Loneliness 2009

If you are reading this part of my blog, you are a student of human emotions, perhaps an authority by now after all your life experiences and the books, DVD's, CD's and blogs you have read and listened to. You are just checking in to be sure you understand functional from dysfunctional and that there is nothing you have missed that is new in the grid. Okay ... you're good.

Friday puts many people in 'weekend mode' - for some taking a reprieve from the trials and tribulations of the economy. Social activities go to online chatting and meeting new friends, to partying, traveling, catching up with family, friends and things missed, or just relaxing. The quest to be with a partner highlights now be it for fun, sex, or something more permanent. People often feel lonely on the weekend, especially in the winter.

Loneliness was never an issue, or even a consideration for me, though for many, it goes to fear, rejection, and other negative emotions that really need analysis and medication if they become overwhelming. Loneliness in this case is a state of mind - isolation - depression - a result of being unable to cope with life and the dramas it presents.

Maybe that's why so many souls are in the healing grid - healing themselves by healing others - issues with tissues stuff.

Many people are lost and lonely even in a group of people ... or have never felt 'connected' to anyone or anything. Some believe they are not from here. Guess what?! None of us are from here ... we are just visiting and exploring the physical realms, most looking for the way out.

I'm sure you've heard this before ... We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience (religion, meditation, other). We are spiritual beings having a physical experience evolving back into our true essence of light. Okay ... you heard it. But do you get it? Still slumming around in 3D?

It's always nice to find those of like mind. It creates a natural high, a sense of connection and belonging - and most of all being understood. Your grids match - and voilą you are no longer lonely.

As the program evolves, finding those people will become easier, while the lives of others we meet along the way will only politely be addressed.

We experience in the game of emotions. They are a tricky, often sticky business, as they overlap and entwine themselves for us ... within and without.

The end of the program will create a state of loneliness for everyone, no matter how many souls stick around. It is meant to show you that at the end of time, you are alone down here on your journey into conscious awareness.

Here's the thing ... never let emotions get you down. Remember it is all a hologram and your choice is to get help and get over them or dwell in your issues. You know what your options are if you get lonely. If the emotion has so overwhelmed you just don't care anymore ... okay ... then that is the path you have chosen so live with it.

Remember our motto: Either it works or it doesn't. Let it go.

Remember our code: Understand your issues and the emotional problems created by your DNA code (family) and life experiences. Move beyond denial. It was not your fault. Get professional help. Create balance and clarity. Go into higher awareness (frequency of thought, consciousness and dream time), to understand reality and your part in it. You are a virtual projection in a hologram that is evolving (ending). You came to experience, record and leave. That's it. When you've got it, you go to waiting mode and allow life to just roll out in the hourglass (our class) of time. Tick tick! Class dismissed.

Loneliness is a feeling wherein people experience a powerful surge of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form human contact.