event from North Carolina, and to see the sights of New York with her 8 year old son. Another friend from Brooklyn, Pat, who was born Catholic, but sees the world through metaphysical eyes, came late, and though I had saved her a seat, the ushers refused to allow her join me in the main church, so she went to the lower church, downstairs.

Now let's get serious. Do you want me to give you my true reaction or candy coat it with spiritual stuff for the church goers out there who will get pissed if I say the wrong thing? Okay ... I guess I can't be anything but honest so what follows is what I experienced and felt ...

The energies ran very high amid the fan fare and press. Most waited a long time in drizzling rain for this opportunity, and for the most part were caught up in the energies.

I met a woman while waiting on the very long line to use the only bathroom available in this massive church. She told me she had attended a service in Staten Island given by Fr. Zlatko Sudac, a short time ago. She believed. I could feel pain in so many areas of her life but I didn't tell her that I was a psychic reader. She cried as she stood there, telling me that her sister is dying of cancer and how the family felt that after the service with Sudac she would survive. Unfortunately nothing changed. If your soul wants to heal, it will, priests or no priest, the power is yours. It always go to emotional issues healed first, then the physical ones that manifest from the emotional.

I looked at the people through the eyes of the psychic and wondered, How could all of these souls act so spiritual at this moment, while most were the opposite when they leave church? I really couldn't get past much of the hypocrisy I felt as I looked at the people. I know reality is about awareness and healing, but how do you go from your daily activities to suddenly becoming one with god? Did I miss something?

At &:00 PM, Sudac was introduced in what seemed to be a nice opening service, as I have nothing to compare this with from my past. Having met, and worked with Georgio Bongiavani in 1996, touched his wounded hands, and felt a power in his energy, this was totally a different energy.

Sudac looks a lot like the images of Jesus you see in art work. He wears his hair and styles his beard in the same fashion. He is slim. I would say he has 'issues'. He seemed humble until he started to talk or should I say shout with much anger about everything. I knew he spoke English, but he used an interpreter initially.

Okay guys ... I've never been to a church sermon and sat there amazed, the confused observer, believing that priests come from a place of compassion, but this guy had major issues.

Sudac was really angry and shouted on and on about repenting and our wicked souls and gays and procreation not to mention fornication, abortion, the situation in Europe, on and on.

Were these people going to change after this lecture? Maybe due to the fact that some of the people considered Sudac so special they would try. But what about karma? Can this experience change who we are and what came here to experience? He said there is money for all. Did someone forget to tell him about the recession? Would it at least help some people let go of issues? I began to send white light to everyone.

Sudac kept talking about Love and the God within, so where was his compassion? Was this the way he was supposed to speak to people to wake them up!? They are better off with metaphysics which allows for time and experience and compassion. No one should yell at you and tell you what is right for your soul experience.

Where was the connection of energy I had experienced with Georgio Bongiavani?

Why weren't Sudac's hands wrapped in bandages? Why did I not see him as special?

I smelled the all-too-familiar smell of the spirits who died on 9/1, smoldering fire. I saw the souls of many lost that day, just 6 months ago, who had come there to be with family and friends, or to just observe. I felt a connection with that. I saw other souls who came to observe, linked to those in the church who remain in the physical.

Sudac spoke of Jesus as the only true god! Was he for real? No wonder I walked away from traditional religion.

I closed my eyes and saw the Lion and the Lamb! Revelation! Yeah! I was right! Here was something I could connect with, something that made sense with my belief system. Then I saw a huge Z ... and I knew I was on target.

When Sudac said psyched for the people at the end of the service, instead of calling on specific people, he was way to general. He asked, "Who here suffers from depression?" That probably covered most of the people there. he moved on to breast cancer, those dealing with family matters, with sisters who needed to make peace, etc. but tapping into many people who acme to believe?

At last I could take no more. I asked Z to find me a way out. A child across the aisle from me started to cry loudly at that moment. The father of the child got up to take the child out of the church. When he did, I got up as did another man and woman. We all walked from the front to the rear of the church, quickly and quietly. The child stopped crying. I thanked Z!

