Programmed Misconceptions

Which Aspect Of Your Soul Gets To Move On? None

From the birth of a consciousness program ... it experiences and is forever ending until it exists no more. From the birth of a soul within a given program ... it experiences and is forever dying until it exists no more. It is just a process. Live it and let it go.

People understand the multidimensional nature of reality and their soul's experiences within the matrixes and facets of its endless programs in which they experience simultaneously. In this reality you could be a male on one side of the world and a female on the other. You could exist in a parallel reality or as an entity somewhere else. It's all just experience.

Some people believe that when this reality ends - ascends, shifts, evolves, whatever - they are going to a higher frequency reality where they live in love and light, etc. You may be one of those people still holding onto that thought. They believe they will continue on with the same name, etc. after they survive whatever is going to happen - or is the process of happening.

So I ask you ... why does this aspect of their soul expression survive rather than any of the other roles you are playing? The answer is simple. People are programmed to believe in the continuity of this program and therefore do not worry about their other soul aspects.

At the end of the day, everything merges at zero point and becomes one ... all and everything. Don't be deceived by metaphysical constructs many of which have been created by wounded souls. If you see yourself in paradise . . . . . . you may be viewing a parallel grid or something you need to see that brings comfort . . . . . but know that all reunites at the end of time . . . . (the hologram) . . . make no mistake about it . . we all return . to light. I know that's hard to understand and conceptualize if your programming hasn't reached a certain frequency, but I like to plant a seed in the human consciousness grid, that you my need to reference at closure.

When Are You Healed? - When you are programmed be

People are still in the healing grid working on ways to make money doing healing and energy work with not one, but a combination of systems. How many ways can this be recycled. They believe that makes them more spiritual as they work with other healers and energy workers until they burn out. That group definitely believes they continue on with their ego identity from this reality. It's too late in the game to make a living that way ... but part time in conjunction with a day job, or part time job, could work. The object is to function in 3D.

Do you really want to be spiritual and get it and have fun until it's over? Then get a grip, let go of everything and most of all get a job and take care of your life. Don't want to work unless passionate about it? That is not always possible. Surviving in physical reality is the key and must come first. Few people have it easy.

You are healed when you stop looking for books on the topic, trying to save the world, trying to save others, can support yourself and don't spend time dwelling on your life.

You are healed when the consciousness program ends.

When Are End Time Prophecies Misleading? Always

Do you remember when people used to say that the prophecies read ... and the Elders say that if we don't get our shit together and live in love and light ... we are doomed. Well there's a Catch 22 for you as the program is self-defeating.

I used to laugh at that and the way people believed ... or should I say believe that memo in the grid. Delete.

In case you hadn't noticed, or didn't get the memo, the program ends abruptly or as more astute people have noticed, is already over.