Transition Metal

The road to higher consciousness is paved with gold
the liquid alchemy of time, illusion and transition.

Golden Mean Spiral of Consciousness

Flower of Life

The spiritual dynamic at this time is about transition. As you look around at the consciousness of the planet, you will once again find people who are moving out of three dimensional thinking and into higher thought.

People are changing the way they look at life. They are the iguana shedding its skin.

In the past we would find small numbers of people 'dropping out' to find their spiritual quest. For those around them who did not understand, and you cannot understand unless you cross over and raise your frequency, one was considered to be going through some sort of phase or mid-life crisis that would soon pass.

But this is about returning to a state of freedom and manifestation, not trying out a new career or finding a new lover while in a bad marriage. It is understandable that all in life changes and there is little you can hold on to.

This transition is not easy. For some, with activated DNA, born to this, the transition is something they have long sought. For others, who wake up one day, as if in another reality, it can be quite a shock, like waking up on another planet.

Some people can walk both worlds, happily existing in their physical bodies while moving into higher consciousness.

If you are emotionally balanced it will be easy, especially if you are free to make your own decisions.

Others find the shifting back and forth, right/left brain, frequency changes, very disconcerting and have to drop out of their 3D life to figure out what is going on.

Those with emotional problems, who came in to play drama games, may have to experience something catastrophic in their lives to start this part of the journey. They will bring issues with them into the next level of the game and slow their journey. For those people caught up in their dramas, the answers will most likely come through dreams.

Each soul's path is unique.

There is no teacher who has all the answers as it is about the journey back into awareness that we have come to experience, in which those who have awakened now become the teachers to guide others.

The journey can seem lonely and the answers seemingly long term. This is about your emotional make-up, your perceptions, nothing more, for in truth it is already over.

Once crossing into the land of OZ, where nothing is black and white and all is in full color, you need only follow the yellow brick road through the alchemy of the game. Choices: You can make the journey simple, but keeping your life simple. When you 'see' an obstacle on your 'road' close your eyes, go into what is called hyperspace, the grids, program, spike on your timeline, and remove the obstacle on the mental level. If the emotional body is not involved, off you will go to find that which you seek, by taking the most direct path. Remember to look for obstacles when you close your eyes. Check you guidance system, erase, delete, remove, all road blocks. You are capable of closing your eyes and seeing the obstacles. They may appear as stones, bumps, whatever. Check them out all the time and proceed when the road is clear.

Keep it simple, onward and upward, and get help when needed for emotional issues.