How to simplify your life in 2012

Simplify your life in 2012 by making time for yourself, even amidst a busy schedule. You can use the time to relax, meditate, practice yoga, breathing techniques, read, just catch up on things you never got to finish in 2011, and anything else that makes you feel peaceful.

You know about nutrition, exercise, balancing everything from your budget to your personal and professional life - now just do it.

Keep everything succinct and let go of anything that upsets your emotional balance. Don't live in the fantasy that self-help gurus process will brings results. Know your issues and shortcomings and how you can keep yourself balanced in light of everything going on around you.

2012 will not be an easy year, so prepare for the worse, and find something that grounds you. People are burning out and seek high purpose. It will come.

Always keep everything as simple as you can ... and don't forget to laugh every day.

8 ways to simplify your life in 2012   CNN - January 2, 2011
Streamline your workouts, your morning makeup, even your resolution list. Here are eight New Year tips on how to look better and improve your health for 2012.

1. Focus your New Year's resolutions

2. Simplify your schedule

3. Make under your morning beauty routine

4. Streamline your go-to meals

5. Edit your news feed

6. Lighten your handbag

7. Weed out your closet