Halloween 2001

The Halloween after 9/11

October 31, 2001

Life has been almost surreal here in New York City due to the events of 9/11 just over one month ago. That day will take us to a long war in the Middle East. Reality shifted that day and life as we know it will never be the same.

The Spirit of Halloween

Around 6:00pm a limo came to take me to the city. As it limo exited the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, at Ground Zero, I saw emergency vehicles and law enforcement everywhere. One could not miss the huge flood-lights as the workers continue to clear debris, from the fallen Twin Towers. Workers wore face masks, some in hazmat suits to protect them from toxins created by the smoke and debris. The scene looked like a something created for a movie set as the events of 9/11 still seem surreal, and consciousness moves into the next grid.

I had ben invited to be the psychic at a Halloween event hosted by FOX TV, in Manhattan, about 20 blocks from Ground Zero. The event was held at a fancy restaurant called Man Ray which had opened in July. Over 300 people attended this gala event, most of whom seemed in good spirits, talking about their careers and relationships.No matter what happens - that diverts our attention fro our own timelines - we always move on and go back to our programmed experiences.

I selected a cozy table downstairs on the lower level where the energies felt right. Above the table was a pole over which fabric has been draped, giving the illusion of a tent and spoke to me about the Middle East - which will soon play a role in the future of the US and the world. All I knew was ... It's all going to change. I sat at a small round table, another chair to my right, for guests. The table was covered with a table cloth and small candle, adding to the ambiance. The energies of spits who had crossed over could be felt and heard everywhere.

One woman told me her sister is a Wiccan Witch - Halloween being a good time of the year for such magic. Another woman wanted to learn about Alchemy - which in its own way is magic.

Ellie in the olden days ...

Ellie, "Tell your fortune on Halloween, dearie! Show me your palm."

The young girl shows Ellie her palm, as the boy looks on, a disbelieving expression on his face.

Ellie, "You will live many lives, your current one in New York City, helping to bring healing to the world, as you go on to be a healer. I see you far into the future, at the end of the 20th century, where we will meet again. You will use a machine called a computer. It is created by design as a window through which humanity can move to learn about anything. It will bring the world together, make the world seem smaller, as time appears to move faster, and souls of like mind find each other. Again you will be a healer and we will meet. You will find me as you search for your mission in life. Remember to look for a website called Crystalinks!"

Boy, "What rubbish! I don't believe you! That's impossible!"

Ellie mutters under breath, "Why must each generation be so limited in its thinking!"

Ellie looks at the boy. "Here's a tip, kid. I'm only going to say this once and then I'm back to 2001 where people are open-minded. Remember my words ... Any and all things are possible."

The children giggle yet the girl's expression denotes some degree of belief as she asks, "Can you create magic?"

Ellie morphs into a 20 foot high black cat,

scaring the children away!!

Ellie looks around and smiles. "One day we will meet again and they will understand the significance of this transition. They will search out their past lives and the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, Atlantis and other ancient civilizations. For now, it's time to return to Halloween 2001 which occurs on a Full Moon, also a Blue Moon. Flying isn't safe in October 2001, after 9/11, guess I'll have to fly the old fashioned way and look for the blue moon and stars to guide my journey." Generally there are three or four Blue Moons on Halloween each century - 2001 being one of those times.

Photos taken from my terrace on the Halloween blue moon.