Paul in Hawaii, Dolphins Messages, Volcanoes

July 5, 2003

My friend Paul has live in Hawaii for the past 22 years and, like many people there, studies all sorts of metaphysical topics. He is luck enough to swim with the dolphins almost daily and thinks of them as friends as they swim together. He reports that recently they are coming closer to shore and the sounds they make are changing. He says their messages are currently different, that they 'speak' to him of strong ecological disaster and global change, that cannot be reversed.

My friend Pat, who is also into metaphysical studies, owns a home on the water in Florida. She swims with the dolphins when they come close enough to shore. Lately she also reports the dolphins moving in closer and seeing larger numbers of dolphins than she has in past years. They too bring messages of change.

Do you remember when people used to channel Dolphin frequencies? I had a woman client who channeled their messages at the UN. In those years people bought dolphin shaped jewelry and felt an affinity for the sea. Amphibious Gods.

Dolphin energies are allegedly connected with aquatic life on Jupiter's moon, Europa.

Do the dolphins know how to harmonize with the grids, to receive messages from the grid that they relay to humanity? Being in water helps one more easily connect with the collective mind, grid of consciousness, the flow of all things that create our reality. I know that is why I have lived facing the ocean all of my life, though I have never swam with the dolphins, at least not yet.

The sea is a portal.

Connecting with the dolphins and the sea.

When you have some free time, find a quiet place free of distractions.

Close your eyes.

Relax your shoulders, neck, head and torso.

Breath deeply and evenly.

Now slow your breathing ...

See yourself slowly submerging in the sea.

The water is calm and soothing...

You look around and look for signs of a dolphin.

You listen for its frequency tones.

In your mind send the dolphin a signal telling it that you wish to connect.

Envision yourself in a place where a dolphin swims up to you.

Touch the dolphin.

Exchange energies with it.

Swim with him.

Perhaps he will take you on short a journey.

What is he teaching you?

Take your time.

Updated: August 25, 2003

Paul called to tell me about a 5.0 earthquake that hit Hawaii on the 27th, as Mars made its closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years. Paul reports that he is used to earthquakes and links them with volcanic activity, especially Mount Kilauea which is 15 miles from his home. It erupts on a regular bases spewing flaming lava into the sea and land area. He says that the ground always shakes but you get used to it. There is a connection behavior dolphin behavior, the earthquakes and the volcanoes erupting. Paul has learned to sense the vibrations and oncoming events. He said that in the old days, one could get close to Mount Kilauea but many people were killed by the unexpected heat and lava flow, so now the area is patrolled by police. I see stronger earthquakes, and a tsunami in the area as we move closer to closure of the program.

Laving changing direction

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