Green Light, Superman

February 28, 2003

As I woke up this morning, my final memory from dream time was a blast of emerald green light, which links to alchemy. [heart chakra, soul]

The green light quickly morphed into a street light. Clearly I heard Z say, "All is a Go!" My reaction upon awakening, all things are as they should be for the transition of human consciousness, the veils to lift and memory to awaken as it was meant to be.

We are in a time of Revelation. That which we came here to do, our secret mission, will be revealed as we are going through a process of rebirth, the signs and synchronicities are all around us. the faster your synchronicities appear, the faster your frequency and your evolvement.

As I relaxed in bed thinking about the green light, I decided to watch a TV show I had taped last night. My daughter Nikki had suggested I watch Smallville, Superman stuff, as Christopher Reeve was a guest who would shed light on a young Clark Kent's identity. In the TV series, Clark is a teenager.

In the movie, Superman, Kal-El finds out who he is by casting a green (alchemy, emerald tablet) crystal into the ice memory frozen in time.

As with all things, the answers are given and recognized, when the soul is ready.

Last night teenage Clark was ready. He could feel it in every aspect of his being. It is a knowing that becomes more important than anything in your life. It is what guided me on this journey and strongly guides me now.

Clark uses a metal key placed into a glyph on a cave wall that has golden ratio spirals which opens a stargate or portal, that unleashes a blast of white light which zaps him to the fortress up north where his father, Jor-El stored the hidden knowledge of the universe.

Upon returning to the Kent farm in Smallville, using his X-ray vision, Clark burns a hole in the barn wall, which creates a pattern matching the one in the cave. The symbol means HOPE.

A reporter prints the story with a picture of the image, thus bringing Clark to Christopher Reeve a multi-billionaire in NYC with an office in a Planetarium. Reeve's character has been searching the stars for years and has answers for Clark. A transmission from space turns out to be a mathematical key, math is the language of the universe, as we are created by geometric design, that is built into the transmission. "This Kal-El of Krypton, our infant son, our last hope. Please deliver him and protect him from evil. We will be with Kal-El all the days of your life."

Back in Smallville Clark and his father use the metal key and another metal object to open the spaceship he came to Earth in. Encoded math symbols stream out in a circle speaking to him of power and destiny on the third planet from the star. Clark now wonders if he is to use his power for good or evil, always the duality. As with all epiphanies, this leads to a quest for answers until the final truth is revealed. It is all a journey. Of course we all know what happens to Clark after his mom sews that outfit for him, love the tights, and he flies off to Metropolis for 'Truth, Justice and the American way!' Right!?

Kryptonite must be kept 'in the box' or Superman will be destroyed.
When the box is opened, our powers and memories will be restored.

It is interesting about the actors who played the role of Superman, George Reeves killed himself in 1959 and Christopher Reeve became paralyzed after a horseback riding accident in 1995, crossing over in October 2004.