President's Day 2008

The three-day US President's Day Weekend, at this time, was about birthday celebrations including my own - February 17th. It's nice having a birthday sandwiched between Abe and George - great symbolism - including 'birth' - that goes to the Masonic Program and Freedom.

Donald Trump plays a key role in the future becoming President of the US

Atlantic City Boardwalk - February 16, 2008

This has been a great week of birthday celebrations. Saturday I went to the MUFON Conference in Atlantic City at the Trump Plaza Hotel, with a friend. He's not a UFO researcher, but told me a story along the way as we laughed the entire 2-hour trip to AC ... waiting for the GPS system to signal our course to the mother ship. Recently his three-year old nephew told him about a light coming down and being taken away to a place where he described meeting Gray aliens and having fun. Did it really happen? Were there external stimuli that lead him to believe this happened to him? Would he make it up at his age? If so, why? He gave lots of details that correspond with the abduction experience he could not have known without an encounter. As always with aliens, there are more questions than answers.

Pat and Ellie

As we entered the workshop reception area, I was greeted by long time UFO researcher, and friend, Pat Marcattilio, who runs an annual UFO conference in Bordentown, NJ. He goes by the name, Dr. UFO. (whatever floats your boat ... or ship) Pat's giving a UFO conference on May 2 & 3 and asked if I would like to be a guest speaker. As that is the weekend after my workshop in Brooklyn, I doubt it will work, though I must tell you the urge to get up in front of the audience yesterday and talk, was overwhelming. My mind flooded with things to share that would unite and ignite the energies of the audience of 50 people - including the government guy seated quietly by himself at the end table on the far right. (gotcha ya')

Pat had many interesting exhibits of photos allegedly proving life exists on Mars and the Moon above and below ... mostly below. They are not new and all are too subjective - like the face on Mars and other objects we scry, and give significance to, that are in fact something else. (triggers are triggers, wherever our consciousness needs to travel to find them ... Mars ... the Moon which goes to lunar mining - all underground stuff and all covert.)

There were the usual speakers, with interesting visual aids and topics we have covered over and over through the years at Crystalinks - such as the Phoenix Lights (show me the aliens) - Betty and Barney Hill (are they still dredging that up?) - sightings around the world (show me the aliens not the lights) - Roswell (Enough! It was real!) ... moving along...

Farah Yurdozu

Farah and I had an interesting conversation about Reptilians, Sumerian connections, the Grids, Turkey, and the beginning of the program, the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet. She believes reptilians live beneath the surface and will return one day (why does the program dictate that gods and aliens return?) I told her that subterranean civilizations go to other grids of experience.

Farah's husband, Richard, chimed in and told us that in a meditation he went as far as he could go - really out there - to the beginning. Guess what he saw? the grids of course! (grin) I recommended the film The Thirteenth Floor.

I told Farah about my experiences with a Reptilian named Dilmun (Sumerian creational metaphors). Her connection is with a Reptilian named Bob. (Bob? Grin ... Bob Dylan ... Bob Dilmun? Harmonics?)

This program can really have a sense of humor as it makes 'light' of everything.

I spoke to many of the 50 attendees who showed up to learn and network. Most were friendly and open - not the usual weirdos you find at these events. Everyone had heard of Crystalinks praising it as a place to go to solve problems. (thanks)

Some claimed to be alien abductees - others contactees who are being told that if the people of planet Earth don't get their act together it's over for us ... (Is that a promise or a threat?)

And yet we come to understand ... that each year another group of souls inches its way into the metaphysical arena to evolve ... through any window of discovery as programmed ... which is why I still blog about many of the same things I did 12 years ago. If you read Crystalinks, you can easily place the metaphoric content into what each person discussed yesterday and understand the way the grids are creating avenues of experience. Aren't you glad you've done your homework? I really hope aliens show up - but from what Z tells me - the experience is not set in this grid. (bummer)

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse ~ February 20, 2008

Eclipses: Science, History, Metaphysics