Spirit and the Poinsettia Plants

January 15, 2003

The Full Moon energies have really stirred things up for me. The visits by clients 'above' and 'below' is very powerful. I am busy from morning until evening, working on Crystalinks as time permits.

Just before 9am on Wednesday, I ran out to do the usual errands. As I left my house I heard a spirit say, "You will be given flowers today."

I knew the spirit was a woman linked to one of the clients I was going to read, as mediumship is part of what I do. I thought she meant that a client was going to bring me flowers, as many of them are guided to do by their loved ones on the other side.

There I was hurrying along, first stop the bank, when the manager came up to me, a friendly woman with a kind smile. She told me that the bank had three poinsettia plants left from the Christmas holiday, and had decided to give them away due to the cold weather. I was the first one in the bank today. As I have no room for any more plants, I thanked her, but declined.

Suddenly the spirit of the woman came swooping into my consciousness. "Take the plants," she shouted.

Then I remembered that flowers were to be given to me on this day.

"Excuse me," I said to the bank manager. "I have changed my mind."

The bank manager smiled. She walked to the back and returned with a large gold paper shopping bag. Did someone say Gold!? Alchemy? Again I felt spirit had a hand in this.

She said the bag was large enough for two of the plants, which she placed inside without further ado.

As I carried them to my car, the female spirit said, "Thank you."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Theresa," she replied. We will meet again later.

By 11 am I was ready for the first clients, two sisters in their twenties, one of whom was pregnant.

I told them about the plants. Theresa was their grandmother who died not long ago. She was giving them each a plant, perhaps to symbolize the flower of life. I went on to name just about every spirit up there with Theresa as we had a reunion of souls.

And so the day continued in that realm.....

A Legend about the Poinsettia Plant

It once was the custom in Mexico for the villagers to leave a gift for the Baby Jesus in their church on Christmas Eve.

Long ago, on a Christmas eve, a poor Mexican child named Pepito was walking to church with his cousin Pedro.

"Pedro," he said, "I feel so sad. I have no gift for the Infant King."

"Even the most humble gift, if offered with a loving heart, will be acceptable to Him. Don't forget, He himself was born in a manger."

Hesitantly, Pepito picked a few weeds from the roadside and arranged them as best he could into a bouquet. Fighting back a tear, he entered the church, and with a prayer in his heart, placed them at the feet of the little figure on the altar.

As he did so, to the amazement of the congregation, the weeds were transformed into beautiful red flowers. "Look!" exclaimed his friend and neighbors. "A miracle has happened before our eyes!" The miraculous flower was formed like a star with leaves that were red and very bright.

And from that day on, the lovely red flowers were know in Pepito's land as "Flores de Noche Buena", "Flowers of the Holy Night".

These are the flowers we call Poinsettia.