Ellie's World Blog and Synchronicities in Your Life

Simulation Hypothesis - Holographic Universe Theory

February 2, 2003

Day after day I get emails from readers who say that whatever I write about in Ellie's World links with events in their lives, or happens after they read the column.

Ellie's World unfolds on its own each day, based on guidance from Z my counterpart on the other side.

Sometimes I read the grid markers for a specific day or event and write about that.

Most of the time I sit here in the silence of the early morning energies, often with the moon setting in the west, and glistening over the ocean, before me as I type the blog.

Sometimes what I write is like automatic writing.

What I write each day seems to be following energy patterns as if we are all being guided one way or another by the grid story, all on the 'same page', as guided by Z, Thoth the Egyptian storyteller, then using Ellie's World and Ezine to search for clues to personal awareness based on what the grids are sending out at that time.

Here's an example from Debbie a regular reader


The next time you are in Philadelphia you must go to the White Dog Cafe , great food, great vibes.....and the home of Madame Blavatsky when she died. I ate there for the first time 2 years ago. At the time I wondered who this Madame was. I went back to my hotel room, got on the computer, pulled up Crystalinks, and low and behold, there was everything I asked for on her. I've gotten to where I expect it all the time with your daily blogs, and am not surprised anymore. I brought this story up two days ago to some friends and low and behold Blatvatsky appears on your Ezine today.

(: I love it.

Crystalinks has a pulse, a tone if you will, that seems to be moving consciousness to what Z calls Zero Point.

Most of my clients experience a feeling of moving closer to something in the near future, but 'who knows one knows where or when.'

That something is not linked to the games of humanity, all the 'President's Men' reactivating their roles from games of the past in the Middle East, Europe, as they sweep across the game board called Planet Earth and events come full circle.

This is something coming that for some reason links with my work here. I can almost see it on the timelines as they pulse through the grids.

The way I see it, there is not much we can do about the way the game plays out, as we have played out the various endings over and over, we have been here before, but this time it is different. The games collide allowing consciousness to move on.

Zero Point seems to synchronize all of the end time scenarios for all of the programs. Many of us linked in consciousness to the Atlantean Program, the rise and fall of that civilization.

We wait and watch with more than our 5 senses. The pulse is pulling us forward. My sense of this is, "It must be done with precision timing."

"Time must be perfected and the little girl was chosen to that end. And so it is her quest."

I was guided to look up precision timing and found, the ice ages and the precession of the equinoxes.

This represents the spaces in between programs, the spaces we call the flood, ice ages, when consciousness freezes, everything stands still, when one program ends and another begins, the spaces between, matter and antimatter.

These frozen moments, loops,hiccups, happen all the time, as if rebooting a computer or replaying a VCR tape in which we are all characters playing roles.

Let's say someone made a video of you and a few other people. You watch the tape. For some reason you have to stop the tape. When you stop it, the program pauses or ends. Think about this, the aspect of you that is on the tape, does not realize the experience has ended . It is clueless. It is about awareness. Your awareness on the tape, is not aware that you have stopped it in time and therefore is not in pain when it stops. When you come back to watch the tape, you may want to rewind it, the loop or hiccup effect. Your consciousness in the program of the tape is unaware. You later may want to edit the tape. Will the character on the tape be aware? Nope. Your consciousness on the tape it limited, as we are in 3D, of the greater picture.

What I find myself doing these days is not only archiving the articles, but creating links within Crystalinks to the rest of the story of our reality. I go back to old files, many dating to the beginning in 1995, clean them up and link together all related files based on history, science, and esoteric studies.

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond this experience? Have you been more drawn to find you mission, for being here, your soul purpose? The answers lie outside the box, matter and antimatter, above and below, the alchemy of consciousness moving beyond the illusion of 3D at Zero Point Merge.

At this time I feel as if I am about to embark on a great adventure that goes beyond who I am here. It is an expansion of mind and consciousness. Something that has always been part of me is about to be ignited and it feels wonderful.

So if you find that I blog what's in the grids, and they are in synch with your reality, we are on the same page.