Ellie's Pyramid Experiences March 23-29, 2003

The mysteries of Isis and the priesthoods of ancient Egypt, call once again. I have been reading women who have memories of being Initiates in the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, that connection awakening something within them now.

In synchronicity, an empty apartment became available, enabling me to set up my pyramid. The apartment turned out to be just down the hall. As it also is on the top floor it has high ceilings with skylights, was freshly painted and carpeted. It was perfect!

Below is a journal of experiences of several of my clients and what they saw while they spent time in the pyramid.

It began on Sunday with a woman named, Marianna, a fellow school teacher in Brooklyn. We met in 1993 when her 19 year old son, Carl was diagnosed with sarcoma, a tumor behind his pancreas. Carl had leukemia when he was two and a half and the family had hoped he would remain in recovery forever. Carl was sick with the sarcoma for 9 months before he crossed over. Somehow the souls of young people always sense when they will cross over early and the lessons that have brought to their families.

Since Carl crossed over his mother sense when he is around. She has turned to metaphysics as part of her healing process and also goes and grief counseling. She hopes to open a center one day for people to come to relax and heal and be in peace.

Marianna has three other grown children, one son and two daughters. While astral projecting one day, Marianna met Carl, as well as her mother who died shortly after Carl's death. They were on a grassy hillside, telling her that it is not her tome to go to the top of the hill.

Four months after Carl died, Marianna had surgery and almost died. She suffers from Crohn's Disorder. During the surgery she had a Near Death Experience in which she floated above her body and saw the doctors working to save her life. She looked up and saw Carl surrounded by a white light. He was waving his right hand at her, saying, "Go back, Ma. It's not your time. You can't come now." Marianna woke up in the hospital bed.

Marianna says that she is more aware of Carl in her waking state than in dreamtime. She senses him riding with her in the car, in the house, they have conversations, and guiding her. She knows about the smells and touches that come from spirit.

Carl came to see me about an hour before Marianna arrived here and was actively involved in the reading especially as it was in the pyramid.

Marianna sat down in the middle of the pyramid. I told her to face in any direction that felt comfortable. Instinctively she sat facing magnetic north. I sat across from her during the reading which quickly turned into her initiation. Though nothing like this had ever happened to her before, she quickly moved into the energy of the experience.

Placing the three small crystals she wore on her neck, in front of her, Marianna quickly 'went' to another reality for her initiation.

Brett, a healer from Queens, New York.

He has developed his own healing technique and is writing a book. He met his spirit guides and feels connected to the universal blueprint. Past lives show him a lifetime as an Orion(Osiris) warrior and, on Sirius (Isis). During his journey in the pyramid, Brett experienced pressure behind each ear and at the stem of the brain. he saw many creational images and felt his frequency shift.

Leah is a healer from Manalapan, New Jersey.

She brought tumbled stones which we placed in a circle. Leah experienced an initiation in the pyramid. She placed her hands over the flame during the initiation, as she was guided. Her initiation cleared her on many levels and brought her to the blue frequency. She felt spirit move past her [a wind] and heat flowing through her body starting from the base of the brain downward. later when Leah listened to her tape, as she was mentioning the wind, she heard a strange noise on her tape that sounded like energy moving.

Last night, Leah dreamed about the color indigo blue. I was drawn to wear this color today, neither of us realizing the synchronicity until she came to my home. During part of her journey, we chanted together. We saw grids being transformed into light.

The next day Leah called to say that when she listened to the tape we made in the pyramid, she heard music that sounded like geometric progressions, the kind one might hear in 'space'.

Anna from Brooklyn, NY

Anna has studied metaphysics for many years. She works with Qabbalah symbols, energy and spirit. We often work together and have had several adventures in upstate NY.

Initially the energies raised and I felt my personal energy pulse increase. Two hands appeared with violet energies emanating from the palms. After a short while, the hands began turning and the energies formed a pyramid around us.

I opened my eyes and looked at Ellie. The light around us seemed surreal. The lighting in the room was not normal. I felt as if Ellie and I were inside these bodies making them move and talk by moving controls from within them. Like being inside a vehicle.

Finally the palms faced each other and a white sphere of light was created. Many images emanated from this sphere. Ellie said that they were multidimensional. They went by so fast that I couldn't decipher them. The colors were vibrant.

I felt very comfortable in the extreme energies and felt balanced. I was tired initially and it was all swept out of my energy field.

I saw a spinal column but did not feel anything extreme. Ellie felt heat.

An Egyptian woman appeared wearing a breastplate or large collar. She gave me a ring in the etheric. This ring will manifest in time as we draw closer to the end of the program.

Later on, Ellie asked, "Who is Anna? Who is this soul" and a native American male was shown. His name is Dances with the Wind. He is an Apache in some program or other.

This was interesting as I have been feeling a breeze cross my body at times indoors even though all of the windows were closed. He can create wind and can become invisible somehow by utilizing the wind. There is something about the wind that is important, however, it was not given.

Ellie asked, "What are Anna and Ellie doing to the grids as we sit here?" Two spinning wheels were shown with very vibrant colors. A metallic silver thread was embedded or mixed into the colors.

The Trickster appeared and he was frowning, as if to demonstrate that he is losing the game.

Ellie then sensed "plugs" in the base of the brain, behind each earlobe and on the forehead, as in the movie 'Matrix'. She felt we were being fed information and manipulated from above or from another realm, as if this was an experiment.

After the experience I felt totally balanced and at peace. I went out later that evening and friends commented on my peacefulness.

About the wind..... it only lasts a second or two. I connect it with two things, the movement of spirit during a reading which is usually felt as a cool breeze, and the spiraling wind energies I experience when I connect with, As is Above, generally when I climb a mountain or hillside and connect with Z. It happened last week when I was in Washington, DC standing near the Obelisk, Washington Monument.

'When the wind blows the cradle will rock' ... Nursery Rhythm Dream

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