What's In and What's Out For March 2008

Visionary Art and Photography is 'In'

My Friend Dee: Goddess Energies & Spiritual Photos Must Read File

Prophetic and Lucid Dreams are 'In'

Relationships and Sex are 'In' and 'Out'

April bring spring romances in the northern hemisphere and fall in the Southern hemisphere. With that comes major changes in relationships. Those that don't work are 'Out'. New relationships and soul connections are 'In' as people want to experience the higher frequency of romantic love, and deal with understanding what love is about for them. In April, at the onset of Taurus, (April 23-27), relationships generally shift. Are you restless in love, in bed, at work, with friendships, or with life? Tap in. S Do a reality check to see if it is time to move on. People are tired of being caretakers. Are you married and just want to have an affair ... no fair to your partner.

Politically Correct and Politically Corrupt are 'In'

It would seem that being Politically Correct and Politically Corrupt are 'In' ... just look at the state of affairs politicians and others who preach ... are in.

Deception: As Human as Sex Itself Live Science - March 29, 2008

When moving through life we are taught that our behavior should be Politically Correct, but how many people can live up life's challenges that way.

Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term used to describe language, ideas, policies, or behavior seen as seeking to minimize offense to racial, cultural, or other identity groups. Conversely, the term politically incorrect is used to refer to language or ideas that may cause offense or that are unconstrained by orthodoxy."

Earth Hour was 'In'

Earth Hour - March 29, 2008

Part of the human condition is global unity on one or more issues that confront us. The energy is experienced as a way to heal and help the souls and the planet, to raise frequency and conscious awareness. This is becoming part of the evolution of humanity's journey in time. The closure of the program is the return to the point of origin, zero point, if you will, reunion of soul aspects, groups of people on like/lite frequency coming together to that end.

Earth Hour is an international event that asks households and businesses to turn off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one hour on the evening of 29 March at 8 pm local time until 9 pm to promote electricity conservation and thus lower carbon emissions. It may also help reduce light pollution, and in 2008, coincides with the beginning of National Dark Sky Week in the USA. It is promoted by World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF), an environmental lobby group, and the Sydney Morning Herald. The first Earth Hour was held in Sydney, Australia between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm on March 31, 2007. The 2007 Earth Hour is estimated to have cut Sydney's mains electricity consumption by between 2.1% and 10.2% for that hour, with as many as 2.2 million people taking part. Earth Hour 2008 marks the first anniversary of the event with many partner cities and individuals around the world participating.

Globalization is 'In'

Globalization is not only In, it links everything in the human experiment, for classification, clarification, analysis, and final review. We live in a diverse melting pot on planet Earth ... melting in more ways than one. Today, most of my clients, and people in many different parts of the world, are a mix of ethnic backgrounds. Many are multilingual and have lived in different parts of the world.

Reality Check is 'In'

In the months ahead, (no longer measured in years), the planet will seem smaller and warmer, time will appear to accelerate exponentially, your life and goals will change as consciousness continues to spiral everything back to zero point, Fibonacci.

Meltdowns and the 2008 Recession Are 'In'

From emotional meltdowns to polar ice caps everything is changing