Projections: Apparitions, Healing, and the Church

Apparitions and Miracles

I received this photo in 1995 from a psychic, named Annabel, who I met at the Long Island psychic fairs. Annabel's photo was supposed to be authentic, taken in Europe. I believe the image is projected illusion or superimposed, years later finding this photos and others like it on the Internet..

The Psychic fairs were fun. Those were the days when John Edward was a nice local kid who often sat at a table next to me. I always set up my signature pyramid when I did my readings, highlighted in summer months in South Hampton.

Superimposed images, with personal meaning,

Much like the orbs created by digital cameras, which are dust on the lens.

So why are we being guided to look at pictures that are projections? In there years ahead there will many sightings of Marion apparitions and related miracles, programmed illusion often accompanied by telepathic messages.

As we know our attachment to religious doctrine is slipping away, being torn down by the very nature of its existence, to control humanity's thinking. This any different than the pantheons of gods and goddesses in other ancient civilizations through history, not of which remain as consciousness evolves beyond the physical.

Humans tend to give power to higher frequency entities believing they created us and will return one day to save us - not happening! Some people equate these creators with aliens, while others believe in an all empowered God figure.

No there seems to be a source that we can call upon to help. What we are doing is tapping into the grid program at that time and realigning them to bring us what we need. We change the projections and name it synchronicity.

We are now in the midst of a major church scandal about priests and other members of clergy who molest children. President Bush met with the Pope in the Vatican to discuss sex scandals that have rocked the U.S. Roman Catholic Church. Yet, this abuse is as old as the church. These are troubled times for the believers of traditional religious doctrines. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of documented cases of sexual abuse in the church, lest we forget other corruption that through the centuries. Scandals will continue and contribute to the fall of the church.

It is time for that game to end and people to find the source of light and their own power. Human consciousness can not be tied to any religious system once souls move into higher frequency. With an ailing Pope and the decline of the church, things are changing for the better.

There is a connection with the emergence of the computer and the Internet in this timeline and the fact that our reality is a hologram, computer projection.

The apparition or images are projections. Miracles are created by us connecting with our higher selves at times of dire stress. It may seem as if the miracle happened quickly, but time is irrelevant. We adjust the grid program and create a new projection. Seems farfetched? It's not. Your soul does it all the time when it saves your life, heals, guides, and creates brings synchronicities.

People are now turning to the Internet for answers. The old computer system is dying to be replaced with something beyond what we can imagine.

People read about prophecies because of an end time they sense, prophecies that were laughed at in the past, discounted by religious doctrine.

The feeling is a sense of something ending - something beginning - or both.

Reality is about awareness, healing, recovery.

Don't metaphysical healers say the same things as the church most of the time?

Isn't most healing common sense?

Metaphysics says to meditate and bring light and all will be healed. No so. You can bring light to grids but they will go back as they are programmed, to create drama so souls can experience emotion, especially fear and loss.

How can one find answers in metaphysics when so many people who teach are dysfunctional - the alleged healers who never healed.

The people who need healing - become the healers.

Many therapists have serious issues. Some are said to sexually take advantage of their patients.

Romance and friendships -- Either a relationship works or it doesn't.

When you see a ghost or spirit walking by in another reality, you are viewing a projection. If the projected image sees you as well, they see YOU as a projection as you are not in their grid program.

Do you ever wonder who is beyond the projection, outside the box?