Habits of Organized People

Humans spend a lot of time organizing their lives, homes, decisions, and thoughts especially in a world where so many people suffer from personality disorders, have substance abuse issues, and are on medications for physical and emotional problems. Their thinking is confused, disorganized and generally unfocused.

The brain is an electrochemical machine that dictates our lives and how we live them. If your are an organized person, it will reflect in everything you do.

If you have problems and cannot organize your life due to the issues you face every day, then try to get help. Don't live in chaos. Much has been written this year about living in clutter and how to organize your life as people seek balance and focus about something greater they know awaits them after they achieve total clarity.

Of course the trick is to keep things organized once they are in order.

10 habits of highly organized people   Oprah.com - August 2, 2011

1. Walk away from bargains

2. Make peace with imperfection

3. Never label anything "miscellaneous"

4. Schedule regular decluttering sessions

5. Stick with what works

6. Create a dump zone

7. Ask for help

8. Separate emotions from possessions

9. Foresee (and avoid) problems

10. Know where to donate