Why Inspirational Talks Don't Work

You've read about the power of affirmations, healing work, meditations, spiritual journeys, inspirational seminars, and feel inspired in the moment, especially in a group where positive energies are magnified. "We can do it." "We can overcome anything." "We understand The Secret" which is nothing more than synchronicity principle recycled meaning when you are ready to attract change, you will.

You attend a seminar. You remember what was said and what you experienced emotionally that motivated you on that day. It was all about self help and self awareness and now you want to be part of that energy.

You may further understanding that the speaker is one of a long line of self-help gurus who has a back story which has translated into his (or her) system and he (she) is making money selling products and services. (They all have back stories and need to make a living.)

You may ponder your back story, how this lecturer has overcome their issues, and could you do the same after years of abuse .. and more to the point ... Can you maintain the changes after you have achieved your goals?

You remember the speakers inspirational words when you leave, but then ... you return to your true reality ... the one you were programed to experience ... and realize the time, energy, and money to make change is not available.

Hopefully something memorable has impacted on you that you can revisit later. If anything, if the lecturer has guided you to take a long hard look at your issues - how you got that way - and the knowing that it is time for change - then you have learned something.

For decades I have blogged that the things that make you feel good, alone or with others, are a momentary fix or frequency high, after which one returns to their real life and issues, the energies returning to what is their norm.

Healing and helping others, as well as the planet, is encoded in our DNA for this timeline, to gain understanding about reality.

So here I am, without issues, my life running smoothly, dealing with the lives of those in metaphysics and psychology who believe they can shift grids by meditating, chanting, praying, becoming part of the self help movements - to change the world and the people in it. They further believe we are evolving to a higher dimension of consciousness with their ego identities - to live in love and light - also not true. To live in light, one has to be light.

The healers all get burned out. In the current economy - they don't make a living, nor do most of the inspirational speakers. It's time to look further .. beyond the illusion of time and emotion.

The statistics for September 2011 show that 50% of the global population has mental illness. This reflects those who are getting treatment. What about the people who self medicate or just live with their problems? In a bipolar (electromagnetic energy) hologram, the goal is to achieve balance but ... once there, balance becomes challenged. It is the directive of any physical experience.

The program

Humans are virtual projections in a Consciousness Hologram here in physical bodies to study emotions. We are light beings experiencing in physical form soon to return to light. We behave according to our DNA programming (codes) while physical - like acting out a role in a play - and cannot heal until the programming for a specific behavior pattern ends. This may happen quickly or what may seem like a lifetime, for in truth 'time' is also part of the illusion. The Secret is to understand your own programming especially in these channeling times and to understand it is ending.

Look around at the world on all levels. It's all collapsing, not just globally but throughout the universe. The answer is coming. Wait for it.

This blog may seem inspirational to you ... or not ... but a seed has been planted if you don't already "get it."

Why Inspirational Talks Don't Work   Huffington Post - September 8, 2011

Have you ever listened to an inspirational talk -- for example, "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch? Have you ever read an inspirational book such as "Born to Run" or watched an inspirational film like "Hoosiers"? How do you feel afterward? Inspired, right? What a great feeling! You're fired up and ready to take on the world. You're brimming with confidence. Your eye is on the prize and, by gosh, that prize is yours!

Then, something rather deflating happens. You wake up the next morning and the inspiration is gone. You're still the same old you. And you may even feel worse about yourself because, after the previous day's inspiration, your failure to take even one small step toward your goals is all the more glaring.

So what happened? The truth is that you, and millions of other people looking for inspiration to change their lives, have been hoodwinked by the "inspirational-industrial complex," a multi-billion dollar industry. Why, you ask? Because the inspiration that comes from other people is manufactured from the outside. This "synthetic" inspiration simply can't last long, because when the source of the inspiration (e.g., the talk, film or book) is gone, its shelf life is very short.

True and lasting inspiration can't, unfortunately, come from outside. It must arise from a very deep place within us. This life-changing inspiration verily forces its way out of us, demanding that we take action. That is the inspiration that propels people to monumental acts of courage, willpower, perseverance and, ultimately, change.

Also, the inspiration that comes from talks, movies or books is designed to provoke maximum inspiration (that's what sells), but provides minimal follow-through. The reality is that inspiration is a necessary, but not sufficient, contributor to positive change. Yes, inspiration gets you out of bed or off of the sofa, but motivation to change without a clear direction to change has little value. Also, inspiration and direction aren't even sufficient if you lack the knowledge, skills or support necessary to catalyze action toward your goals.

Okay, I will give a little and say that it is theoretically possible for inspiration from others to motivate change. A very small segment of the inspiration-deficient population is teetering on the edge of change and just needs the slightest nudge of inspiration, which they might get from outside of themselves. Or, the inspiration generated from the outside is very immediate, deep and resonant, such as the courageous efforts of a dying parent to stay alive for their child's wedding or birth of their grandchild, or the sports coach who gives a rousing pep talk to their team at half time and the team comes back to the field en fuego (but the inspiration usually fades by the end of the third quarter).

Our culture venerates the inspirational leader, whether a president, CEO, military officer, coach or teacher. There are some who have the ability to inspire others to new heights. Then-candidate Obama had it during the 2008 presidential elections (please no partisan retorts). General George Patton had it. And the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden had it.

But the "it" that these and others had was not, as most people think, their ability to create that burst of inspiration before, say, an election, a battle or the big game. Instead, what makes the great inspirations so, well, inspirational is their ability to help others find their own personal inspiration every day. It is that personal inspiration that motivates people to have a vision of what they want to achieve, work hard and prepare well so they have not only a clear direction in sight but also the actual wherewithal to get where they want to go.

So, next time you want to feel that wonderful rush of inspiration, go ahead and watch an inspirational movie, read an inspirational book or listen to an inspirational speaker. But if you want real inspiration, the kind that will consume every pore of your body, sustain itself not only through the next morning but many mornings to come and drive you to achieve your goals, look deep inside and see if you can find it in you.

If you do, then you'll be able to devote all that time and money that you would have spent on that manufactured inspiration to rewarding yourself for having achieved your goals, because you found the real thing right under your nose.