Father's Day 2003

Being a father is not simply 'black and white'.

There is no guide book. There is no instruction book called, "Fatherhood For Dummies."

Not every man is 'cut out' to be a father. Raising children is never easy. Many men do not have the time, karma, or inclination to do so.

Dealing with 'father figures' pushes many people's buttons and brings up issues, old and new.

For many this is not an easy day as it triggers emotions linked to fathers they have never known, those who have crossed over, become estranged, or simply disappeared.

I find it interesting that a few of the men I read are suddenly wanting to find their lost children as now they can verify paternity and get to know their children and grandchildren.

Fatherhood is a touchy subject as many married women have affairs and pass the child of the lover off as the child of their husband. Paternity tests can help but many men don't want to know the truth.

Many women consider men sperm donors leaving the man after the child is born.

In a world where sperm seem to be having issues, and fertility issues are discussed openly, many woman are resorting to artificial insemination. This procedure is also used by gay women, single women, among others. Out there somewhere a man could have father many children he will never know about. I did a reading with a scientist in California who donated sperm while at university. Later he found out that his DNA, considered advanced genetically, was used to produce many children, none of whom he will ever know.

People have written that they never knew their biological fathers as they were seeded by an entity not of this realm. If that is your belief then try to link with that soul and ask for more information about the connection you share, perhaps to be given to you on another level of reality. If you believe the soul of that person will return for you one day, ask for confirmation. All realities are possible. This is a game of endless possibilities...

In truth, we are all part of a bio-genetic experiment.

Many people discover later in life, perhaps with a 'death bed confession', that their father is not the man that believed him to be, but another man, secrets and more secrets that need to surface.

If you question the paternity of a child that has been told is yours, by a former lover, a DNA test is the way to go.

I cannot tell you to forgive an abusive father, if you are not ready. I can ask you to see that man's emotional and physical issues as a way of justifying the reason he victimized you.

Please heal the inner child and do not take the victim role in life.

Incense is still happening in families on a large scale. It did not stop because human consciousness became aware of the problem.

Men often have a course vibration that sees only the old patterns, the way they think they should behave, not changing through the years and evolving to new levels of experience. There's lots of alcoholism and drug abuse on this planet, alcoholic personalities should not raise children. Actually, they should not be the Father of this Country!

It is wonderful to meet a kind, loving, caring father who changes their thinking with the times and allows for the growth of their children. We all makes mistakes as we stumble through this experience in 3D. You must learn to allow.

Many of these men have suddenly awakened and come into metaphysics with an open heart and mind. Their nature is gentle and compassionate.

If you are a father figure, please give all the love and nurturing that fills both your souls. It is desperately needed now.

A hug goes a long way.

Iraq 2003: Waiting for Her Father