Kundalini Adventures - Dee and the Albino Snow King Snake

Hi Ellie,

Monday July 6, 2009 -- I had the opportunity to look after a beautiful Albino Snow King Snake. The Snake is one of my strongest totem and power animals. My weekend for July 4th had been full of serpent energy and medicine, frequenting my trip to Mt. Shasta and Oregon from San Francisco, so for the chain of events to end up with my actually having a physical manifestation of the snake by Monday was truly amazing and a blessing. This snake is also about to shed his skin, so the process of this is very symbolic to where I am at in my life right now.

On Tuesday evening, after he had rested from the move, I took him out to join me for a moment sitting in front of my alter. I sat still, with him on my shoulders, observing him looking around the room and taking everything in. After a while, he lay his head on my chest and his entire body went down the back of my shirt against my skin and he lay perfectly on my spine, his spine outstretched with my own.

I knew intuitively that he was tuning into the breathing I was doing where awareness and breath come from the base of the spine having built energy, and then raising it up the central channel into the crown chakra, brain and resting the at the pineal gland. The energy rises in the form of a snake-like stream that undulates up the spine into the head.

The snake was imitating exactly what I was doing. We stayed like this for some time.

Soon his head went to the back of my long braid at the base of my head and started burrowing inside. He traveled up the braid like the caduceus with the rest of his body now coming around my neck and chest. At this point I called my friends and brothers who were close by to witness what was happening.

My brother Rob grabbed his camera and everyone stood around in awe and amazement as to what the snake was doing. He came out the top of the head and down the brow like the Uraeus! I felt initiated into his energy. He was recognizing the medicine I needed from his wisdom.

His serpent spirit is that of the Great Mother Kundalini. She helps us shed our skin, and helps us transmute that which does not serve us alchemically into that which does.

He stayed in my hair for some time and then finally began his descent when I was at my desk. He ended up coming far out the top of my hair and looped back down again to my neck, and finally came down to my chest and rested there.

I felt elated after the evening. The most interesting messages and visions were coming to me throughout the experience, and my dreams since then have been so powerful and meaningful.

Photos by Rob Kennedy, Clare Curameng and Maya Nadjieli

  Journey of the Kundalini - Dee and the Albino Snake (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Dee and Ellie discuss Serpent Medicine, Totem Animals, white animals in prophecy, Kundalini Energies, Egypt, and Dee shows photos of her experience with an albino snow king snake named Adam as it connects with her energies. It always goes back to creation.

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