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The Eagle, The Economy, The Scorpion, The Pigeon ... Crash !

October 28, 2008 was a New Moon 6 Scorpio.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto God of the underworld and wealth.
Beware the scorpion's sting - it is very painful and may prove fatal.

I chose this image of the scorpio new moon because it takes us to 'Masonic/Eagle Symbology' linked to the US presidential election, just one week away and the dollar bill - the economy at the forefront of our reality. Alchemy: Scorpio to man to eagle to the phoenix (female) back to Her consciousness outside the box she created.

This all goes to the global economy which is crashing, causing confusion and panic selling as no one is able to predict the end of the downslide - they can only speculate. In recent days, I have read senior citizens who worked hard through the years, saving for retirement, not only is their money lost, but now they have to find work when they are not able, emotionally, mentally, or physically. Everyone wants to know what to do with the remainder of their invested money. It's interesting how the program dictates that one should be free and independent in then creates chaos that destroys it all.

This program is for the birds ..

As of late I have noticed that the birds in my area have been flying in wild patterns. George mentioned it the other day when he was here. You can't help but wonder what is going on and knowing that it is all linked to changes in the electromagnetic grid.

Arriving home Friday, as the car service approached my building, the driver and I were surprised to see dozens of pigeons perched on the corner of the building just above my apartment - the living room to be exact. He and I just sat there staring up at them. Were they protecting me? Were they drawn to something over my apartment that we could not see? Were they having a business meeting?

Sunday morning, as I sat here archiving the blog about my adventure on Wall Street last Friday, a pigeon sat down on the railing outside and watched me. For a few minutes he tucked his head into his feathers, which means he was sleeping. As I finished the blog, the pigeon flew off. Instead of heading away from the building, he crashed into my window with such force I jumped. I looked out as it quickly recovered and flew away. Metaphors? Is the market going to crash? Recovery? What?

Previously on Ellie's World ...

In the days after Jennifer Hudson's nephew went missing, I had told friends, family, and the police that Julian King was dead and would be quickly found in a car not far from the child's home. This is all aimed at the mother of the boy. The truth will all come out, the murderer caught soon. How did I know he was dead ... I saw him on the other side. You can develop the ability to see if someone is on the other side with a bit of training. Psychic work is now open for everyone, without months of practice. You just have to find a teacher who can show you how to grid travel and there you go ... It's all virtual reality.

Before Julian was found, I wanted to blog about what I saw, but then there is a negativity factor at play here based on what I blog. My lesson is to say what I see, not just to my inner circle, or professionals, but to everyone. My theory of reality as a biogenetic experiment - a virtual reality hologram of experience, which is now ending, is a bit difficult for people to understand, so they see it as negative. Actually it is quite the opposite.

Here's the thing ... we are not evolving into a love and light reality version of Earth where the wounded souls can finally live in peace, which is difficult for some to understand as they seek to heal issues. When your soul is in physical from, it is held in place by electromagnetic energy - consciousness - the brain as nothing more than an electrochemical machine experiencing polarity and forever seeking balance - always a game of emotions.

You can't have the love and light aspect in physical reality and expect it to last. If that is what you see as the final outcome you are wrong. For the rest of the souls who are happy to let go ... you have progressed beyond your ego issues ... it's back to your light bodies and into other adventures... Project Earth complete. Questing still goes on and will till the end of time, but take it to higher levels of consciousness and it will flow ... taking you to higher heights than you can ever imaged. Trust it. Move with it.

Times are getting increasingly stressful, paralleling stress points on planet Earth. The physical planet will shake from deep within its crystal core matrix, the plates will crack, volcanoes will erupt, the tsunami of time will rise once again - metaphorically and physically. I don't know anyone who does not see the writing on the wall. Understanding that it's all virtual allows you to create a safe haven in which you experience until you detach.

Try to plan ahead, financially, emotionally, physically, with a 'must have' private space to call your own, even if it's your car parked in a quiet area. Search inside yourself each day, relaxing and checking to see where your body is experiencing pain that perhaps you have ignored because you were too busy. Examine your routines ... letting go of psychological pressures. This should become faster and more realistic based on where it is all going. Live simply. Find the path your soul took in prior end times in other programs and see what happened and what lesson you learned. This is not just a concept for your head, but something your heart needs to embrace and understand so you will evolve beyond being a 3D Person.

At the end of time ... this program closes with a surprise ending that no one will foresee, causing souls to release from the physical grid, some remembering why they came here in the 'first place' and moving on, other reconciled into the collective unconscious that created this program. Use your increased intuition and inner guidance to know when this will occur. There will be many warning signs before the end ... you are living them now.

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