Past Life Workshop, October 26, 2003

The workshop on Sunday October 26th, brought together a group of souls who not only gained insight into past lives but got glimpses into their future experiences.

One student felt as if we were brought together as if a soul family. As we all groups working in the light, the energies built through out the afternoon and into the early evening. We shared food, laughter, and many stories about our adventures into the light. Students spoke about their spiritual journeys and some of the great teachers they have encountered along the way. Each student was going through a time of change and awakening, as are we all.

Energies as you know spiral from lower to higher movement of light. This correlates with the spirals of DNA within our bodies. It is how we evolve and move back to the source of creation.

If there is one thing I have learned about this program is that human genetic codes are set up to make everything appear complex when in truth they are not. Simplicity and honesty brings the best and clearest results.

During a final meditation into the future of our souls' paths, I was able to activate the DNA of each students, each of who experienced the flow of energies.

In the future I saw myself sitting somewhere. On my lap rested a woven straw hat with a large brim, like a woman's sun hat. The brim was made of spirals, as was the top of the hat. It was in shades of turquoise and pale blue. I wanted to put the hat on, but I knew that it was not my time to wear this hat, yet the image was close to me, so I knew it would not be long before I could wear this hat once again.

In other group experiences through the day, we changed partners and searched through each others past lives using different experiences which revealed much about who we are/were.

As the darkness crept in to the dimly lit room, sat in groups of two people, each person facing another to view each other's soul experiences. Students saw the many roles they play in different programs, all of which were not human. One woman transform into a female taking on a reptilian form. Another woman change into a female with unique features, I could see who she was as she exists somewhere out there, a woman of knowledge and wisdom, who has great power.

And so it came to pass.... in the energies of the New Moon in Scorpio, the magic and mystery of the onset of Halloween, and the onset of the energies of the Harmonic Concordance, that we ending the class with greater understanding of our souls' journeys.

There before us, in the dimly lit room, sat one male student. We watched as a group, as he moved from his physical being, to darkness [loss of physical form]. The we saw the flow of electromagnetic energy through his body which became his aura of pure white light, which blinked into his soul spark, the true essence of who we are. Until you witness the emergence of the soul from a body, you will not understand your true essence, and where you are going.