What does your office space look like?

November 15, 2010

Are you an organized person? Does your work area reflect a disorganized mind? Is organizing your work area something you keep putting off? Does your work situation overwhelm you? Is the space you work in large enough for your papers, desk items and more? If you office space is conducive to the way you think ... it goes a long way in your productive.

I am one of those compulsive people with lots of fixed planets who finds it easiest and best to work in an office space that is totally organized. Nothing gets lost, and I can move through my day more quickly.

In my world, people use Feng Shui to create a balanced environment, something that comes to me naturally.

Location is everything. Not having to stare across at a wall all day is also important for me, but not everyone has that option. Many people I know use a laptop making their working environment more interesting.

Luckily I do not have to share my space with anyone, making it a perfect place to think and create. The lighting as you can see is bright and also conducive to a good work situation. I also organize my time to keep up with the endless stream of emails and phone calls that come through my office each day, as I run my own business.

On the flip side, I was once married to a man whose office space was a disaster, the odd thing being, he also knew where things were ... or at least most of the time ... or so he said. Of course I never touched his desk.

I often consider that by looking at a person's office and personal space, you can get an idea of how their mind processes.

When I read clients who I know have emotional problems I can 'see' their work areas and know it reflects their issues - mental clutter to desk clutter, the 'pack-rat' effect of never throwing things away, and an endless array of unfinished projects that often serve as a catharsis of their emotions.

Most people know how to organize their work areas, but keeping it organized is a totally different thing.

There are many ways to keep an office area free and highly functional. Some people hire Organizers to come in and get everything arranged - using every inch of space to its best advantage. There are books, magazine, and DVDs, that can help you set up your personal office space and perhaps the rest of your apartment ... and life. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Shelves, cabinets and other organizers you can find at local office department stores really can help and give you ideas.

Back-up systems - A friend introduced me to back-up hard drives that updates all the time and is most important as my work is all on a computer. I am also a big believer in backup ... anything, from an extra set of keys when you go out, to a power generator for electrical use. It's about being prepared when so much is changing in the world around us.

Next time you walk into the room where your office space is set up ... pause ... look around ... decide what just go from an old computer to things you will never read as they are online and far more updated.

Next ... imagine that you have died and someone has to come in to clear up your work area. They would look around the room and say, ".....". Then they would start to go through everything ... and guess what? They would probably throw most of it out. Would they know what was important to you? Do they have the time to look? Would you be a ghost looking over their shoulder saying, "Wait! Don't through out that folder. It has important information you need." But the folder was unmarked and could easily be trashed while others try to find your important documents, etc.

As 2010 comes to an end, and people make News Year's Resolutions, why not use the word "Reorganization" as a way to create a new you in 2011.

Most of all ... as we say in metaphysics, get rid of all outdated and outmoded things in your life form your friends, family and living space. Good luck.