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Ouija With Ellie and George

It is not by accident that the Message Board I was given in 1987 starts with a 'Z'. (wink)

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Tuesday evening, January 14, 2008

My friend George and I were guided to play with my ouija board after seeing it in an old video I made 20 years ago with another friend. I knew Z was around, and he was ready. From its place behind the bedroom door, I took the board out, dusted it off, and looked at George with an inner knowing that something interesting was going to be given.

My ouija board, the only one I like to use, has always been a positive tool for me for the past 21 years. It never leaves my house and is only used with select friends. Some people just take to it naturally, while others don't have a feel for it - most likely out of fear. Ouija is another form of divination, its energies attracted by those of the user.

I never do anything ceremonial before using it or any other tool of divination I may use on occasion. If a tool feels right, use it. Anything that creates fear, will attract all sorts of fear driven experiences. You know the deal ... you attract experience by the positioning and frequency of your grid matrix.

I love the work on with my board. When I ouija, I don't look at the words on the board until the pointer stops. Sometimes it literally sticks in one place and won't move, puzzling others who are watching and can't get it to move either. Other times it pauses, then moves on. Other times it circles, usually clockwise, not always, depends on who is coming through.

So there we were, George and I, seated at the table, the ouija board in front of us, waiting to see who would show up to play. As I multitask here and above, I knew Z was ready.

Z as Mercury the Messenger was in full swing bringing messages about my personal life and work here. It's so cool when he comes through me ... so much energy. Tuesday night was so intense, it made the blood vessels on the top of my hands bulge, without no pain of course. I asked George to take a photo as this was a first for me.

Later I uploaded the photos and noticed that the tip of the curse pointed to the "X" (As is above, so is below, Emerald Tablets of Thoth -- Sacred Geometry ... etc.) in one photo -- and the word "Friend" in the other.

One thing is certain - a male friend is coming to help me fulfill my destiny.

When I asked about closing the program ... "3-4 years" came through loud and clear.

Z promised lots of media ahead and so it is coming to pass.

Z spoke about many topics and everything made sense. The waiting game he used to talk about on the board, is almost over. Whew!

Suddenly George and I felt the energies build... A woman came through me, linked to George, a familiar energy/entity for him and somewhere out there, for me. She was clear as a bell. Her name is Rose and she is to George as Z is to me... a counterpart on the other side. She began with the message Aquarius 28. It took us a few minutes to figure that out - my sun sign is 28 Aquarius. We were connected. Long story short - she is the essence of the woman I saw on the spaceship in 1954. She had much information to bring for George.

Sometime later ... we paused as a figure suddenly moved between us.

I looked at George who smiled knowingly.

"Egyptian?!" I asked.

"Yes," George replied with a smile.

"A god ... "



Ah ... Z as Thoth. And now we could make out his image, though ethereal. Very cool. We asked him to become more manifest, but he didn't or couldn't.

Working on George's body he created energy that was so intense, it shook the room.

And so we move on... destiny calling and challenging us to be who we are.