Mother's Day 2003 was about Rebirth. It is our link with the creational source. Awaken the goddess energies within you and project them to all of those you love. We are united in the rebirth of a new creation. Connect with this light. It is yours.

Mother's Day, Soul Groups

My readings followed an interesting pattern from Friday-Sunday. Three of the people are read were woman who had adopted the young children of their siblings, who were emotionally unable to raise their own children.

All of this is about the karma of a soul group as they interact with each other. You family is your soul group which is why there is so much emotion involved. It is the group you have chosen to experience karma with. Eventually you realize what it is all about, and move on or ignore the 'drama people' in the group.

The women were from Guyana, New York and Washington, DC. They were all in their late 30's and were struggling with raising these children who had apparently inherited many of their parents' emotional disorders and challenges.

When thinking to adopt a child or children, to keep them in the family, one should consider the changes this karma will bring into their lives. Remember last week I wrote about people who cannot say NO out of guilt or whatever. Don't go there ...This is a major decision that can destroy your life if the souls involved are that dysfunctional and you are not equipped to handle the situations that will arise. It often takes a skill professional to create balance.

Raising a child is not easy as each year brings its share of 'stages of development'. Puberty brings the true nature of the emotional issues to be faced for at least 9 years.

Many people who have never found the 'right person', never married, and never had a child of their own, suddenly decide to take on this karma thinking their emotionally stable lives will create a stable influence for the child and they will be functional. Best think again. They will create instability in your world which you will not release that easily.

Children from dysfunctional, mentally ill or otherwise challenged parents, perhaps involved with drugs or alcoholism, will not be easy to raise as much is inherited, their DNA.

In some cases the adoptive mother may believe the child to have been born not for their sibling to raise, but on a soul level for them to raise. This could be the case.

I suppose you can say this is true of all adoptions, even out of family, so getting a case history, and knowing your limitations, is very important.

I have one client whose daughter was on drugs and killed herself in her early 30's leaving behind 2 young children. I told her at the time not to adopt the children but to give them to their father, She was in her 50's. But she didn't listen, and took them in.

As the teen years came around they dropped out of school as they could not function in class due to ADD and Dyslexia. She got them into special schools for children with those problems, but alas they followed the ways of their mother. The older child disappeared somewhere at age 19 and her brother eventually went to live with his father as he was too much to handle and was still under-age making her legally responsible for him. My client sacrificed 10 years of her life, and is now alone in her late 60's.

She realizes her mistakes saying she took the children out of guilt for her daughter's death, though she herself was never involved with drugs and was a good hard working woman all of her life. Would she do it again? No!

Be careful what and who you bring into your life based on issues that may need to be re-examined. Raising a child is not easy, or it can turn out to be a very rewarding experience.