Ellie Goes to the Post Office

There is nothing worse than a visit to a post office in Brooklyn. I could do a comedy sketch about my experiences over the past five years, since my book came out, and never run out of material.

The average waiting time in a Brooklyn post office is between 20-40 minutes unless you go first thing in the morning, and luckily I am a morning person. None of the offices have parking, another motivation to get there early before parking restriction take effect in the area.

Friday morning, as I stood outside the post office on 4th Avenue, waiting for the doors to open, two women got on line behind me - one white, one black, both in their 50's.

The white woman handing me a three-fold pamphlet discussing 'saving the planet', linked to the bible and the return of Jesus.

Amen ... Oy Vey!

Little did they know that synchronicity had brought them there, at the appointed time, for a greater purpose.

While waiting outside, the discussion turned to creation, a creator and how change is inevitable.

I looked at the black woman and said, "Do you suppose the creator is an old white man? Why not a woman or a black man or something else?"

The women looked at me blankly and said they had never considered anything other than the icon of Jesus and "the man in god's image" who they were questioning as the planet now seems at the point of no return.

That's all part of awakening, I thought to myself.

9:00 sharp! The doors opened and the line, which had quickly formed outside in the 3 minutes since my arrival, entered the building, with me in the lead.

Being first on line always seems to be the way my life evolves, as I walked up to the front of the roped-off area where people stand while waiting in a Brooklyn post office.

"Don't you believe in God?" the white woman continued as I obviously stirred something in her.

... And so, in true Ellie fashion, I gave them the quick version of creation through consciousness from which we all emerge as light and thought, manifesting into the physical.

The 'God Particle' and related, flashed through my mind and how we are on the brink of the one of the greatest discoveries of all time, but I didn't go there, having already said enough and confusing the two women.

A Middle Eastern man, in his 40's, standing behind the woman, listened to my explanation with an expression that conveyed a connection - perhaps he didn't want to let on that he understood.

The black woman looked at me and said she did not understand about creation through consciousness - actually she said she had never heard of 'consciousness' as I described it and seemed to want additional explanation as she too was stirred on some level.

But this was not the time and place, and for a minute I felt like a preacher, not a teacher, a god-awful feeling.

As I walked to the window, I told them both, they would soon understand everything. There was no more time for explanations, though I felt good for having planted a seed.

The Asian postal worker behind the window, who had also picked up on the conversation, greeted me and smiled knowingly as he took my books and life proceeding to the next chapter.

About the post offices in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn ... my favorite time to mail 2012 Sarah and Alexander is 7:00 AM at the 5th Avenue office, where the postal worker, who has become a friend, is named Alexander. Over the past 5 years, we have mailed endless books and many scripts, and had a great many laughs as he sips his morning coffee and we catch up. Alexander, a white man in his 40's, totally understands, and like most of us, awaits zero point.

At the end of the day ... some will get it ... and some will not.

The Green Church on 4th

Just down the street from the post office ...

The word 'green' pops up everywhere in recent years - most often in reference to saving the planet.

Months ago I about my friend about Mike investigating the church on 4th Avenue and Ovington, near his home? That day we drove around to the front of the building to take pictures which he hoped would show ghostly apparitions as there is a cemetery below that dates hundreds of years. The photos showed nothing.

The next day Mike talked to the men who were guttering the inside of the church and took a few more photos. As he sees spirits, he wondered what would happen to them. I would like to think their projections would now leave the building.

That was last spring and I forgot about it ... until today when Z lead me to an article, written by UFO researcher, another Bay Ridge resident, my friend Harold Egeln. Bay Ridge 'Green Church' Is Now Like a Ghost Site Brooklyn Daily Eagle - July 23, 2008.

As a metaphor, and all things in the program are metaphoric, you recognize the symbology of the church being torn down.

Are ghosts real? They are projected illusion in another part of the consciousness grid, not unlike your experience here.

From Harold's Article:

The Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, known as the 'green church,' still stands at the corner of Ovington and Fourth avenues. It's been empty and in disuse for the past few months, but preservationists are working to save it and convert it into a possible community cultural center. The fate of the lifeless, unoccupied Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, built in 1899 and contracted out to a developer for a price of $9.75 million this year, appears to be in limbo.

The monument dedicated to 211 church members and friends, whose remains were dug up and moved to a cemetery two months ago, was recently removed. "We remain hopeful, positive and optimistic as we work on saving the church, with continuing discussions with potential developers on a daily basis," said Kathleen Walker of the Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Church. "We're asking possible developers if they could come in and make over the church for alternative purposes, such as a community cultural center." The congregation and its temporary quarters will be the home of Bay Ridge’s only Methodist congregation until at least early 2010.