Kitesurfing, Water and Ice, 4, Nun

Monday, May 28, 2003

On a beautiful afternoon in Brooklyn, my friend Pat and I decide to drive to the shore and connect with the Atlantic Ocean. It was 5:30 when we parked the car then headed over to an area that has a beach, trees, grass, benches, and so forth. The sky was clear, the weather a bit chilly.

We walked along the beach to an area where about several men were kitesurfing also called kite boarding or kiting.

I was disappointed that I had not brought my digital camera as everything in nature spoke to us. As it was getting late, few people remained on the beach, which to me is the best time to be there.

Pat also lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, not far from me. This weekend she is going down to Florida to swim with the Dolphins, something that calls to many spiritual people. Pat's spiritual journey and mine often overlap. She is an energy worker and healer.

There were many types of birds from basic pigeons to cardinals to blackbirds to seagulls, etc. My white pigeons did not show up though, at least not as I noticed. Strangely, when we went for dinner later and sat long the water by Sheepshead Bay, we saw several swans. Someone must have brought them to Brooklyn as that is not a NY happening.

Back on the beach, we walked along, a cool breeze blowing. We sat on a bench and watched several men kitesurfing. All wore wetsuits as the water is still very cold. What an amazing feeling to fly through the air and watch the land below. If I were younger this would have called to me. But alas, I just enjoyed watching this sport, for the first time.

Pat and I walked further along then found a place to sit. We closed our eyes and oddly both of us saw the same image, the tree of life in the color red=3D.

I decided to write a few notes for this column as Pat kept her eyes closed and brought messages. She was not aware of my recent columns about consciousness being frozen in time. She saw water spiraling up and down the left side of a tree. As it moved down, it went into a drain - the old tree is going down the drain.

The water reached the top of the tree where it became ice, frozen (in time). It quickly melted and began to flow down the right side of the tree as the tree changed color, and grew golden buds. The new tree was on top of a hill or mountain.

I asked, "When will this occur?"

I closed my eyes and saw the red tree again. Then I heard, "The tree is all red here." I was told to say that sentence faster. As Pat and I did, the words became, "The tree is already here." I saw the tree running parallel to our experience. It was to my right.

Pat saw a large old key, circa 18th century. The key was placed in the lock of a door. She heard, "You must turn the key 90 degrees to open the door." I later told her about my file 90 Degrees of Separation, which links to the swastika, and the number 4, alchemy, 4 right hand turns to create 360 degrees, rotated it create spin, the spiraling out of this reality, Time.

The swastika became a jack.
This image came to mind, Jacks on a mirror, reflections.

Light ravels in straight lines.
To create a 90 degree angle you need to use a mirror.

Pat saw a Dreidel, Jewish holiday of Chanukah.

The dreidel is four-sided with a Hebrew letter on each side.

Shin, Hey, Gimel, Nun

The word Nun brings to mind the Egyptian God Nun.

Nun was the god who personified the primeval waters, the chaos which existed before there was shape and form, the dark liquid mass out of which there appeared the creator-god. Nun is regarded as having no surface, stretching into infinity. Not subject to cosmic order (Maat), Nun's watery chaos is even so considered beneficial. Amenhotep III constructed a pool at Thebes in which the god delighted. Nun was regarded as present in the sacred lakes that were to be found at all temples. He is without peer in the Egyptian cosmos, as he is regarded as the Father of the Gods.

Nun's image reminds me of the Kite surfers. It is all about water and the flow of creation. It always calls us back....