Remote Controlled Realities

September 22, 2008

Reality, as a computer program, is, in a manner of speaking, remote controlled.

Current headlines keep us focused on the upcoming presidential election, the chaotic economy that is collapsing as predicted, and ongoing global recovery from earth changes - the US recently devastated by Hurricane Ike.

We are programmed to believe that the challenges created by the simulation, will reboot and fix itself. The simulation, at its creational source, is now creating End Time Simulations that cannot be fixedl. They are remotely controlled, so to speak, from outside the simulation as it evolves back to consciousness..

Move your consciousness forward a few channels to HDTV. Analog is gone in 2009. On the TV front, there's all sorts of new shows to keep you busy and experiencing vicariously. Use your remote control/remote viewing to tune in.

Everything is evolving exponentially -- from having to get up and manually turn the dials on old style TV's ---> to remote control ---> to touch control ---> to consciousness control. Technology will allow us to understand how consciousness works before the program ends.

The world, as you know, is crashing, human behavior a reflection of what is happening on all levels. Never have I turned away so many clients who I feel are emotionally unstable and expect me to help sort out their lives in one hour, then go on to tell them about a destiny that will take away a lifetime of pain and suffering. For this they need professional help and years of therapy, depending on how fast they heal. It is all very sad. Most expect the 'love and light' theory to solve their problems after years of abuse. Not so.

Awakening is about being drama free, letting go of the physical grid, after its dramas wear you out. If something doesn't work in your life, delete it, no matter how many synchronicities you create, that lead you to believe otherwise. The Secret is knowing which synchronicities to play out and which to move beyond. There is not doubt that the years ahead will be tumultuous on planet Earth, so find the best place you can to be at peace and stay there.

Relationships - As we look at the human equation yet again - never have I seen so many relationships ending. There are many clients who still want me to tell them when they will meet their lifetime partner, someone who does not have lots of issues, where their lives together will have limited dramas, as they want peace and harmony. Souls are struggling to be spiritually free. Relationships have dramas that lead to control issues. Souls are tired. They are especially tired of putting energy into relationships that drain them and create havoc. Many people avoid relationships, or abruptly leave them due to the pressures involved.

People are trying to become stronger in an age of self awareness therefore having less tolerance for the issues in a relationship. When looking for a partner, be sure you are not a drama person, looking for someone to play out your issues. People just can't handle those pressures anymore. Do not live in an encoded fantasy that someone is out there to compliment your needs, if you are not ready to take on the responsibilities of a relationship. Know yourself.

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