Defensive driving is based on many factors:

When you enter your vehicle do you check the mirrors, seat belt, and/or lights?

When driving, are you aware of what is going on around you - 360 degrees - most of the time?

After you turn on the engine - do you place a 'white light' of protection around your car? You can extend it out as far as you like to include cars riding next to you.

When driving are you able to intuit trouble before it happens?

Do you feel 'one' with your car when driving?

Do you 'space out' while driving - sometimes having no memory of the trip - just finding yourself at your destination? Many drivers move into that 'space' where in they are not focused - their mind focusing on other matters in their lives rather than the road.

Do you always remember to signal when you're turning?

Are you in constant communication with your spirit guides while driving - having them find a parking spot ready for you when you arrive at your destination - telling you about traffic and road conditions along your route? You should be 'listening' with your psychic ears when driving as that is a good time to connect with spirit.

Do you use your cell phone for chatting along the way - or just for emergencies? Can you multitask - talk on the phone and pay attention to the road at the same time? Are you sure?

Is your visibility and judgment diminished while driving in the dark? Many people are good day drivers but cannot see well at night. Know your limitations here.

Would you allow your spirit guide to enter your physical body and drive with/for you if you got tired? They do that all the time.

Have you ever had a 'close call' and known your guide had saved your ass!

Would you drive while drunk or high? Would you know if you where able to drive in that condition?

Would you drive while on medication that could affect your reactions - co-ordination - or make you drowsy?

If you wear eyeglasses - would you drive without them? Would you consider that you have better depth perception and judgement with contacts ? laser eye surgery which would give you 20/20 vision?

When you are on a highway - do you prefer the left lane - middle - or right lane? why?

If you stay in the left lane - do you use it for passing - or do you just drive slowly making everybody else pass around you? Are you away when drivers come up closely behind you that you are to move to the center lane as they wish to pass? The left lane is for alert drivers - no day dreaming!

Do you always signal or use your directionals?

Have you ever driven over 80 miles per hours?

Do you dim your lights to oncoming traffic at night?

If you hear a police siren - do you automatic cringe inside? Check to see what is going on around you?

Do you stop to watch accidents? Does this cause a delay in the flow of traffic? Would you stop to help out?

Do you try to 'beat out' an oncoming train at a railroad crossing?

Are you too old to be a safe driver - due to poor vision- reflexes - you hit the gas peddle instead of the brake - people consider you a hazard on the road?

Do you play your radio so loudly you can't hear outside warnings - like sirens?

Do you feel in control of your vehicle - 100% of the time?

Do you get fearful and anxious when driving?

Do you curse a lot when driving? Is the road the place you let out your anger?

How does your vehicle handle in inclement weather?

Do you pull over when you are tired?

Do your moods affect your driving?

Are you an aggressive driver?

I find that driving is a reflection of one's personality - from the 'passive slowly moving type' to the 'aggressive in-control type'.

I am a driver in my soul. I have driven all of my life - with a safe record.

For me - the shortest distance between two points is by car - at this point in humanity's DNA journey. Actually commuting by car seems slow as I relate to teleporting. Of course we know the Earth plane (third dimension) is very sluggish - lower vibrational frequency movements - so we adapt with what we have to work with in the hours each day we spend in our physical bodies.

Z calls cars Primitive Vehicles!

For me - driving slowly - phases my mind out and I get lax in response time and judgement!

I am an aggressive - yet polite driver.

I feel totally in control when I drive.

When I feel the driving energies are off for me - examples=pedestrians come out of nowhere, drivers around me are arguing, my usual patterns of moving the energies through traffic are not working (driving is about moving energies), I simply pull over - tune in to the 'grids' in which I am moving (you know - the ones that work our program) - then change the grid patterns - realigning them to get me out of that pattern and into another. It works every time.

Just 'see' yourself in a grid pattern. Now take these grids and shift them in your mind. How? Whatever feels right intuitively. Just a tiny shift will do it! It's like clicking in the gears of something mechanical. How will you know if you are successful? The energies around you will shift into place and you will drive along with no further problems.

Here is an example - one morning - wherever I went - (I was just doing local street driving) - I kept getting stuck on streets where the traffic wasn't moving for one reason or another. In one incident, someone had parked a truck to make deliveries so no one could pass. Then on another street there were the garbage collectors who tied up traffic.

Finally there was a bus that couldn't fit through a street because someone was blocking traffic.

I knew something was off for me that day.

I read the energy grid patterns - traffic jams - change the grids.

I went to the grids, saw the bus moving out of the way - just enough for a car to fit through. It was as if the bus driver heard me - he moved over just a bit and I passed through the space. (I have excellent judgement for these things). After I passed through, the bus driver moved back to where he had been and the traffic jam continued. By coincidence a metaphysical friend was a few cars behind - also stuck in traffic. She recognized my car and told her husband - who was with her - "That's Ellie! Watch the bus move out of the way so she can pass through!" We laughed when we spoke about it later that day!

It's all about focus and awareness and working things on many levels at the same time. Always remember that reality is not created in 3D. (It must be about that As is above, so is below thing.)

Luckily - I have perfect vision - don't need glasses for distance or reading! [Curious for someone of my age - especially as I spend so much time at the computer].

I tend to observe the 'drivers' in the cars next to me - as well as what they are doing.

If the person in the car next to me is a kid - running on testosterone - perhaps blasting loud music - I let him pass immediately.

If the person is a Senior citizen - with thick glasses - I pass them at once and get away from them - as they often signal incorrectly - among other dangerous things. I truly believe that all Seniors should be required to take written and road tests every two years.

Actually I tend to stay away from anyone with thick glasses - makes me very nervous! This is another group that should be tested every two years. They are dangerous!

If the driver seems lost - looking for street signs - I also move away from them.

I am always aware of the energies on the road as I am driving. I 'tune in' to what feels like a negative space and I am cautious. Spirit always warns you about this - if you listen. I can't tell you how many times Z has saved my ass by simply warning me.

Getting moving violations: I have never caused an accident. I can spot a cop car before it is part of my physical reality. You simply have to ask spirit - or project your mind ahead. I mentally ask, "Z are there cops ahead?" And he tells me what to expect. You can learn to do that too. Just practice. Don't wait until an accident is about to happen to get to that emergency point of 'Transportation up'! Get on the road, mentally ask your questions, then listen for the mental answer in your mind. Example question: "Is there traffic ahead?"

I drive differently on wet roads than dry ones. I go much slower and stay focused on the energies in a different way. You do have to change driving patterns with weather conditions.

Traffic never bothers me - which I find interesting as I am not the most patient person. I can be stuck in traffic - as long as it is not the pattern of the day - then mosey along my way!

I enjoy driving in a cold car - windows closed - air conditioning on LOW a good deal of the time - keeps out all those exhaust fumes which can cause headaches and make you uncomfortable. This could also be because I burn lots of energy!

I just realized I forgot a very important point! A driver's head must always be higher than the steering wheel. This is about control of your vehicle. This also helps your vehicle become your body while your mind is in control of what is occurring. I have seen many short drivers who can't see over the wheel. I suppose there are cushions for that. This is high priority!

Well it's time for me to hit the road!

Drive safely.