Foreigners - Returning to Your Roots

Many foreigners have come to the United States for karmic reasons. Their souls guide them here for love, marriage, family, business, health, to meet the souls they could not otherwise if they remained in their homeland.

Since 9/11, many of these souls feel a need to return to their roots. They want to move back to their 'country of origin' just as our souls seek to move back to our 'point of origin'.

These people are not sure why they want to return, but they know it is time to leave. Many have completed their karma in the US and miss their homeland and native culture which is part of their soul experience.

One of the problems facing many of these people is that they have children who were born and raised in the US, who are now almost adults, college years, or young adults, who are part of the pulse and frequency of the US and choose to remain in the US as that is where their karma lies. That is their country of origin. This leaves parents unsettled and restless. Many of these parents are still in their 40's and 50's with many healthy and productive years ahead.

As most of these parents base their lives and karma on their children, they do not wish to leave them in the US, therefore they remain here. Some families have homes or families with large homes, in foreign countries, allowing them visit annually.

The desire to find the geographical area that best vibrates with your soul has become a major issue.

Some souls feel a need to live near the ocean. Other seek old trees, mountains, and streams. Others do well in dry desert climates. Follow your guidance.

Your frequency vibrates to a specific pulse. You seek to match that with the pulse of the planet in a specific area, the Earth grid or matrix. This is the place your soul can find its true happiness and balance.

There are many people who feel their 'Home' is not in the physical realms. They feel comfortable stargazing and trying to find their star or 'soul spark' as they yearn to return home.

Many move to Arizona and New Mexico, or other southern states as they are supposedly guided by ETs who come to them in dreamtime, visions, or meditations. These souls set up communities, very often living in mobile homes, meeting others of 'like mind' and wait for entities they say they are in contact with, to return for them. This is not a 'cult thing' having no guru or leader. It's about souls have an experience in a certain part of the grid and sharing it with others in the same 'space'. It is about Time and Space.

There is nothing more wonderful than meeting someone in your 'higher' soul group, those who have chosen to take the same road you have on this journey and have a similar journey. Once meeting these souls, you share stories and experiences that no one else could understand. You understand each other on many levels. Perhaps it is then that you meet the soulmate you have always sought, finally opening your heart. You no longer feel ALONE!

Humans hate to feel alone because their souls often feel abandoned within the confines of this program. This goes back to the time of separation from Source and your soul splitting in two, the yin/yang, polarity of your experience. This is the true place we call HOME.

These are interesting times in which those who have completed their Earth karma find themselves in Waiting Mode. They sense change - a new beginning but first they must go HOME!

We are all foreigners in this reality.

We are all going HOME!

There is no place like HOME!

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