Stargate SG1- Season 7, Messages and Metaphors

Stargate - SG - Sacred Geometry

I was happy to see the return of Dr. Daniel Jackson, actor Michael Shanks. Behind much of the action, special effects, and humor on the show we find many hidden messages and metaphors linked to the myths of our creation and reality. This shows strongly emphasizes ancient Egyptian symbolism which is my favorite area.

The season premiere was called 'Fallen'. The episode featured ancient ruins in which Daniel awakens naked in the fetal position. He has lost his memory, a metaphor for humanity descending naked and alone in the physical, Paradise Lost, much like the newborn baby who must learn in stages until it grows up and can 'fly' with wings, back to its source of creation full cycle.

Lots of talk about a Lost City, which Daniel interprets as a "Camouflaged City". The city exists but humanity cannot 'see' it, or is not ready to see it. This is true of our time here in 3D, so much exists that our physical senses cannot as yet detect. Like the SG1 cast, we will soon see past the illusion and complete our mission and quest. It is a metaphor for the coming into awareness for the souls.

The SG1 team destroys the antagonist, Anubis', secret weapon as he escapes in a small spaceship to return again in another episode, or in reruns, as reality is reruns.

In ancient Egypt, Apophis was called the Destroyer. He appears as a great serpent or crocodile. SG1 is about these snaky looking things that jump into one's body and possess it. They are called symbiots. Once possessing the host's body they are generally called Gao'uld.

Apophis, Apep was the ancient spirit of evil and destruction who dwelled in eternal darkness. Every day he would attempt to devour the Sun Boat of Ra as it sailed the heavens. Set's original role was to battle Apep and keep him from destroying the boat. Occasionally, Apep would succeed, and the world would be plunged into darkness (a solar eclipse?). But Set and his companion Mehen would cut a hole in Apep's belly to allow the Sun Boat to escape. He commanded an army of demons that plagued mankind. Only by putting faith in the gods of light could people defeat the demons.

Every year, a ritual called the "Banishing of Apep" would be held by the priests of Ra. They would take an effigy of Apep and in the center of the temple they would pray that all the wickedness in Egypt would go into the effigy. Then they would trample the effigy, crush it, beat it with sticks, pour mud on it, and eventually burn and destroy it. In this way, the power of Apep would be curtailed for another year.

In this depiction of a myth, the Great Cat performs
an heroic deed by killing Apophis, the evil snake.

We also see the Tree of Life.

The snake symbolizes hostile forces that cause problems for the deceased during their journey to paradise. The cat takes us to Baste and Sekhmet, creational forces. Anubis and a solar eclipse, at the end of time, which once again brings clues to the time of our movement from the alchemy of this experience/experiment back to higher awareness, the return to consciousness.

When we watch our favorite films and TV shows, we vicariously experience in the moment. The program becomes our reality. When it is over, we move our consciousness into other realities, usually our 3D lives, or perhaps into dream state, yet another level of conscious awareness on our soul's journey. At each level it is most important to realize the metaphors and the patterns that link us. We learn to see the bigger picture of how it ALL comes together, when we journey from adventure to adventure...if only for the fun, the learning, the experience of the script.

You are the alien, the ET, the wanderer, the walk-in, the soul who has chosen, whatever you which to 'channel'. Just adjust your 'head gear' and tuned in for today's episode in your life....