Interview with Dr. Michio Kaku 08/15/08

Dr. Michio Kaku's Website

by Ellie Crystal

On May 28, 2008, I attended the World Science Festival NYC 2008 at the Paley Center in NYC where Dr. Michio Kaku was a guest speaker. Two days later, I was a guest on the Joy Jones Radio Show.

Today Joy invited me to co-host an interview with Dr. Kaku.

Dr. Kaku, and I are both Aquarians, born 3 years apart, both live in New York City, and are teachers with interests in physics and beyond.

On this day there was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 24° Aquarius

Professor Kaku's 2008 New York Times best seller "Physics of the Impossible" explains that concepts once was regarded as science fiction have become physical science, and will continue to do so in the future. In my work, I merge metaphysics with physics - the same idea.

Professor Kaku is an amazing man with diverse interests. One could see that he was open to all things possible as we discussed a wide range of topics in the one-hour interview.

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Comments by Listeners

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Hello Ellie! I enjoyed the interview that you put on your website with Prof. Michio Kaku. I happen to be a student at CCNY and plan to take one of his courses. What seems interesting to me is that the string and harmonics theories you also hinted in your book, "Sarah and Alexander." Prof. Kaku discussed. Many people might have not understood the concepts of string theory and harmonics of the universe before but now they do. Also one of your other blogs having to do with Lunar Eclipses and Energy shifts especially for Aquarius suits me. I am an Aquarius and I woke up on the 13th feeling strange energy shifts. I supposed there might have been an eclipse of some sort. I confirmed there was after reading your entry. :) Well can't wait to read more interesting blogs. Good Luck! Nazli

It is amazing to hear his scientific definition to what we understand as the metaphysics! Notice that meta"physics" combines what we do and the study of "everything." The musical "string theory" he spoke of, I was pondering as "spirit's musical language" back in 1992. Great show! I'll forward to listening to Dr. Kaku's radio shows. Nancy

Hi Ellie, I listened to the interview this afternoon and I must say, I was very proud of you and the knowledge that you displayed during the evolving conversation. You have made your fellow metaphysicians proud! Debra

This show is a 10+! Dr. Kaku has introduced subject matter that is sooo deeep that I will need to listen to this show two more times to absorb it all. His theory about higher octaves of music - Sparticles, 11th dimension, creating organs, satellites that locate outer planets and eavesdrop on conversations on them. There is so much information. I'm leaving this message but I must listen again to get more to comment about! You MUST listen to this online radio show segment. It's one hour, but you can listen to the archive as many times as you want. You will not regret listening to what Dr. Kaku, a physicist has to say about dimensions, music, string theory, computers, outer planets and much more. Joan C.

I loved this interview. I fell in love with cosmology and quantum physics - especially string theory- in the early 1990's, and explored the relationship between Quantum Physics & Metaphysics.