From Religion to Truth

A Muslim Client Talks About God and Other Issues

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here's an interesting, yet becoming more common place, story from one of my clients. It has to do with a man, 40, in the computer field, Muslim, his parents from Lebanon, raised here, a family man (educated wife and 3 children), with a background in metaphysical studies and great intuition.

Like many others, he is trying to merge religion and prophecy, and make sense out of life itself, as Ramadan begins in a few days. He, his friends and family, all follow the faith, but the grid now dictates that there is more.

As I've written before, rabbis and priests come here with the same uncertainty and questions - the old doctrines just don't cut it and make less and less sense in time. Something stirs, that cannot be satisfied within limited parameters. Just as you seek answers for whatever your reasons, so too are these souls feel the shift, one that cannot be ignored.

My client recently found Crystalinks and hasn't stopped reading it because my theories all make sense, his intuition guiding him here to learn more.

A true Virgo, my client reads lots and lots of books - and better yet, not only does he read them but he dreams about someone reading books to him and recites much of what is read when he wakes up. Part of dream time is learning and experiencing on a higher frequency and hopefully bringing that information back as your physical frequency is able to translate it.

He realizes that it's not easy giving up belief systems that others around you practice yet no longer work and make no sense.

My client has come to understand the truth about religion, and we agreed that god is consciousness, not a returning entity.

All that praying, chanting and meditating is for healing and balancing brain chemistry only. Personally, after a few minutes of meditating, unless in a group situation, I tend to fall asleep. I need the quick imagery then I'm done, or should I say moving my consciousness to a higher frequency out of here to experience.

Like most people, my client loves energy work - the flow of higher frequency as it permeates your body and aligns your chakras. It's good preparation for releasing from the grid at zero point. That's why you are drawn to energy work.

Chakras ... (Is that pronounced shakras or chakras?) This is another tool that allows . For the road ... chakras open and close and can speak to you of many things. Of course they should be in balance, for that is the goal of the program, but they rarely stay that way and have a way of speaking to you when you least expect it. Learn their messages from your soul, then just have fun. ... My heart chakra opened when I wrote that sentence which signifies a truth for me. Based on what people tell me, chakras are often misunderstood. Be careful who instructs you in this course of study. Never forget about the chakras at the base of the brain and behind the ears, sort of Matrix stuff, as they 'plug in' and download when you get to a high enough frequency, unspooling information on a need-to-know basis.

My client said that recently he has become sort of a beacon or magnet, as people come to him with questions, knowing his metaphysical background and he loves it. I never met a Virgo who didn't have some teaching ability with a thirst to share it.

You know the drill ... the healers go on to heal, attracting the afflicted, until they get burned out or realize it's time to quit. Teachers go on to teach, attracting students from the universe/university.

Many of the people my client attracts are friends he hasn't seen since college. His dilemma is this ... how can he share his knowledge with those who are not programmed to understand that we live in an evolving hologram - yet on a soul level feel the changes and want answers. He has showed them writings in ancient texts that parallel what is happening now, a change in the human condition to something greater, but still something is missing. Tick tock!

He understands reality as I explain it, which is easy for most techies, as the computer world parallels our reality - one of the reasons the consciousness grid, via the ETs, brought it into the program now. (reverse engineering) We talked about inserts, subroutines, and more.

Z came to chat at the end of the reading explaining the Koran and answering questions.

My client walked away at peace. His personal life is good ... So what's next for him as Saturn is in Virgo which creates change?

He and his family are relocating from Queens, NY to upstate after they bid on a foreclosure and got a $375,000 house at auction for $90,000 cash, the house in great condition. He found the house online, visited the property with his family, felt the energies, knew he was home, 5 acres, 5 bedrooms, a creek on the property, not far from a main highway, went to the auction last week, and voila, his destiny is changing - new home and already manifested a better job. That's how quickly the game plays out when you are in balance and your intent is in line with your soul's purpose, no ambiguities.

As science and science fiction merge - and physics and metaphysics also become one - consciousness awareness will allow every soul to understand and make peace with their lives, based on where it is all going.

The answers will come Inshalla.

Happy Ramadan