When I left the church I talked to the woman who had gone outside. She seemed angry and said, "Everyone he prayed for supposedly individually, was a generality. This was ridiculous." Now you must remember my neighborhood is into psychics and spiritual connections, some people with a metaphysical background. This lady knows you need to name names, at least a first name would work. In this area, one could say. Joe, Anna, or Mary and cover a lot of people.

As we stood there in the rain, I told her that it was more about bringing healing energy to the souls and allowing them to believe so they would deal on the soul and emotional levels.

She nervously took out a cigarette and began to smoke, in more ways than one. We wanted to talk a while longer but someone from the church told us we would have to leave and get off the steps. Fine by me!

As I drove home, I considered the similarities of metaphysical teaching with religion.

Do I preach on Crystalinks? i prefer to write my views and allow people to explore. In the past I have read many metaphysical websites that preach a lot. Hey! It is, what it is, or whatever you want or need it to be.

Pat called me when I got home. She had thought to sneak out of the church but couldn't. She said she felt she was there to look at the church again and realize that traditional religious doctrine no longer works in the energies we are moving into. She had a close look at a picture of Jesus on the church wall, then closed her eyes. She also saw revelation symbols that were followed by a giant Z. 'Z' the last letter - closure - endings.

When all is said and done, this Cycle of Existence we call Time, this 3D electromagnetic energy experience in emotion, has a beginning and an end. Our souls are spiraling back to that completion, zero point. I really do not believe it is any more complicated than that. We have our endless metaphors and synchronicities and stories to wake us up and other assorted busy work to get us there, but the experience is about to end.

Your soul moves from its 3D religious belief systems to its own enlightenment and understanding.

For anyone acquainted with religious phenomenology, it is an open secret that although physical and spiritual passion are deadly enemies, they are never-the-less brothers in arms, for which reason it often needs the merest touch to convert one into the other. Both are real, and together they form a pair of opposites, which is one of the most fruitful sources of energy.

- Carl Jung

Email About the Priest

Dear Ellie,

Your column made me laugh. I went to temple last week for the first time in years for a bat mitzvah service. Usually just being in the presence of a church or temple would bring tears to my eyes. But the Rabbi was  a gross imitation of spiritual. His sermon included instruction on how to pray. My kids looked at me like we were on Mars. How could people not know that to pray you just need to talk to God, or your angels? The experience left me void of any connection to Judaism. My religion now? Gastronomical Jew.

Shalom and Matzo Balls


Attaway to go Ellie!

Your honesty is what your readers depend on.

This leaves one to accept or reject or incorporate - whatever one desires upon reading your articles.

Upon leaving the Catholic faith in the 70s - Wow, what a problem I faced!

And, yes, that part of our world served its time and now it is over.

To each his own.

Thank you, Ellie, for doing what you're doing.


Hello Ellie,

In the religious world, God is deemed holy no matter what he does. The believer will ignore any actions God does as long as the believer gets to heaven and believing in God makes himself feel good.

In most new age teachings, suffering on earth as a 3D human is deemed part of a perfect plan.

The more comfortable a believer wants to be, the more rationalizing can be employed, all without a need to consider the implications of the rationalization itself. We are told, don't worry about the implications, there won't be any, or if there are, they will all be perfect.

The common new age belief and the religious belief are the same in this regard.

Whatever suffering occurs must be perfect by definition, just like God is holy and his plans perfect by definition.

In this system, all a believer has to do is concoct a rationalization to fit the amount of suffering he encounters to make it all seem perfect in his mind.

If a believer wants to justify suffering, all they have to do is come up with a rationalization to explain why the suffering is appropriate. Any rationalization will do the trick.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk had a most excellent observation about these systems: As Laura wrote:

"In such teachings, nothing is allowed to challenge the system. The reason is: it is a fragile world that has to be protected at any cost. It is a theological domino that, if it is allowed to fall, all the rest of the lies and illusions begin to fall soon after. In such a system, all of life has to fit into place."

By the way, I'm not at all surprised the Stigmata Priest had fashioned himself to look like Jesus. After all, it helps sell the product.


Hi Ellie,

I am so pleased that you gave us an honest account of your experience with the Priest.

My own feelings of the situation would be the same I am sure. I find any organized religion almost opposes the reality of the true source!!! I have a hard time still trying to understand why people fall for it all time and again though I do realize that we are all at different levels of understanding.

Thank you Ellie for your honesty,