A Visit to the Dentist, Meeting Harold

There is nothing most of us dread more than a visit to the dentist. It can only mean pain and trauma for someone with fears. Yet alas in our world, we all must get there at some time or another. I always visualize a time when dentistry will be about coating your teeth when you are young so they never decay, or some kind of Star Trek device that instantly repairs the decay and off you go.

Tuesday I went to the dentist for an annual cleaning, I have no dental problems. My dentist is a cool guy in his 40's, a professor and really interesting to talk to. I always learn something new about dental technologies when I visit and he shares my views about futuristic dentistry which is becoming reality. His office is on the main floor of a two story building here in Brooklyn. The office is shared by a doctor and dentist which isn't cool as the waiting room has sick people with germs. Bummer! Can't remember the last time I saw a doctor. Yesterday I waited outside in the fresh air until it was my turn.

As I parked my car I noticed some improvements to the front of the property new signs and so forth. Inside things had been modernized which I like. This dentist is into anything new and creative methods of dentistry and his young and open in spirit with a great sense of human. I don't do well with old doctors. He has developed ways to calm his patients and make the experience more enjoyable.

I was greeted by the dental assistant, a very nice black woman in her 30's. The dentist gave me a choice of two rooms for this adventure. My instincts told me to take the room on the left! I sat down and we talked for a few minutes as he refreshed my memory about all the things I had psyched correctly for him the year before, divorce, new girlfriend, move, etc. Now who owed who a fee??

X-rays are never need as I can see into my body and he knows that. He even asked why I came on mercury retrograde and I said that Z told me to come and there were no issues. I hate issues!! It would only mean that I would return again one day for another cleaning. He was comfortable with that.

It was time to start the cleaning. The dental assistant put that bib thing on me, the one with the paper clips, and filled the water cup. I checked my soul for 'fear factor', none. Suddenly the chair began to vibrate. I wondered if I was changing frequency right then and there. I turned to the dentist and asked what was going on. He said that some patients find a vibrating chair relaxing. He showed me a collection of CD's and asked what type of music I enjoy, meditation perhaps?! He had to be kidding.

I told him that you can't hear music over the noise of his cleaning machine. He offered me head phones! I had to laugh out loud! Off with the vibrating chair! No music! No meditation, Z was laughing out loud as the electricity in the office flickered on and off. The dentist got my message. The dental assistant couldn't stop laughing either.

The dentist and his assistant returned to the room for ACT II of this comedy. Usually he wears plastic protective glasses but now both came back in with gowns, face masks, and eye protectors. I felt like I was in a Sc-fi movie in quarantine. It was too funny. It felt like the part of the movie where the kill the person off... and leave no evidence.

The dentist placed some numbing stuff on 4 Q-Tips and strategically placed them in my mouth. Now I looked like Hannibal Lechter.

All that was missing was Jodie Foster, whose name was Ellie in the film, "Contact", but that's another column...

Having survived a trip to the dentist ... I went to do run some errands.

Along the way I met Harold Egeln the UFO researcher who lives in my area that I have mentioned in the past. Harold is also a writer and reporter for a local newspaper.

Like myself, his interests include all things metaphysical with a preference for ET's and has been in this field most of his life. His ET guide is called ZM. He received that name long before we met in June 1989. We know about the Z but the M is the polar opposite of the 'W', male /female reversing to create balancing.

His website and research group are called S.P.A.C.E. They work with alien abductees.

Harold said he read Sarah and Alexander and loved it. He goes back to 1989 when I created the first draft of the book. We spend a few minutes catching up on our work over the past year, since last we met. We are both involved with the concepts of Time and Synchronicity.

As we parted, I turned to Harold and said, "Nothing is new."

He smiled knowingly and said, "It is all recycled, rehashed for the other players."

I could almost see Z channeling through him.

"I sense we are coming to end of the game," I said.

"We are," he replied as if talking to me from outside the box. The energies were really weird but felt right. I half expected a door to open and those in the reality where this drama is created, to give Harold and I, a round of applause. NO, It is not the final curtain, but we are close.

As Harold and I parted, I said, "Go back to the games of ET and I'll go back to my computer games. It's been a great run."

"That it has," he replied as he walked off down 3rd Avenue.

I drove off to my next errand, inner happiness embracing my soul, my teeth brilliant.