Older Women With Younger Men

John, 22, Ellie, 40

Age is a state of mind. Women in their 40's are far from old, many starting families for the first time or opening a new chapter of their lives.

John and I met when he was 20. A friendship gradually grew into something more, as the thought of a relationship with a man so much young seemed ridiculous to me at that time. Two years later, in 1983, after my divorce, John and I started dating. Our relationship lasted 2 and a half years.

John dreamed about the events of 9/11 before they happened. He was scheduled to work in Tower One that day, but was late for work. At the time of 9/11, I dreamed that John rescued me. He tells me that he still dreams about me walking along a shore.

John and I shared interests in crystals [he went mining for them], pyramids [he bought me my 9 foot pyramid], astral projection [fun during sex], past lives [we found many that we shared], poetry [he was a true romantic and dedicated a poem to me in a book he wrote], astronomy, and travel [we visited many parts of the US together].

John called Z, [Zoroaster] Castor, [as in Castor and Pollux] saying Z has something to do with twins [this was very accurate]. John has a twin brother, James. I think John was also sensing twin soul experiences we shared with Z. On some occasions he referred to Z as Casper, the friendly ghost!

I never lost sight of the fact that John was destined to find a woman in his age group and have a family, which he did in his 30's.

I find it an interesting synchronicity that after my divorce, it became trendy for older women to date younger men. Further, that in the same timeline, as my destiny with Z was unfolding, metaphysics and computers moved into the forefront of the program, enabling me to complete my work. Are the two concepts linked? Why did they trigger in the program when I was ready???

Almost one-third of women between ages 40 and 69 are dating younger men MSNBC

... In the news ... Saturday, September 24, 2005, Ashton Kutcher, 27, and Demi Moore, 42, got married, feeling they had met their 'soul mate'. In this case the term soul mate refers to someone who makes you feel complete. It is a heart connection and generally not about age, race, religion, but a soul recognition of a partner.

All of the spiritual women I read, want to make that soul connection, especially when they feel spiritually isolated from spouse, friends, and family.

People want to feel that magic spark, the soul spark of grid connection on contact.

It is trendy to overlook age differences in relationships as souls seek happiness and a partner with whom they can find love, communication, personal growth, a sense of soul connection, good sex, and common goals, no matter how long the relationship lasts.

Younger men like older woman who look great, are healthy have experience, wisdom, and confidence.

Some women never seem to grow old, therefore being with an older man, stuck in the past, with his issues and egos, doesn't work.

A health woman of any age, wants a healthy man, body, mind, and soul. Therefore, woman often look to younger men. How much younger, you ask? No parameters, as far as I can see.

In our reality, people live longer, healthier lives, and very often, get beyond the issues they had when younger, finding rewarding relationships in ways they never would have dreamed about in the past.

Men have always sought younger sexier partners, for obvious reasons. Woman now take the same road, as aging men become cranky, and deal with too many health problems often affecting sexual performance. We know about Viagra, but a woman who is healthy in body, mind, and soul, wants a man of the same frequency.

The 'Older Women, Younger Men' syndrome goes to issues and the backgrounds of the partners. There are many variables, finances, family planning, other goals. One of the down sides of younger men, is they may still be working through issues from childhood, and have not discovered who they are or what they want in life. You do not want to play 'mommy', or caretaker, to your lover!

Issues will eventually destroy any relationship, no matter what the age difference.

If the younger man can handle his own life, job, education, emotional needs, is healthy and searching, he makes a great partner, no matter what the age difference and how long the relationship lasts.

With a large age difference, most younger men will move on to someone in their own age group, or younger, as the years go by.